Manjula – Experiences shown by Par brahm ji

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji. Pitaji please forgive our mistskes performed knowingly and unknowingly. Pitaji thanks for keeping us under aapji satcharanji. Pitaji Paarbrahamji did this conversation with us during kakao session in tje morning.
Jyot ne jyot ko naam japaya and jyot ban gayi and told us names of sangat members as Jyot 1 Jyot 2 jyot 3 respectively .
The wisdom Paarbrahamji gave was to loose identity. Then Paarbrahamji asked questions and gave answers too
Bata naam kya hai = jyot Kahan jana hai= jyot main Kahan se bichri= jyot se Paarbramji said : Circulate this message but remember this is for you too
Paarbrahamji massaged us and we were a small baby and said now we wont have pains in the body during old age. Paarbrahamji also told to listen to saarangi with in during meditation.
Paarbrahamji told us that we wont get Next birth. We were shown God was sitting on huge white lotus and we were sitting below Gods feet.
We were also shiwn that Sri Sri Saint ji is only point1 mm away from sat lok. God will run fast to get him if he recites satnaam as God loves him so much.
We became a peacock in Sunn realm. Ww were also given wisdom that for normal people staying and eating healthy is not the only enough. We are on the earth to realize ourselves and explore us within us. khoj bande koj nit nit satnaam jap ke We were a small girl and were playing on satcharan of Paarbrahamji and Paarbrahamji told that this place is called as:
Charan sat- sat utpat. Paarbrahamji told that sat is delivered by coming at God’s feet.
Pitaji during zoom session we were shown we we throughout under the feet of Satpaarbrahamji. Yesterday we were given a small chair in a darbar but we told that we dont need a chair we just need to stay at satcharan of Satpaarbrahamji. So during whole sangat we were at Satpaarbrahamji feet. Our soul kept on asking Paarbrahamji that is there any chance of slipping from this place also as we could see Paarbrahamji were on top and earth and people were at very low level and it really took us several births to reach at Paarbrahamji feet today. So Paarbrahamji said no need to worry there is white net around this area and we cant fall down because we are connected to sangat members.
Pitaji we were also shown aapji were in our room and protecting us and by keeping aapji one huge foot on our asan.Paarbrahamji in aapji form said no one can shake you.We were given a white bichona by aapji to keep in the area where we do meditation.
Pitaji we were also told by aapji that there is no point in keeping ourselves in sunn mandal all the time like devi devta and not doing any sewa of mankind. We were revealed that once upon a time we were a devi who used to live in sunn enjoying and came to earth for mukti but due to 84 lakhs yonis we kept on coming back on earth due our karmas. We were told that since after passing lotus we have reached satcharan of Paarbrahamji now we will not get birth again.
Pitaji we were also shown that aapji were taking pains of sangat members to keep them calm.
Thank you so much pitaji for being there. We always seek aapji satcharan. That is the place for us. We feel safe there only. Raaj na chahoon, mukt na chahoon. Man charan preet kamala re.