Manjula – Blessed Visions

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always Ji

Pitaji we cannot do amritvela properly still aapji are doing so much grace on us Ji

We have understood how important is to surrender at the feet of poorn guru. Aapji immense kirpa that aapji have kept us under aapji feet . Kotan shukrana pitaji for giving us space at your feet Ji

Pitaji last night our mouth opened wide and we were shown whole universe was inside our mouth. Pitaji then Paarbraham told us that moon has two Roops : one without sun’s light and another one with sun’s light. So that means moon doesn’t have anything of its own. So we Underwood that without Paarbrahamji we have no identity.

Pitaji during satnaam sangat Simran we were shown Paarbrahamji came and took us to tat Khand again . Before reaching tatt khand we were taken to a ship where only we and aapji were sitting and with aapji grace, one by one we chopped heads of all five doots head; ego, lust, anger, greed and finally moh. Pitaji then Paarbraham Ji took us to place where our various moh were placed . It was dark black place from where our siblings moh, our son’s moh , our friends moh were taken out and thrown away. Now only moh residue was lying. On the way to tatt khand we were sitting on a chariot with paarbraham Ji and Devi devta were doing dandot to paarbraham Ji. It was a beautiful white place full of clouds. Then Paarbraham asked do you want anything. A voice by itself came from within us. “ main tu aur tu main ho Jayen “. And Pita Paarbraham Ji merged inside us in light form again. Inside us from white bright light voice came , now can you recognize yourself with in . We were small jyot part of big light. Pitaji it was amazing experience which cannot be explained.

Pitaji then we were shown on a jhoola in the air and we were sitting alone , we asked where is Paarbraham Ji. Paarbraham Ji showed us aapji inside our heart and we realized we were not alone.

Pitaji many souls were given mukti by aapji close to thousands.

Pitaji then maya came and we tried to chop her head with aapji grace . Her head was lying on the ground but she again came back with head. Then Paarbraham Ji gave wisdom that you cannot do alone take Paarbraham Ji help. We did ardaas to Paarbraham Ji and then maya’s head was chopped again with aapji grace

Kotan shukrana pitaji for letting us witness all this . May we remain like this without doots and maya effect even when we are not attending physical sangat satnaam Ji Kotan bar shukrana sache patshah ji