1. Introduction

Om Ji is a supremely blessed soul, he became One with SatNaam last month (Aug 10).  His journey is made even more incredible considering that Dassan Dass ji met Om Ji , his wife and young kids, for the first time only a month ago.  This was after five years of guiding him by emails and spiritually.  Om ji is just a normal hardworking family man living in the USA, he first emailed Dassan Dass ji  on 5th Oct 2006.  This was actually a few weeks after visting the satnaam.info website.  He was such a thirsty soul, that just on the very visit to the website his heart was pierced and knew that he had received the GurParsaad of Naam. Which was confirmed right away as with full faith he started sitting for long hours of Amritvela simran and began reaping the spiritual fruits right away.


Dassan Dass ji wanted to stress to all Truth-seekers that completing your inner spiritual journey does not require physical meeting with him.  Because, once you are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, then the Guru who blessed you is always with you in the form of Divine Light. And is always guiding you from within. 


Dassan Dass ji always stresses to devotees who wish to meet him that the physical meeting is as per destiny, but the spiritual meeting happens as soon as you remember His name, Sat Naam, with love.


So, if you are thinking need physical meeting, please take hope from Om ji’s story, and see that you can complete your spiritual journey with the inner guidance and email connection.