Manjula – Blessed experienced

Pitaji with aapji grace we witnessed the following ji

Pitaji Soami ji maharaj ji and baba Jaimal Singh ji (Radhadoami wale) have been giving darshan couple of times ji.

Pitaji in the morning we were given wisdom that when tears to meet God fall from our eyes, they are collected into a vessel and they convert to amrit and this multifold amrit is given back to us. Pitaji we were shown white pearls coming out of our eyes. Our extensive cleaning was done.

Pitaji rainbow was shown in Mississaauga, our city. Then a beautiful tree appeared inside our bedroom and from that tree white soul came out in man’s form. He told us that he is kalp vriksh. He told us to ask him to provide any gift as he was able to provide anything. We said thanks for giving darshan but we are not interested and we are seeking naam simran puran bandgi only. Then pitaji after sometime Laxmi ji came and asked same thing. We said we dont need anything. Thanks for giving darshan but we are seeking only puran bandgi. Pitaji yesterday Indra devta also came and he was swimming inside amrit reservoir of our house which aapji have created through satnaam.

Pitaji then we were shown many Gurus in white clothes waiting for aapji sangat to start. Aapji had told them to sit oitside our house for aapji darshan. Pitaji last night few negative energies were thrown out by aapji. Pitaji then aapji appeared inside flower , then in sky. We could see aapji everywhere. Then God said kahan bach kar jayegi main har jagah hoon. Pitaji today Gurugovind Singh ji also came to our house ji to bless.

Pitaji aapji have been taking so much sangat pain. We were shown sangat karmas in star fish form got stuck to aapji which slowly taken away. Similarly aapji eyes became red for little while due to all our karmas. This red dirt was taken away and was thrown inside a creek. We all are sorry for this pitaji.

Pitaji we were also told that Kabir ji told to do satnaam. Soami ji maharaj also told to do satnaam

God said leave everything on me and I will take care.

Pitaji last night God came on a white charriot and took us on ride. We were a small girl. Pitaji we are so thankful and delighted for such grace on fool like us. Dhan dhan mera satguru poora.
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