Anu – Extremely Blessed Visions

Kottan kot dandaut aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji

Pitaji we want to share the experience which aapji gave during an Amritvela and today’s zoom sangat. Pitaji during Amritvela simran, the shabad echoed ‘Prabhh Dori Hath Tumhare’, aapji shown us a white thick rope was going from our hands. Then aapji showed that there are 3 ropes which go from our hands. One is white rope which depicts gurmat, second is black in color which depicts manmat and third is red on color which depicts durmat. The ropes of manmat and durmat were running parallel and close to each other, but the gurmat rope is going in a different direction than manmat and durmat ropes. All these ropes initially go straight, but manmat rope and durmat rope after a certain point go in a downward direction pointing towards dhendi kala of a person and gurmat rope in upward direction pointing towards chardi kala. Those who walk on black manmat rope end up in the cycle of birth and death and those on red durmat rope end in hell(narak) or pret junis.

Those who are walking on path of gurmat, they initially walk straight/ horizontal on rope and then the rope becomes vertical/upward direction. This vertical direction of rope depicts our test which we face on the path of gurmat and we keep hanging on that vertical rope and cannot reach the next horizontal surface till aapji don’t push us. Aapji use your small finger to push us and clear our test and let us move to next horizontal surface of rope. Till aapji don’t do aapji mehar on us we keep hanging on that vertical rope and there is no way we can move to next horizontal surface of rope. When aapji were showing this, then these ropes converted into stairs. These are those white stairs which we see in our visions. The gap between the stairs are those vertical ropes and the surface of stairs are the horizontal surface of rope on which we walk after aapji complete our test. Aapji showed that bigger the test, larger is the gap between 2 stairs (the gap between horizontal steps is larger and the bigger is the vertical rope) and depending on the stage of Bandagi, the gap is larger and the bigger is the rope.

We were a bit disturbed for a day, so yogishwar ji blessed us on call, also we saw them sitting there with us in room and doing simran with us. Aapji were sitting on right side in prakash form. Then after a while, 4-5 rishi munis, sadhus wearing orange clothes came in our room and sat in samadhi. Then we saw a golden cloud opening on top of our head and we were put under a golden spotlight, someone came and sat on our head, we don’t know who they were, our head became really heavy that time, our hands got opened and we saw Amrit coming in our hands. The sadhus then said to us that they need this amrit, so we poured that collected Amrit in all of their hands. They than thanked us, when they thanked us, we told them, that this is not our Amrit, this is our Satguru’s Amrit, this is their naam di bakshish, nothing is ours in this amrit. The moment we said this, they started hailing aapji’s name ‘Dhan Dhan Dassan Dass Ji’ many many times and then they all disappeared.

Then immediately some black souls came in our room, they also wanted blessings. We don’t know how it happened Pitaji, our right hand got raised on its own and and we heard aapji saying ‘Satnaam bless you all’

During today’s zoom sangat, aapji dressed us in Red bridal clothes and the doli experience resumed from where it was left. Dhan dhan Guru Nanak patshah ji came close to us and gave us their hand to sit in the doli. They made us sit in the Doli, the moment we sat, we saw ourself sitting inside lot of creations, we saw ourself sitting in simran inside plants, trees, dogs, lizards, tigers, fish, insects, top of planets. Then we saw ourself in red bridal clothes at aapji’s feets, aapji were sitting in Virat Roop, we couldn’t see aapji’s face, the area above aapji’s chest was only Beyant prakash. We did sajda at aapji’s feet and aapji took us and merged us inside that prakash. Aapji showed us that entire sangat was there and everyone were dressed in different clothes as per their stage in bandagi and level of surrender to aapji. Yogishwar ji were dressed from head to toe in fully bloomed lotuses, so much so that their face was also not visible properly(this is the second time we saw Yogishwar ji in last 2 weeks in these lotuses sitting at aapji’s satcharans), Manjula ji were dressed in mixture of golden clothes and lotus flowers, Sarabjit ji, Kiran ji, Anoop ji, Dimple ji were dressed in golden clothes, Satmeet ji were dressed in lot of golden and little bit of red clothes, Jagdeep ji were dressed in red clothes. Majority sangat members were dressed in white clothes and few were dressed in grey clothes. Then aapji shown us a golden gate next to where sangat was happening, we saw different rooms passing through that gate. Each room satnaam simran was echoing. There was a room where there were Sant souls, there was a place where fountains were running. In a room there were stairs going downwards with Amrit sarovar in the center (this room aapji had shown us earlier few times) There was a darbar as well just like a king has, it was aapji’s darbar, aapji’s chair kept there with chairs of few sangat members as well. Then we were told that this place is ‘Guru ki Nagri’.

Then we saw entire dargah dancing in the house. During simran that time, aapji gave us the darshans of dhan dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji sitting on their white horse, they came in the room with dhan dhan Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur, dhan dhan Baba Farid ji, dhan dhan Sai baba ji, dhan dhan dhan Mata Gujri ji with dhan dhan chote sahibzade, dhan dhan Guru Arjan patshah ji and dhan dhan Guru Harkrishan patshah ji.

We don’t have enough words to thank aapji pitaji. Aapji just keeps on blessing an undeserving fool like us. We haven’t done anything to have aapji’s immense grace. We beg you to keep us always under aapji’s satcharan.

Sab kuch kita aapji da hoye, Daata karta aapji, karan karavan aapji. Kottan kot Shukarana pitaji for everything. Dhan dhan satguru parbrahm

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam jI