Dimple – Blessed moment with Dharamraj

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan Dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar

Pitaji with aapji grace during whatsaap sangat with aapii yesterday, you asked Manjula to ask Dharamraj some questions. We were shown dharamraj got down from his buffalo and started doing dandout to aapji. Also at tha same moment we saw that all devi devta and rest of the dargah was doing dandout to aapji. Flowers kept falling from the sky and sankhs started to blow. Then we saw a very large sankh through which the anhad naad was sounding in the whole universe. It was a dhan dhan moment.

Pitaji shukhrana sada sada for blessings fools like us to witness such wondrous moments. All is your grace

Na main kiya Na karne jog Na karne jog yeh shareer Kya janu kich prabh kiya Kehat kehat kabeer
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