Manjula blessed with very powerful spiritual experiences

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always ji

Pitaji with aapji grace we were feeling so much bairaag and Paarbraham ji in different forms gave darshan ji During amritvela we asked Paarbraham ji what should we work on as we don’t know anything. Please clean us
Then Paarbraham ji showed us our three moh Moh of world Moh of body Moh of son

Then slowly Paarbraham ji took our baggage full of these moh and took away along with him.

Yesterday when Paarbraham ji told us that we have moh of world then we asked how to get away with that. Then Paarbraham ji told us best way of getting away from world moh is not to expect anything from anyone. Paarbraham ji gave this dhan dhan wisdom.

Pitaji during Kakao Simran we were shown with aapji grace Paarbraham ji were in bright Prakash form and we were small light and aapji pushed us inside Prakash and then jyot started saying tu main main tu We enjoyed the bliss of entering Paarbraham ji body and loose ourself for that moment ji

Pitaji maya is coming and showing her face to distract us in various forms. She makes ugly faces to scare us but when we recite satnaam she goes away.

Pitaji Krishan ji also give darshan in beautiful form with peacock feather on his head and very bright aura around. Krishan ji also keep giving wisdom ji.

Dhan dhan Paarbraham pita parmeshwar Kotan shukrana pitaji for all aapji grace Bhai bandhu sakha mata pita Sab tuhitu
Pitaji second moh was moh of body which was also taken away by throwing away our burapa (old age) satnaam ji. We forgot to mention this ji