About Dassan Das

Dassan Das Ji asked us not to upload his life story as he is a very private and humble soul.  So I ask for his forgiveness, but such an inspiring story of an ordinary person reaching extraordinary spiritual heights needs to be shared with the whole world. To inspire us and show us that God is True, His saints are True and the ones who follow their words become True.  There are 8 new articles beginning “Lifestory” under this section.  Dassan Das Ji said to me when creating this section “let us focus on Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva rather than highlighting our own achievements. Let people feel and experience themselves what Naam does to them.”

Who are you?

Lifestory so far …

Don’t Desire Anything In Bhagti – Surrender Everything

How Far Are You Spiritually?

Where are you getting all this divine wisdom from?

Why Do You Write “We” instead of “I”?

Are you Maharaz Darshan Das Ji?

What Does ‘Baba Ji’ Mean?

Why Do You Call God He, Him in your articles?

How to make the best use of the divine wisdom on this website?