Manjula – Naam Sewa

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji. Pitaji we have witnessed the following with aapji grace. These visions happened during couple of meditation sessions.

Golden Temple which was situated in the centre of water (amrit) was placed on top of our head from where amrit has started flowing continuously. Then God kept huge Charan in our heart.

God also said that Since I am living inside Gods heart and every creation is part of God. So how can I hurt myself by hurting others We were told that “Sat ki takdi par bedh kar satnaam japte hue sada suhagan banne ke raste par chalna hai”

We were sitting inside puran jyot prakash Gods heart and God was sitting on a throne. We were given wisdom why we did not take chair because there are chances of falling if you sit alone. If we sit inside God and God is sitting on the chair then no issue.

We were sitting in void which was Gods heart and sangat members were inside Gods heart which we could see.

We entered a place and right at the entrance there were many beautiful white pecocks were sitting. These peacoks are highly evolved saints.

We were told we have been brought here because of Guru Dassan Dass ji only. And we have to earn this. All this is happening because of Dassan Dass ji kamai.

Then we were shown a beautiful blue lake and mountains. We were shown a huge water reservoir from where amrit was flowing and amrit goes to our sat sarovers from here. We were told this area is source of amit. The way water is supplied to different cities, from here amrit is supplied to different parts of universe. We were also shown a mountain of fire and we were told fire is supplied from this source to the entire universe.

We were told that each human being has his/ her own amrit reservoir which they are supposed to keep full of amrit and should distribute to others.Only those who have puran guru can do this. We were shown Gurudwara was kept on our sons head too. Then we were shown an area full of beautiful flowers and gardens where many souls were dancing. We were also shown one soul dancing there earlier but picked by Paarbrahamji from this garden to show tat khand and this was our soul. We were told to circulate the information to other sangat members and mankind. Many saints are sitting close to blue lake mountain and wondering who can take them to Dassan Dass ji. For that they might have to take another birth. So these saints were saying how lucky we sangat members are.

Tat khand is less crowded and more calmer . No devi devta are allowed to enter tat khand. Tat gyan is more deeper gyan of brahamgyani. Then this conversation started. Satnaam mantter sunaya te tatt da gyan karaya. Hor ki chahiye.

Many saints are struggling to get braham gyan. Your guru is giving braham gyan and tatt gyan too. How fortunate you are you need to understand Tatt gyani can give gyan to braham gyani also apart ftom normal sangat

At one point of time during a time and space we sangat members were in worm’s yoni and now sitting at tatt gyanis charan. How unfortunate we will be if we don’t understand this

Braham gyani ko khoje maheshwar Tatt gyani ko khoje Braham gyani Tatt means gehraii.. braham gyan is part of Tatt gyan

Next day we were again given lessons

1st lesson: Naam jyot , Jana kahan jyot main

2nd lesson: Sirf naam simran puran bandgi sewa hi mangna kyonki yeh sab sat lok main le jaati hain baaki cheezain mango to swarg ya narak lok main le jati hai

3rd lesson: main kuch nahin tuhitu sirf tuhitu tuhitu har jagah tuhitu zarre zarre main tuhitu

4th lesson: 14 lok parlok tujh par kurbaan mere daata

5th lesson: Guru ki sewa se hi sab mile.. Guru ki sewa kya hai …naam simran…punn vadda

Performing sewa means you love God. Transformation of peoples life by connecting them to sat is biggest sewa and love towards God so that people can merge in God and never come back in 84 lakh yoni pain
We were told how many times we have been defeated by maya.

God gives crown to the people who have no ego

Ego here means I did I worked I earned Where as God inside us has been performing . If God is not inside us how we can perform all the duties.

Pitaji we were also told people from different countries those who dont know about satnaam they should find pooran guru and should do what pooran guru is saying.

Kotan shukrana pitaji always ji.
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