Manjula – Blessed experiences.

Manjula is blessed with these very very powerful spiritual experiences. Congratulations to her. She is DHAN DHAN. KOTTAN KOTTAN DANDAUT TO HER.
Pitaji during today morning kakao simran we were told that today we will be granted puran bandgi at 11.30. Then we were shown all other sangat members as Paarbrahamji sworoop with small jyot inside. Then Paarbrahamji said “satguru poora paaya, Paarbraham naam samaya” Then pitaji during zoom sangat exactly same thing happened. A person whose name was “mun” was taken from our body and thrown out of our house. Then we were told by one of sangat member that ” mun chindya gaya” Then at 11.30 we were pushed by aapji inside Paarbrahamji light form again and our physical body came into dandot position doing dandot to aapji. Paarbrahamji changed into aapji form. We were also taken inside dargah and told that we can take souls to dargah and ask for mukti for them.
Yesterday we we taken to a spa place in Mississaauga and many souls were given mukti by aapji. Whole area was cleared. Then we were told that our main purpose of UK visit last year was to finish a big karma at a place where many souls were present. All these souls were given mukti by aapji. Our soul was keep on going to a place close to a temple of Shimla. Here many souls were standing for mukti and they were given mukti by aapji.
Pitaji also Paarbrahamji whole night kept on talking to us and told us that only hukam prevails and truth prevails. Also reminded us about haumai nahin tuhitu.
Pitaji we were also shown that our karma book was also torn. A white peacock keeps on roaming in our house ji.
Pitaji shukrana for aapji kirpa ji on undeserving fool like us. Sada dandot bandana ji. Pitaji main hoon nahin tuhitu ji