Manjulas Spiritual Experiences

Kotan dandot bandana satguru pitaji and all always ji Pitaji with aapji grace we witnessed the following at different sessions
We were shown a diamond studded lotus whose petals started opening one by one. Inside that lotus lots of amrit was there. Aapji were swimming in that amrit and we were holding aapji feet and since aapji were moving forward with force, we also started automatically moving forward in the same direction. We were shown this is the place from where tatt gyan can be explored. So we were given glimpse of this place with aapji kirpa because we are at aapji feet. This lotus was situated on top of a tower.
Pitaji we were also shown many of our relatives are getting cleansed automatically. Various distant friends were also getting cleansed.

We were shown at Jalandhar sangat many souls were given mukti by aapji. A jyot was placed inside all new members who were told to recite satnaam and they were instructed to keep that jyot in lighting position with the help of shradha preet bharosa.

We were shown our immense cleaning was taking place. Our moh doot was shown which went out during that session.

When Kiranji were singing , Kabir Ji were sitting inside her and then Kabir Ji turned to aapji Roop. We were also shown devi Saraswati, Shivji, Gauri ji Saraswati Ji told sangat to sing in sur taal but because different pitches were heard then she said only Paarbrahamji can handle this now singing is not my control anymore. Too much amrit was felt.

A Devil came and started hitting with trishool around the area where aapji were sitting on a throne but in fraction of seconds the devil was thrown in hell. Pitaji aapji were standing close to every sangat member individually.

Kotan shukrana pitaji giving us so much grace. Satnaam ji