Manjula’s Experiences

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharan always ji

Pitaji today during meditation session we were shown all the places inside us which were shown before such as tower, stairs , different places which were shown to us numerous times were dissolved. A new place emerged which was on higher level and we were shown Paarbraham Ji in aapji Roop were sitting on a throne there. We were shown we were able to make white path by performing good karma. Also we were shown we were placed at a place with Isha Ji and Dimple Ji. Three of us along with some other seeker souls were playing in happiness.

Pitaji we were also shown without aapji calling us on the screen , we were given cleaning of jadoo tona from Gurpreet Ji with aapji grace while aapji were talking to him. Amrit went from our head towards Gurpreet ji. Bright lights were shown in our rooms along with Amrit . Pitaji negativity was so afraid of Amrit. We were also shown Vinayak’s family’s kul devi was replaced by Hanuman ji.

Kotan shukrana pitaji for everything always Ji