Manjula – Beautiful Experience.

Kotan dandot bandana and shukrana pitaji for everything always Ji

Pitaji today during zoom sangat we were taken to a place where Paarbraham Ji were sitting . It was part of Dargah Ji . In this part of Dargah only Paarbraham Ji were sitting on a throne. There was no one else around Paarbraham Ji. Paarbraham Ji gave us the wisdom that no one is equal to Paarbraham Ji therefore there was no one around this area. Pitaji Paarbraham ji did our cleaning and we came into transparent form and we were able to pass through objects and trees etc.

Pitaji then we were shown Brahma Ji who asked us to obtain gift from him. We said we don’t need anything our Guru has given us naam naam Simran puran bandgi and sewa

Then Paarbraham Ji asked will you do sewa. After sometime we said yes as we were thinking we are not capable and then we did ardaas to Paarbraham Ji that you make us do your sewa we are not capable of doing anything Ji

Pitaji we were shown keeping crown of our head at the feet of Satpaarbraham Ji and said raj na chaahoon, nukut na chahoon, satcharan preet kamalre

Pitaji then we were shown that listening to aapji voice, sangat members brain become very clean.Black worms come out of brains of sangat members. Pitaji we were allowed to enter inside Paarbraham Ji Roop in transparant form with aapji grace.

Pitaji we are so full of faults still aapji do so much kirpa on us. Please forgive our mistakes performed knowingly unknowingly Ji

Pitaji we were also shown a lady who was telling us to ask for gifts and we said no

Pitaji during entire Simran we were floating in the air on the clouds. Flowers were thrown from top of sky. Kotan shukrana pitaji for everything always Ji Hum moorakh tum sharanagati