Manjula Powerful Experience.

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji. Pitaji we are really sorry for all our karmas ji with tears in our eyes. Aapji have opened our eyes stating that we are just shit and have no virtues. There are million of saints who have done so much to help mankind and we are just eating and doing work for ourselves and doing household chores. We are worthless pitaji. Baksh deo pitaji hum loonharami gunehgaar. Please aapji keep on carving us keeping us under aapji feetji.
Pitaji when we were foing kirtan Paarbrahamji came to our house sitting on a beautiful white throne and showed us how to change form by doing satnaam simran. We kept on doing satnaam simran and Paarbrahamji changed our various roops. Various hidden bad roops were taken out from our body and finally instead of us a jyot was sitting. Then Paarbrahamji toldcus now instead of us this jyot can travel anywhere. Then we went to Shimla in jyot form and also went to Dimple jis house. Paarbrahamji became in aapji form and then in huge flame form and our jyot easily merged in that flame and could come out and merge again ji.
Then Paarbrahamji again came in previous roop and gave us a rose. Paarbrahamji then went to texus in aapji house and said keep teaching her. Paarbrahamji said that tell her I am doing all this because of Dassan Dass otherwise she is not at all capable of getting this what she is getting. This will bring halimi in her.
Dhan dhan shukrana pitaji. We are so ashamed that we are worthless and still God is doing so much kirpa on us. All aapji kirpa and grace pita pyare