Manjula – Why God created humans and the universe..

Manjula is blessed with these very very powerful spiritual experiences and divine wisdom
Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji. Pitaji when we asked Paarbrahamji to help us to write what we witnessed during meditation, this writing came up dictated by Paarbrahamji.
“I do not know anything and I am writing what God is making me write ji. You make me write sache patshah. Meri matt thori mere ram. Only hukum prevails and that us why I am writing ji.
Paarbrahamji came and told about how and why we human beings and universe was created.
Paarbrahamji told that there was fog all around initially. God and kids were living in a realm together and some of the kids had desire to see outside world . ( We were also told that we kids were Gods part). God said only those can go who are ordained to go. But everyone started saying we all want to go. God said just see the outer world and come back and donot communicate with maya too much who was part of God’s play. But kids were naughty and started thinking play is not finished yet and fell in mayas trap of 84 lakh yoni.
Pitaji everything God is dictating here ji… Then God sent his sons named saints who had ability to bring these kids back and who were ordained from dargah to do that and Dassan Dass is one of them. So moorakho listen to him and come back to me. I am waiting for you eagerly. He is trying so hard to bring you back trust him leave manmat and come back so that you can live pain free life. God said I am not your dad if you do not listen to Dassan Dass . How many times I have to told you that he is purest on the earth right now and leave illusions. Pack your backpack with satnaam simran rest is foolishness. Samajh ayi. Manjula is just a witness. She is helping to understand that Dassan Dass is poora satguru and she is just a maggot nothing else looks for nothing just kirpa and grace of satpaarbrahamji that is why chosen to write this. Pushing hard through Dassan Dass is the way right now because others are giving wrong wisdom. So listen carefully to him and leave manmut accept gurmat. We were also told that only God was there initially. We humans were living inside Gods aura body as droplets and there was peace all over. We droplets asked God that we all wanted to see the place outside Gods body too.Then God said if you want to go out you have to come back too. We droplets agreed that we will come back to satpaarbrahamji after seeing outside world.
Pita ji we were told that three illutionary wands were created by God named Brahma Vishnu Mahesh who helped to expand outer world with in their own territory.
Keeping this in mind God played a game of creating saints who can bring humanbeings (God’s droplets) back to God. Then feeling our human beings pain due to painful reincarnation, Gods tears started coming out. Maya was created so that people can realize that they have to come back instead of living in this mayavi painful world forever. All positive and negative energies were kept inside us so that we dont stay here forever.
Maya ne Brahma Vishnu aur Mahesh ka saath dena shuru kar diya…tab se maya ko peetne ka adesh dekar tumhe apne paas bulane ka kaam hamen diya. God said God told brahma to create, vishnu to nourish and Shiva to kill.
Paarbrahamji said ga ga ke naam jap te japa koi gane se nahin rokega..sirf ga ga ke hi Our throat was shown which was full of prakash. We said that someones our vani becomes bad. Paarbrahamji said prakask throat tak aa gaya hai jiva tsk bhi aa jayega Guru nu mukh rakh ke sare kaam karne hai.
Pitaji during zoom meeting we were shown an agreement paper from dargah which was signed by Paarbrahamji and we were told to sign. It was written on this agreement paper that we are ordained from dargah to do sangat cleaning with aapji grace only ji. We accept aapji sewa ji. Jo tudh bhave so hi changa mere bus kuch nahin ji. You will make us do. We have no capacity doing sewa ji. Pitaji we were also shown entire universe in our body in previous sangat ji.
Kotan shukrana pitaji for everything always ji. Pitaji please keep forgiving our all sins ji. Satnaam ji .