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A person is called a very fortunate one – Vadbhaagi – when they are blessed with Naam.


Dhan Dhan.  Many preachers have said that the Shabad Vahiguru should be meditated upon.  Some have said Satnaam Shri Vahiguru, but only a rare few have correctly said that the Shabad Sat Naam is the one to meditate upon.  All of these different preachings have caused great confusion amongst the Truth seekers as to what […]

Ved, Puraan, Simratyan, Upanishids, Shasters

Ancient Hindu religious texts.  These are the ancient Dharam Granths which were written by the Rishis and Munis.  People since their inception have been using and trying to practice the teachings of these Dharam Granths for leading a good life and to find a way to achieve Jivan Mukti.  The Guru is telling us that […]


There are four Vedas that are followed in the Hinduism.  These are Rig Ved, Saam Ved, Yazur Ved and Ayur Ved.  These Vedas basically lay down some divine principals to be used in leading a good balanced and healthy human life.  These Vedas are supposed to be written by Brahma, one of the Hindu Gods […]


The divine soul arranges our marriage to God.  Har Dargah Ka Baseet.