1. Trapped In The Infinite Loop Of Reincarnation



It is of prime importance for a soul to develop an understanding about the journey of the soul.  The process of


·         leaving the Origin, Ik Oankaar Satnaam,


·         entering and staying in the mother’s womb – Garabh, for nine months,


·         taking birth, and entering the world of Maha Kaal, Ghore Kalyug, dark age,


·         getting involved in the game of Maya – Maya Da Khel,


·         staying away from the Origin,

– burning in the fire of desires,

– controlled and run by the Panj Doots,

– wasting life in the illusion of Haumai – ego and other mental sicknesses,


·         thus totally over powered by the Maya, death comes,


·         the soul goes back either in to the 8.4 Million species, or reborn as human depending upon the deeds during the previous lives.


If we can understand this cycle of life and death, then we can really try to learn how to get rid of this cycle of life and death.  This has been defined as the worst sorrow in Gurbani, and we all have been going through this for ages.  By learning to get relieved of this cycle of life and death we can overcome the highest sorrow and come out of this cycle forever. Let us try to understand the entire process in more detail.


Originally our soul has come from the Origin, The Mool as defined in the Mool Mantra as Ik Oankaar Satnaam.  Also known as Braham, Param Jyot, Puran Parkash, Ik Ras, Atam Rus and Amrit.


Therefore, our soul is a part of the Origin, to begin with or if we consider the original departure from the Origin of our soul, there is no difference between our soul and the Braham, since it is a part of the Braham so it is like Him, so it is the Param Atma, the eternal truth and being a part of the Origin, has all the divine qualities of the Origin, the Paar Braham.   


As the soul departed the Almighty the next step was the transition in to this world of Maya through the womb of the mother.  At the time of departing and also during its stay in the womb of the mother, the soul pledged to the Paar Braham Parmesar that it will perform according to the mandatory divine laws during its stay in the world.


The soul was like a clean piece of paper, the soul was as clean as Braham Himself, and so the soul promised to the Braham that it will :



·         stay as clean during its stay in the world,


·         remain undistracted by the distractions of the Maya and other worldly things,


·         remain above the 5 Thieves (Panj Doots),


·         abide by all the divine laws,


·         perform all the worldly duties but will stay unaffected by their outcome,


·         keep all the divine qualities of the Braham,


·         perform according to the Will of the God,


·         perform all his/her actions and reactions in Puran Hukam,


·         work to serve the mankind


·         try and unite the rest of the population with the Almighty,


·         live a Completely Truthful Way Of Life (Puran Sachyari Rehat):

– see the truth,

– speak the truth,

– hear the truth and

 -serve the truth,


·         remain absorbed in the Almighty during its stay in this world,


·         move and stay on :

– the path of the truth,

 -the path of Seva, Simran and Parupkaar,


·         and when the end comes and the soul leaves the body, it will be as clean as it was at the time of original transition in to the womb of the mother. 


The Almighty will then accept it back and absorb it in Himself and give it a place at His feet in the Dargah.


Such a clean soul will always remain at the Charans of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar, and by virtue of such divine qualities is also defined as a :


Pargatyeo Jyot, Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Sant Satguru.

Manifested Divine Light.  Complete Knower Of God.  Perfect Saint , Guru of Truth.


These are the infinite qualities of the Infinity – Dhan Dhan Shree Akal Purakh, and we should have remained absorbed in the Infinite part of Himself.  This was :


·         the destination of our soul,


·         this is how we should have performed and remained,


·         this is how we should have lived our life,


·         this is how we should have done and remained one with Almighty.


But instead what happened to our soul; let us look at that.


As soon as we were born and our soul was transplanted in to this new body, the Maha Kaal, Ghore Kalyug, Dark Age surrounded us.  And what is prevalent in this Dark Age – deadly and negative forces of Maya and deep mental sicknesses.


Even in our own family, our own parents, brothers, sisters and those who were not absorbed in the Almighty, were absorbed in the Panj Doots (5 Thieves), Asa (Hopes), Trishna(Desires), Mansha(Desires  of The Mind), Raj(Luxuries), Joban(Youth), Dhan(Wealth), Maal(Dirt), Roop (Beauty), Ras (enjoyments), Gandh (filth).   These are the deceiving and cheating illusions.  They appear sweet and attractive but they are not so in the real sense.  Why? Because they are responsible for taking our soul away from the Almighty.


The entire environment is polluted with these mental sicknesses, so how could we survive these deadly and poisonous viruses floating around us?


When a child is born it is considered to be the form of God Himself (Roop of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar).  Because it is clean as described in the previous paragraph.   And it is truly so.  He becomes less like God when he starts to progress in using his own five senses.  Then his soul gradually disassociates himself from the Braham Jyot.  He starts to move under the influence of the Maya.  The servants of Maya are the  Panj Doots, Asa, Trishna, Mansha, Raj, Joban, Dhan, Maal, Roop, Ras and Gandh.  Therefore a normal human being operates under these thugs , cheats, illusions, unreal perceptions, and hence under the total control of Maya.


This Loop part of the Infinity (God) is the Sargun Saroop and represented by the Infinite Loop.   The mathematical symbol of Infinity is also a loop – 


Maya plays and rules inside the Loop of Infinity.  Breaking out of the loop we find the Braham, Puran Parkash, Param Jyot, Nirgun Saroop of Braham.


So the soul leaves the unbound Infinite Lord – Nirgun Saroop part of Infinity and gets trapped in the boundary of the Infinite Loop  (Sargun Saroop) eventually after it enters in to a body, which is run by Maya.


