Manjula – Divine places

Manjula is blessed with these very very powerful spiritual experiences. All divine power and grace. KOTTAN KOTTAN DANDAUT to Manjula.
Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji.
Pitaji we were making dinner and with open eyes we were shown the following. Pitaji it is so difficult to put in words what we were shown. Please aapji makecus write so that we can do justice to what we have witnesed.How can we mention glory of Satpaarbrahamji in few words ji.
Pitaji we were shown couple of places which were named as pauris. We have been shown these places numerous times during meditation since past two years ji. But today we were given explanation about these places.
1st place: This is a place which is called as vaishnav pauri where most of the pilgrims reach who believe in rituals etc using outer bells etc. We have done this in many past births ji.
We were also shown another place which was known as Radhadoami people place where most of radhasoami followers reach.
Another area where all pious souls who are gurus sit and take people to dargah. We were shown once upon a time aapji were here along with many saints.
We were then shown a place where many seekers are stuck trying to do bandgi from their manmut but can’t find puran Guru. Aapji had picked us from this place initially ji. Then we were shown a place where souls are kept who have helped people to come to the right path but could not deliver complete truth. These souls are kept inside cage. Then we were shown a tunnel and outside this tunnel dargah rasta was written. This tunnel leads to another long tunnel which is turned to left side which reaches a place which has two storeys. Bottom storey of this part is called as judgement area where many souls were standing in queue.
Upper part of part of dargan where saint souls along with sangat sit. Some people are granted privilege to reach here without even doing good karmas with gurus grace directly . Here no negative and positives are judged. Only love prevails. Most of sants reside here incuding babaji and mataji when they were in sundernagri.
Here dhol nagare are played. Then we were shown a tower which was called alakh lok. From here people can still fall from grace and reach back to vaishnav lok and sometime go towards hell area .
Then we were shown Agam lok this is called as agamya because not many people can reach here. Aapji have shown that with aapji grace we are kept here. On top of this tower a light is situated which is Paarbrahamji throne and aapji are sitting here. Aapji and Paarbrahamji are one.
Pitaji we were also shown Paarbrahamji came in our kitchen to give us white lotus from which continous amrit was flowing and this lotus was kept inside our throat This was done to make our way of talking better. We were also shown when we talk badly how this lotus starts turning black. We have been given wisdom of eorking on this ji.
We were also told by Paarbrahamji that why they have kept us inside their heart because we have accepted that we are mahamoorakh.
Pitaji we were also shown moon in our one hand and sun in our other hand and our all energies inside our body were balanced. We were also shown jyot was placed on top of Pranays head.
Pitaji apart from all above realms we were shown realms of hell also where people who have performed actions under ego anger lust etc were kept. We were shown Bollywood actress here who was trying to come out this area to reach vaishnav area with her guru. Pitaji couple of days ago the bollywood heros who had committed suicide or who have died recently came for mukti ji.
We were also shown our sisters son who said he has done so much murti puja in past births but now want to do satnaam. He said he is tired of walking on temple’s path but with guru grace would like to walk on sat path and we were shown he will be placed in dargah soon. We were also told to let him play his own play currently.
Pitaji at satlok voice was coming Hail Dassan Dass. Aapji ki jai jaikaar and whole dargah was very happy. We conclude by saying that you are pooran guru and we are so delighted to have you in our lives. We have shown this numerous times ji.
Kotan dandot bandana and shukrana pitaji for everything always ji

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