1. Good And Bad Sangat

“Sat Sangat” is the group of people (sangat)  that are engaged in the praise of the Truth (Sat).  Through the the praise of  the Name of  Truth (Sat Naam) under the guidance of  the Guru of Truth (Sat Guru).  “Sat Sangat” is also called “Sadh Sangat”  (Company of the Saint) and “Gur Sangat” (Comany of the Guru).  Or for short it just called “Sangat”.


How is the Society of Truth to be known?
There, the Name of the One Lord is chanted.
The One Name is the Lord’s Command;
O Nanak, the True Guru has given me this understanding. ||5||




“Sangat” is the congregation of two or more people who :


  • are engaged in the service of Truth,
  • see the Truth,
  • speak the Truth
  • serve the Truth,
  • are serving Satnaam – Paar Braham Parmeshwar – God named Truth
  • are serving the Guru with their truthful actions and reactions,
  • are sharing divine knowledge (Braham Vichaar) with each other.


Sangat is where :


  • we meet enlightened souls as Sants, Sadhs, Satguru and Braham Gyani
  • we are blessed with the sant’s divine grace (sant prasad),
  • get Gurparsaadi Naam,
  • all our inner spiritual doors are opened – Bazzar Kapaats – with Gurus’ kirpa,
  • we go into deep meditation and experience union with God (Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi),
  • our devotional (Bhagtee) account is opened in God’s court (Dargah),
  • we clean our mind and spiritual heart centre (Hirda) of the effects of the mental sicknesses of the 5 thieves, slander, gossip, hopes, wishes, desires, jealousy
  • a worldy crow(kaag) becomes transformed into a spritual swan (Hans),
  • a Manmukh, Bemukh and Pakhandi becomes a Sikh, a Gurmukh, a Gursikh and Puran Sachyara,
  • the Naam saturates in the mind, Hirda and every bit of the body
  • we get Puran Gyan – complete divine knowledge for Puran Bhagtee – total worshipping needed for achieving salvation – Jivan Mukti,
  • an ordinary person’s soul and Hirda is transformed into a Sant Hirda
  • we try to adopt the vital qualities of Paar Braham Parmeshwar with the Gurkirpa.
  • we cleanup our mind and soul of the karmic dirt attached from all the previous lives,
  • we learn to live in complete spritual silence (sunn smadhi),
  • we enjoy complete happiness and become free from all kinds of doubts – Dubidha
  • we can become free from all the worldly ties (Mukt from all Bandhans).


The glory of the Sangat has no end, furthermore the sangat is where :


  • we love each and every thing of the universe,
  • there is no place for hatred in Sangat
  • we learn to be humble – utmost humbleness is the key to the Dargah
  • we kill our ego – Ahankaar,
  • we completely surrender to the Guru – Tan Munn Dhan Sabh Saup Guru Ko.
  • we receive the divine gift of divine knowledge from the Guru and follow the Guru’s divinely charged words – (Amrit Bachans),
  • we feel the presence of Paar Braham Parmeshwar,
  • we see the Puran Parkash – Param Jyot Darshan
  • we meet Paar Braham Parmeshwar
  • Paar Braham Parmeshwar comes in and plays with His and in His Bhagats
  • we win over our own mind – Munn Jeete Jag Jeet,
  • we recognize our self and rise above all the caste and other prejudices (Jaat Paat Ke Bandhans) and unite with Paar Braham Parmeshwar.
  • we advance towards Sach Khand, reach Sach Khand, and become Jivan Mukt – achieve salvation,
  • we learn to and become a great philanthropist (maha parupkaari)
  • we learn to help the poor, adopt the sorrows of the others, become an apostle of sacrifice for others and bring complete happiness and silence in others.
  • we become one with Paar Braham Parmeshwar.


Ku-sangat  means bad company.  It is exactly the opposite of Sat Sangat. Ku-sangat is :


  • anything that takes you away from Naam, Paar Braham Parmeshwar and Guru
  • anything that is not true
  • anything that harms the society in anyway
  • anything that comes between you and the Guru and Akal Purakh
  • anything that promotes the distortion of mind and body
  • the breeding ground of slander, gossip, back-biting, doubts, 5 thieves, hopes, desires and wishes,
  • responsible for stubbornness, narrow mindedness, hatred, abuse and misuse
  • the reason why the karmic dirt of all the previous hardens on the mind  and becomes the root cause for their  mental instability
  • responsible for all the sins a person commits, whether they are committed physically or mentally.
  • any actions and reactions of a person that keep him in the cycle of life and death
  • responsible for all the mental sicknesses (mansik rog)
  • responsible for making a person into a hypocrite, untruthful, self-centred and not a Sikh,
  • the reason why a person turns against his Guru because his actions and reactions will hardly be truthful in bad company.


It takes a lot of effort to clean something up,  but it only takes one tiny drop of dirt to make it dirty again.  One dirty fish can spoil the entire pool of clean water.  So untrue and dirty words and actions effect a person’s mind very easily.  However nobody can deny how hard it is to clean up your mindwin over it.  The effects of Ku-sangat are always catastrophic.  Bad company destroys you completely in a few seconds and to be aware of these destructive forces and destruction, your mind needs to become stable – Atal Awastha.  Only then will it be capable of not being destroyed, destructed and distracted by the effects of Ku-sangat.


Sat Sangat can help you in preparing yourself to be saved from the devastating effects of Ku-sangat. Only Gurparsaadi Naam can make your Hirda and mind strong enough not to be distracted, destroyed and devastated from the effects of all the Ku-sangat you have been living so far.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)