Objective Of This Website

Ik Oankaar Satnaam
(One God Named “Truth”)
Satgur Parsaad
 (Realised by the Truth Guru’s Grace)
Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar
(Great Great Supreme Lord and Master)
Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru-Satgur-Gurbani-Satsangat-Satnaam
 (Great Great God-Guru, Truth-Guru, Guru’s Words, Guru’s Congregation, God’s Name Sat Naam)
Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji
(Great Great Holy Guru Scriptures of the God the Master)
Dhan Dhan Guru Sahiban Ji and Dhan Dhan Their Waddi Kamai
 (Great Great All of the Guru Masters and Great Great their Spiritual efforts)
Dhan Dhan all the Braham Gyanis, Sants and Bhagats of all ages
(Great Great all Knowers of God, Saints and Lovers of God)
Dhan Dhan Guru Sangat Ji
(Great Great Congregation of the Guru)
Kottan Kot Dandaut and Shukrana Parvaan Karna Ji
(countless countless prostrations and thanks are offered at your feet , please accept them)
Gur Fateh Parvaan Karna Ji
(Please accept the Greeting of the Guru)

There has been some gross misunderstanding amongst some people about the objective of this website  satnaam.info.  They are taking it as a great offence as they think that we are trying to unite the sangat with a Deh-dhari Guru  (with a human body) – to follow a Deh-dhari (human body) Guru.   This is an absolutely incorrect way of interpreting the objective of this forum and website.

Furthermore, these Guru Key Pyare (beloved ones of the Guru) think that we are preaching against the teachings of Gurbani and Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  This is an absolutely false opinion based on their own self wisdom and worldly wisdom.

The Gur Parsaadi (God’s Grace) objective of this website and forum has been very clearly presented on the opening page of the website – which is to unite the masses with the Gurbani (Guru’s teachings), Naam, Akal Purakh (Immortal God), His Puran Bandgi (Complete Devotional Worship) and Seva (Service)– Parupkaar (Generosity) and Maha Parupkaar (Extreme selfless generosity).

The Dehi (human body) was never the Guru and will never be Guru. Naam is the Guru, Akal Purakh (Immortal Being) is the Guru.  His SAT SAROOP (Embodiment of Truth), the name SAT, the Sat Naam is the Guru.

SAT (TRUTH i.e God of Truth) is the Guru.  Gyan (God’s Wisdom) is the Guru.  Divine Wisdom is the Guru.  Even in a Puran Braham Gyani (Complete Knower Of God) or a Puran Sant (Complete Saint), the Param Jyot (Supreme Light) Puran Parkash (Completely Bright) is the Guru.  That SAT part is the Guru and not the Dehi (human body).  Dehi is Maya (body is part of the temporary creation) and Maya is not the Guru.  The Guru part (within a saint) is the (God part).  It is Param Jyot (Supreme Light) Puran Parkash (Completely Bright) in the Hirda (heart chakra) and Sat Sarovars (seven chakras that connect us to God’s Light) present in the body.  These are the internal sources of

–        spiritual super powers and cosmic energy – Amrit, and

–        the direct connection through the Dassam Duaar (crown chakra) to the Almighty.

This is where the divine music (Panch Shabad Anhad Naad) is heard on a continuous basis.  Rom Rom Naam Simran (i.e. the Light of SAT SAT SAT pulsing in and around every cell) is the Guru and not the flesh and blood.

When we bow before a Sant or a Brahamgiani we are basically bowing to the Param Jyot (Supreme Light) Puran Parkash (Completely Bright) – Sat Roop Paar Braham Parmesar’s  (God’s Light) presence in him and not to the flesh and blood.  So since Dehi (human body) is Maya, human body is not the Guru as Maya can’t be Guru.

Similarly when we bow to Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji we bow to the Sat Bachans (God’s Words of Truth).  We bow to the Guru’s Words – Divine Wisdom.  We bow to the Gurbani (Guru’s teachigns) and not to anything else.  Gurbani is the Sat Saroop (embodiment of Truth) of Akal Purakh (Immortal Being)

Waho Waho Bani Nirankaar Hai

The wondrous Bani is Formless.  (Guru Amar Das Ji).

Bani (God’s Words) is SAT (Truth) and SAT (Truth) is the Nirgun Saroop (Beyond Maya Embodiment) of Akal Purakh.

Without bringing Gurbani in to your Karni (daily deeds), one can’t reach the Almighty.

Gurbani has laid down a road map to the Sach Khand (God’s Realm Of Truth) and when we follow this road map we start to move on this path to Eternity.  Without following Gurbani it is very difficult to move on this path to Sach Khand.  Following the Gurbani is the KEY to your spiritual success.

Whatever we have experienced physically and whatever has happened to us spiritually has happened only because we did what Gurbani says. Whatever is written is based on the actual physical experiences in accordance with the Gurbani and is an absolute eternal divine truth and nothing less than that.

We will request at the Shree Charans (holy feet) of the entire sangat ji and in particular these Guru Key Pyare (beloved ones of the Guru) to have an open mind. Then and only then will they be able to see the Eternal Divine Truth and not with a blocked mind.


( Please contact us if you would like the blessing of Gurprasadi Naam and get on with your journey to SAT within your own heart. )

Dassan Dass