Manjula – Cleaning Black Souls

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always ji
Pitaji we had to go for check up for general routine tests for cancer which came negative with aapji grace. Pitaji when we went for endoscopy Paarbrahamji were with us throughout. Surgeon became Paarbrahamji who did our endoscopy. Due to Paarbrahamji presence all staff members became immersed in amrit above their head level. Paarbrahamji told us before final reports hat everything is normal and then nurse came to tell us everything was absolutely normal. Paarbrahamji gave our report before doctor gave our report. Pitaji all aapji grace.

Paarbrahamji said we were brought for tests because we had karma exchange with staff members. Pitaji that area became full of flowers. Paarbrahamji danced with us and told us to celebrate with family members.

Pitaji during sangat we were shown our jyot body again entered into Paarbrahamji body and today our jyot became little bigger.

When we were going for tests maya came and tried to frighten us stating that we will die due to disease but we were not at all afraid because we were so active with aapji grace and we said we are not afraid of death. Rightaway maya fell and dragged out of our house. Then Paarbrahamji told maya why you went to test her. You have already done testing and you have been failing. Then maya sat at Paarbrahamji feet.

Pitaji during sangat a white lady came whose name was pragya. She had mukut on her face. We dont know what she was looking for. Pitaji aapji did so much cleaning of one of sangat member who was possessed. His huge black karma was taken away from his body today.

We were also shown our soul as bride wearing white bridal dress having a nose ring with white beads but one bead was red. This red bead was replaced by white bead once our endoscopy tests were over.

Many negative energies were also driven away pitaji.

Pitaji we were shown our child soul body which goes in so much bliss while sitting at aapji satcharan.

Kotan shukrana pitaji for everything always ji.
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