JAGDEEP JI – Visions and experiences

DANDAUT bandhana pita ji Aap ji de sat charana vch always ji.

Pita ji during simran session with all Aap ji grace we saw we are laying down on our bed and on bed everywhere there arr black snakes some are very very big and some are small in size all over and in between them I am lying doing SATNAAM simran and they are trying to bit us firstly one by one and then all together but they are not capable of doing that because our body is full of prakash and amrit is there and we are seeing that we are wearing a diamond chola on which SATNAAM letters is written everywhere and on top of us sat prabharam is there in blessing position.

Seconds vision , Aap ki shown us that we are doing simran in our room and manraj and satgun is sleeping on bed and we saw a very beautiful lady with golden jewels and she got ready as a newly married lady and she is trying to put golden jewels which she is wearing on our neck and is putting golden coins on us but we started reciting dhan dhan satguru mera poora, she got very angry and she said when I am reciting SATNAAM she is losing his control and she commanded me to stop doing SATNAAM simran but we are continuously reciting it and then we saw on sofa where we was doing simran, Kali mata, Lakshmi mata ,sena which is looking very ugly, they are having big big teeth, long hairs, sat with us, many black spirits is there our whole room was full of devi devtas and shivji is sitting near manraj and ganesh ji is sitting on our head and ganesh g is saying stop doing simran and say, ” OM NAMASHAY VAHAY and ganesh ji tried to show us that whatever we will say from mouth that statement even a word will come true and we was shown ganesh g is very small in size and we are very big and we are holding ganesh ji in our fist. Ganesh ji tried to gave us powers so that we should follow them and on other side, shivji was dancing around manraj and he was very angry and he tried to put trident of his on manraj and tried to harm manraj and he was angrily saying “Eh sada saggi sathe ha ,ase es nu la jamage j tu om nahamshy vahey da jaap nai eeha” but we are reciting dhan dhan satguru mera poora and SATNAAM simran. They tried to distract us for many hours and but then we saw we was in a deep samadhi and all devi devtas and shivji did dhandhutt to us but we said Hum mahapaapi mahahakari mahaloobi neecha ke neech do dhandhutt to dassan dass pita ji only they can help us and we are seeing all devi devtas, kali mata, black spirits doing dhandhutt to us and in us Aap ji is present and blessing all of them and then our room was all cleared and we are able to see only white prakash and overloaded amrit in us.

Kottan kott shukrana pits ji for everything and Dhan dhan mera satguru poora. Dhan dhan dassan dass pita ji. haumai nahi tu hi tu sada. Aapna naam Aap japao.
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