10 Religious Illusions

Articles written by Dassan Dass (Slave of God’s Slaves) about why Sikhs fail to reach enlightenment and become Gurmukh.

After Death, Demons and Ghosts

Read what really happens after Death, and what are Demons and Ghosts?

Anand Sahib English

Divine explanation of Anand Sahib by Dassan Dass ji. You can download the English Version of Anand Sahib by clicking here.

Becoming Gurmukh

Articles about how to go from being a Manmukh (self-centred narrow minded person) to Gurmukh (broadminded enlightened soul).

Essential Qualities For A Pure Mind

Articles by Dassan Das about the good qualities required for a pure mind.  With a Pure mind naam simran is approved in the Lord’s court.


This section contains experiences of the sangat on meeting Dassan Dass Ji and Baba Ji.

Explanation of Jap Ji

Divine explanation of Jap Ji Sahib by Dassan Dass ji.https://satnaam.info/category/s2-gurparsaadi-writings/c113-explanation-of-jap-ji/

How To Do Naam Simran

Articles mostly written by Dassan Das about doing naam simran in the most effective way

Journey To SachKhand

Articles about the journey to God’s realm of Truth.

Know Your Enemy

Articles about the negative forces on the path of loving devotion.


Articles on the meaning of Marriage and God.

More Articles

More Articles By Dassan Dass Ji.

Om’s Journey To God

Om Ji is a supremely blessed soul, he became completely One with SatNaam last month (Aug 10).  His journey is made even more incredible considering that Dassan Dass ji met Om Ji , his wife and young kids, for the first time only a month ago.  This was after five years of guiding him by emails and spiritually.  Om ji is just a normal, hardworking family man living in the USA, he first emailed Dassan Dass ji  on 5th Oct 2006.

Questions & Answers

Dassan Dass Ji has answered many questions over the years.  A summary is put together here so we can all benefit.  Getting our questions clarified and doubts resolved is an important first step on the spiritual path.  Once our questions and doubts go, then we can progress onto firm faith, love and devotion for the lotus feet of our Guru.  Also if you have any questions of your own feel free to email DassanDas@gmail.com .

Sant Marg Q and A

Conversations with Dassan Dass about the path (marg) of making a heart into a Sant (enlightened soul).


Articles explaining meanings of words used for the spiritual enlightened ones.

SatNaam and Vahiguru

Articles about the importance of God’s Name “Sat Naam” and God’s praise “Vahiguru”.


Articles about the importance of associating with the enlightened ones.

Shabad Guru

Articles on the true meaning of SHABAD and GURBANI and Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Sickness, Sorrow and Death

Articles on why we suffer.


[Click here to read the Punjabi version.]   [Click here to get the free book.]   [Click here to listen to Sukhmani.] Through the divine piece of knowledge called Sukhmani, Akal Purakh has very kindly blessed us with the way to realize our spiritual dreams.  Sukhmani was brought to the world by Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah SatGuru Arjun Dev Ji.  Dhan Dhan SatGur Pancham Patshah Ji being blessed with the Infinite Divine Power very kindly told us His own story in Sukhmani Bani.  Whatever SatGuru Ji realized and experienced during His Bandgi process He very kindly gave it to us.  GurBani is the story of the SatGuru Sahibs, Sants and Bhagats.  All of these Paar Braham Roop souls very kindly tried to enlighten us with their own Puran Braham Gyan.   The divine knowledge discussed in this book is a tremendous source of motivation for everyone.  By reading it you will be able to develop the kind of belief and commitment required to progress on your path to Eternity.  The explanations given in this book go much deeper than just the literal translation.  Whatever this Sevak has learned and experienced during the completion of the Bandgi process is brought to the service of the Sangat in this book.  This Sevak is not capable of writing or telling anybody anything.  This Sevak is just a worthless creature on the face of this Earth.  It is the Infinite Divine Power that is doing everything and making everything happen.  This book was written with the GurParsaad of this Infinite Divine Power.  Please accept this service. Dassan Dass TO GET THE FREE ENGLISH VERSION AS AN ELECTRONIC PDF COPY OR PRINTED HARDBACK COPY PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Sukhmani Exercises

After reading the Sukhmani explanation you may be motivated to start working on yourself.  Dassan Dass Ji has always stressed its not enough to just READ Sukhmani (Paath Parna), but to BECOME Sukhmani (Paath Karna).   In this section we have assembled all the practical tips given by Dassan Dass ji in the Sukhmani explanation.  Try and work through them at your own pace, moving onto the next one when you are ready.


Its really inspiring for everyone to see how another devotee’s ‘love story” with Satnaam is unfolding.   Baba ji said every devotee must be able to tell their own unique love story with God.  That is why no two saints are the same.


Articles about current day practises of Sikhs that have strayed from the Truth, and have now become hardened traditions.