Humble Message To Those Who Feel Offended

ik oankar satnaam gurprasad||

This is a humble message to anyone who feels angry or violent towards the souls behind this website.  There have been insulting words towards Dassan Dass Ji and implied death threats on another Sikh forum by a small minority.

On this website there is nothing disrespectful to any saint at all including any of the Sikh Gurus or Bhagats or Guru Granth Sahib ji. The Panj Pyaray are greatly respected as well as the Pahul given by Guru Gobind Singh ji. Only thing that is heavily criticised is the lack of kindness and compassion and obsession with external rules which are used to oppress the hearts of the innocent by a hardcore of narrow minded religious people. is not against external expression of your religion.  Wear religious uniform and follow religious rules if thats what you feel is right, but it is pointless if you have not conquored the five thieves within.  The original Panj Pyare were pure souls on the inside and their outer form expressed to the world that they were beacons of hope.  For a lot of narrow minded religious people nowadays they think just by looking like the great Sikh saints of the past and just by reading prayers and doing rituals like the great Sikh saints of the past, they are better than others.  But they are full of religious pride which gets offended arousing rage and threatening violent behaviour.  They are being punished by the 5 thieves within them and they are tormenting their family, their children, their gurdwaras and everyone who comes into contact with them.  And they are doing this with a turban and beard and 5Ks on.  They have devalued the external uniform.  People see them and get scared.  Children want to leave home, commit suicide, marry out of their faith.  And people at the Gurdwara want never to take “pahul” if it turns you into an angry and threating, violent and intolerant religious person.

Baba Ji has said that only those who have conquored their mind should wear a religious uniform, so that the whole world knows here is a truly great soul, from whom we will get enlightenment. Otherwise no one else should pretend to be pure when they are not.

They forget that Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us that religion is the son of compassion (daya dharam ka pooth ..japji sahib).  The Sikh religion should make our heart full of kindness and compassion, even for our perceived enemy

na ko bairee nahee beganaa, sagal sang hum ko banaee

No one is a stranger nor an enemy, I see the whole world as my friend

Guru Arjun Dev ji.

Please re-read your threatening and slanderous posts regarding this website in the name of defending the Sikh religion.  Are they written out of compassion and kindness? Or do they have violence and hate behind them? is all about kindness and compassion and serving the saints not trying to kill them.  Is violence and aggression and trying to stop every interpretation of gurbani different to yours the answer? The only way to win is to become more kinder, more compassionate, more full of love than your perceived enemy.  And the only thing is to kill your ego by giving your head.   Then you win this game.

Jo tho prem khelan ka chao sir dhar talee galee meree ao.

If you want to play the game of love, then come to me with your head on your palm.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

You quote other lines from Sikh history and Guru Gobind Singh ji  to justify attacking and going to war.  But  what happened to the line you read every morning

sach kahon sunn layo sabhay, jin prem keeo thin hee prabh paaio

Listen to me, I tell the Truth, only those who loved will realise God.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

If you really want to beat this website and its teaching, then become better Sikhs than those running this site.  Become more humbler, kinder, loving and truthful.  So that the whole world wants to listen to your sweet words

meetath neevee nankaa gun changaaiaa tat

Humility is sweet, its is the essence of virtue


Make a better website and correct what you feel is wrong on this website. Put out better divine wisdom by going to higher spiritual levels.  Teach people the right way.  Win people’s hearts and minds with your great and open loving generous spirit.  By doing violence no one will listen to anything you say, and you only make your perceived enemy a martyr, and 10 more like him will pop up.

Have Nirankaris faded away since their leader was killed by a Sikh in 1980? No. Have Darshan Das followers disappeared since he was killed by Sikhs in the mid 80s? No.   Have Sikhs themselves disappeared since two of our Gurus were martyred ? No. The best thing you can do for a religious group is to kill their leader, and it will give them worldwide publicity.  Everyone sides with the ones who were attacked and the killers/attackers are seen as terrorists.

You can only win by serving better divine wisdom in a sweeter humbler way.

This site is not anti-Sikh, it is challenging you to become the humblest, kindest and best possible Sikhs as defined in the greatest of all divine wisdom – Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  And it is blatantly telling you to defeat your religious pride and anger especially whilst wearing religious uniform, otherwise you are the real anti-sikh.

Dust of Your Feet.


A soul shows the proof of its evolution in the degree of the tolerance it
shows. The life in the lower creation shows the lack of tolerance. The
tendency of fighting with one another, which one sees among beasts and
birds, shows the reason at the back of it, that intolerance is born in their
nature. … But when a soul has evolved still more, tolerance becomes the
natural thing for him. Because the highly evolved soul then begins to
realize ‘Another person is not separate from me, but the other person is
myself. The separation is on the surface of life, but in the depth of life I
and the other person are one.’ Therefore tolerance is not learned fully by
trying to follow it as a good principle. It is learned by having the love of
God, by attaining the knowledge of self, and by understanding the truth of

The first step to the attainment of the truth cannot be taught in books, or
be imparted by a teacher. It must come spontaneously, namely through the
love for truth. The next step is to search for it; the third step is the
actual attainment. How can one attain? In order to attain truth one must
make one’s own life truthful. … Passing from the state of natural man,
through the state of being a lover of truth and a seeker after truth, one
begins to express truth … One begins to understand what the great teachers
have taught. Then one becomes tolerant to the various religions. Nothing
seems strange any more. Nothing surprises. For now one begins to know the
innermost nature of man; one sees the cause behind every action. Therefore
tolerance and forgiveness and understanding of others come naturally. The
person who knows the truth is the most tolerant. It is the knower of truth
who is forgiving; it is the knower of truth who understands another person’s
point of view. It is the knower of truth who does not readily voice his
opinion, for he has respect for the opinions of others.

When man gains insight into himself, he also gains insight into the hearts
of others. All this desire for learning occult or mystical powers or psychic
powers now disappears, because he begins to see all this power in one truth
— loving truth, seeking truth, looking for truth, living the truthful life.
That it is which opens all doors.

by Hazrat Inayat Khan Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan: