Manjula – Experience with Parbrahm Ji

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always ji

Pitaji with aapji grace we were listening to sukhmani Simran and we witnessed the following Ji

Pitaji GuruPaarbrahamji came and Golden Temple appeared in our room. Golden Temple Sarovar had golden Amrit which started flowing on our body and our body slowly slowly started turning into golden body. Our whole house turned golden.

We were also shown couple of people doing dandot to our son. Pitaji some part of our luck went towards our son. We were shown God is taking care of our son financially and emotionally. We were shown Krishan Ji in his room.

Pitaji GuruGovind Singh Ji , Gurunanak Ji, Kabir Ji also gave darshan.
Pitaji then we were shown Gurupaarbrahamji had kept us on back and we were trying to enter inside Paarbraham Ji. During this process we told Paarbraham Ji “ aapji know that we have no virtues except faith on pitaji “ . God Saïd with love that you are my putter. Pitaji buckets of Amrit were thrown on us.

Then pitaji we were shown that there is huge God’s body and we are inside that body doing life’s play. Our small body is same version of God’s big body which is universe.

Inside God body entire globe was situated. God gave us a mukti stick just like “fuljhari “ and told us that we have to go out of God’s mouth for little while to enter other planes and then come back. We went out of mouth and we were told to go to hell with mukti stick and God told us to give mukti to many souls stuck inside hell. God accompanied us to do that. We told God aapji hold the stick to which God replied that you do this job. Then one by one the stick touched the souls and the hell was cleared. Then God said come back quickly otherwise maya will be after you because you were clearing hell and said maya is also serving God.

Pitaji aapji ki mahima aparmpaar hai.
Golden temple is with in us and we all are searching outside.

All aapji grace Pitaji. Aapji are holding us and letting us witness this. Nothing is in our hands. We experienced that those who will keep shradha bharosa preet in aapji, God is holding them tightly even if we are paapi. Kotan shukrana pitaji for everything always ji Sada bakshna pitaji