Manjula – Powerful Message

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always Ji
Pitaji with aapji grace we were shown our four bodies and information about 5th body was provided
Physical body doing dandot Kaaran body doing dandot Yogic body doing dandot Light body doing dandot

God’s self body still has to be shown Pitaji today sant Kabir Ji came during Kakao Simran and said “Prarabhdh pehle racha paache racha shareer “ but the pen who wrote the destiny can be destroyed with Pooran Guru.
Dassan Dass Ji is saying carve your destiny by doing satnaam Simran with gurprasad and spread the truth. Kabir Ji said “this is what you have to tell people.” Kabir Ji had destiny pen in hand which was shown broken and told us meaning of this is that with satnaam simran and gurprasad change the destiny.

Pitaji we were also shown Paarbraham Ji Roop which was half of aapji body ( body form ) and other half nothing form where Paarbraham Ji were present but not visible. So we could make out that Paarbraham Ji is saying that Paarbraham Ji is in Pooran guru body form and is also formless who is everywhere.

Pitaji we were also shown Amrit coming out of our son’s navel and we were told he will get job . He is actually preparing for job interview from a reputed firm. He has cleared first interview and second interview is due . Pitaji we want to ask for forgiveness for one of our very bad karma in previous life. We were shown that we did not let enter a saint in our village once upon a time and told many people not to support that saint. ( These people became our relatives and we are supposed to tell them truth of Saints positively until they believe us .)

Pitaji because of this karma we were not able to attend sangat freely whenever we wanted.

Pitaji please forgive us for this heinous karma performed in previous life.

Sada shukrana pitaji for aapji grace in this birth Ji Satnaam ji