When the child is born its Tenth Door is open, and until a child has its Tenth Door – Dassam Duaar open, the soul is in direct contact with the Infinite Part of Braham.  As the child is over powered by the Maya, the Dassam Duaar closes and at this stage the soul comes under complete rule of Maya.


This closing of Dassam Duaar normally happens between the second and third year after birth. So if we can keep the child absorbed in Gurbani, by playing Kirtan and Gurbani by his side on a continuous basis, then the child can be saved from the effect of Maya.


But once the soul has been overpowered by the Maya, and has become under the full control of Maya then the possibility of getting out of the control of Maya becomes very remote.  That is exactly the situation with the most of the masses.  The entire population of souls is operating under the control of the Maya.  There are only a few rare souls which are eternally blessed and are not under the control of the Maya.   Such souls are Puran Sant Satgurus, Puran Braham Gyanis, and remain one with the Almighty.  Such souls are served by the Maya and Maya remains at their feet.  There remains no difference between Almighty and such eternally blessed and enlightened souls of Sant Satguru, Puran Braham Gyanis.


The soul living under the control of Maya keeps remaining cycling in the Loop of Infinity for ever, and that is true with every one of us. All of the souls that are not in Sach Khand and Heaven remain either in Hell, or in 8.4 Million Species (84 Lakh Junie), or in the human life. And we are no exception as such. 


We all have been through this recycling process many a times, for example this kookar of Gur, Guru and Gursangat have been through this cycle of human lives 236 times, leaving aside the 84 Lakh Junie cycles.


The very vital and probably the most important question remains that what is the solution to this problem? How we can break this Loop of Infinity, the control of Maya on our soul?  How can we break the barriers of the Maya and win over the Maya?   How do we go back to the Origin – the Infinite Part of the Braham, and obtain salvation – Jivan Mukti?  Let us try to find an answer to this question of vital dimensions, because the answer to this will decide the destination of our fate and soul, so listen carefully:


This kookar of the Gur, Guru and Gursangat will give some solutions to this very serious issue facing all of us.  These solutions are not just mere words, but are based on actual physical eternal and spiritual experiences, under the Agam Anant Apaar Beant Gur Parsaadee Gur Kirpa of Dhan Dhan Shree Par Braham Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Jee, a Puran Sant Satguru, A Puran Braham Gyani.


The spiritual aspirations of some blessed people have already come true, and there are a lot of other Gursangat, who are Suhagans and are doing their Bhagtee in Karam Khand, while there are a few of them who are Sada Suhagans and doing the Seva in Sach Khand.


The solution to this problem of cycling inside the Loop of Infinity, means the cycle of life and death, remaining under the control of Maya for ever, is the Gur Parsaad and Gur Parsaadi. 


But every one can’t be blessed eternally right away, because it is all pre destined depending upon our deeds in the previous lives.  If our good deeds – Punn Karams, from previous lives and also in this life have accumulated to that level when the Gur – Akal Purakh is pleased and He recognizes them and this is the point when our Gurparsaadi Game begins.


At this point Akal Purakh blesses us eternally by Himself, which is done to a very rare soul like Guru Nanak Patshah Ji.   Or with the Gur Parsaadi Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani, like Bhai Lehna Ji was blessed with the Gursangat of Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji.  So He became Guru Angad Dev Ji with the Gur Parsaadee Gur Kirpa of Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji.


Only such a Puran Sant Satguru can:


·         give us Gur Parsaadi Naam – Ik Oankaar Satnaam,

·         eternally bless us,

·         open our Bajjar Kapaats,

·         enlighten us with the Gur Parsaadi Prabh Jyot,

·         make us Suhagan and Sada Suhagan by helping us complete our Bhagtee,

·         bless us with Braham Gyan by opening of the Dassam Duaar,

·         help us achieve the salvation,

·         help us to win over Panj Doots and eventually win over Maya completely,

·         help us to  obtain the Param Padvi.


Then we  break out of  the Infinite Loop of  Re-incarnation and go back in to the unbound part of the Infinity – Braham.


We have been very fortunate to be a part of this Gur Parsaadi Game under the eternal blessings of Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Ji, this is how we have been able to break this Loop of Infinity and merged in Dhan Dhan Shree Paar Braham Parmesar.


Since this is a Gur Parsaadee Game and every body’s deeds are different and so is their fate and soul, so in order to be a part of the Gur Parsaadee Game, we should all pray to the Almighty to eternally bless us with His Gur Parsaadi Gur Kirpa, and keep on doing the Naam Simran. 


Keep listening Gurbani and understanding Gurbani, practicing Gurbani in our daily life, earning humbleness, and follow all the mandatory divine laws, such as complete surrender to the Guru, and we will definitely be one day blessed with the Gur Parsaadi Game and so with Gur Parsaadi Gur Sangat and Gur Parsaadi Naam – Ik Oankaar Satnaam.


In the end it is our most humble and earnest request at the Charans of the Gursangat to evaluate ourselves in light of the above divine wisdom and find out where exactly do we stand. If we are a part of the Gur Parsaadee Game then we are very fortunate and are on our way to break this Loop of Infinity and go back and merge in to the unbound Infinite Part of Braham – Nirgun Saroop, Puran Parkash, otherwise we should all concentrate and do whatever we can do to make our life truthful, and more meaningful in terms of practicing Gurbani and doing Simran Seva and Parupkaar.


We will definitely be getting closer to the Gur Parsaadee Game by doing so.


Dassan Das