Manjula – Blssed Experiences

Kotan kot dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji. Pitaji zoom sangat was amazing with aapji grace ji. Satpaarbrahamji came and took us on various paths which we have been shown many times during meditation.
We were shown our journey with babaji mataji and aapji. Paarbrahamji said how much gurus have done for you never forget that. Paarbrahamji specifically told that since your dori is in Dassan Dass ji’s hands, your bhagti is taking new turns amazingly because of Dassan Dass jis grace. Paarbrahamji were in shiny transparent form. Paarbrahamji asked us to sit on the horse and both of us kept on walking towards full of light area. The light was unbearable . Our soul became a child and we kept on walking with Paarbrahamji. It was such a lovely journey. Then we reached a place from where other realm was shown and we had to pass through a bubble to reach that place. Suddenly Paarbrahamji disappeared and then we asked where are you. Paarbrahamji said tuhitu tuhitu. Then Suddenly aapji appeared and started laughing. As a child we asked aapji oh so you are Paarbrahamji and why didn’t you tell me on earth. And then we cutely started saying so God I am not talking to you because you didn’t tell this. Aapji keptvon laughing. We were a child wearing white dress and with white wings.
Then a white rope started wrapping up aapji from all sides and end of the white rope came in our hand. Then Paarbrahamji said that this is prem ki dori . Day before yesterday Gurunanakji also came during kirtan and said tori na toote chori na chute aisi preet lagi re madho.
Exactly same thing God showed us and then God came to our house still wrapped in white rope. It was amazing vision and we are not doing justice was putting it in writing like this. We were also taken to a kund(amrit reservoir) by Baba Isher Singh ji. We did dandot to baba Isher Singh ji and babaji said sukhi raho Then we were told that, this area is called as sat kund and we were told to take a dip and we took dip there. Paarbrahamji were also close by in light form . After taking dip in the anrit sarovar we were shown that we were given power of changing black birds to white birds with aapji grace only pitaji. Dhan dhan mera satguru poora.
Pitaji we were also shown our four doots were burnt in hawan kund placed inside our house only moh doot was left. We are told that this moh doot will go away this week. Dhan dhan mera satguru poora . Kotan shukrana pitaji all aapji grace and all aapji kirpa. We can’t thank enough to be under your chatter chaya. Dhan dhan mera pyara satguru There was a black snake around our neck whose name was duniya ka moh which was taken out and on top of that snake a flag with khanda was hoisted.
Pitaji during kakao simran tuhitu words started coming from phone and entered our mouth and then these words were spread inside our body.
Shukrana pitaji for doing so much grace ji. All aapji’s grace, all aapji kirpa . Aapji know we are not at all capable. Aapji paras turing fools into gold ji.
Sada shukrana pyare pitaji always ji. Dhan dhan mera satguru poora satpaarbraham sarnaee.