10. Primal Eternal Truth – The Shabad Sat/Truth

Let us try to understand the meaning of the Shabad “SAT”as given in the Mool Manter; “Ik Oankaar SAT Naam”.


This Shabad “SAT” is the key “Shabad” and describes the state and the basis, the foundation on which Braham created Himself.   In fact Braham is holding Himself in His Atal Awastha, in His Nirgun Saroop on this foundation and this foundation is the ONLY AND ONLY eternal Truth and this foundation is defined by the Shabad “SAT”.


This Divine Shabad tells us what is the meaning of Braham Himself, what is the meaning of His Nirgun Saroop Himself, what is the meaning of His Roop that is beyond the three qualities of Maya – Trihu Gun Tey Parey (Rajo: Asa Trishna Mansha; Tamo: Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar Nindya Chugli Bakhili Raj Joban Dhan Maal Roop Ras Gandh Sparsh; and Sato: Daya Daan Dharam Sanjam Santokh).


To be more explicit the word “SAT”is the “Shabad”as spelled in the word “Shabad Guru”, that defines the element of the Eternal Truth with in Braham Himself, the Shabad “SAT”means that Ik Oankaar is the Eternal Truth and that is His Naam, that means that Eternal Truth is His Naam, the Naam of “Ik Oankaar” which is the Nirgun Saroop of Braham, which is the Param Jyot Saroop of Braham, which is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash Saroop of Braham and this is what is beyond the three qualities of Maya, that is what is Agam Agochar and which can not be seen or experienced or felt with the five senses and can only be experienced or felt by the divine sense which is called Div Drishti.


This part of the Braham which is “SAT” is Anant, Apaar, Beant, Aprampar and Sarabh Kala Bharpoor.


The Shabad  “SAT” describes the “Amrit”, “SAT” is the one which never dies, it prevails for ever, it has prevailed from its beginning, is prevailing now and will continue to prevail for all ages to come: Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach, even if we take the literal meaning of the word “SAT” which means Truth, the truth always wins, the lie can’t stand before the Truth, ultimately this is only the Truth that prevails, the lie dies, the lie never wins, and everything operating under the influence of the three qualities of Maya is perishable and is non-truth, is revolving in the cycle of life and death.


The only Primal Eternal Truth is the Almighty Himself and His very existence has emanated from “SAT” and He has been standing from the beginning, is currently standing and will remain standing for ever on the foundation of this Primal Eternal Truth “SAT”, this is the one which is Ajunie: never dies, beyond the cycle of time and space, beyond the cycle of birth and death.


This is the unlimited and unique spiritual power which has created the entire universe and which is running the entire universe, which is self created and self supported on the foundation of “SAT”, which is beyond any animosity, which loves each and every creation of His so much that He has kept a tiny little portion of Himself in each and every creations of His, which is omni present, is in each of us, is the only doer, which is the unlimited spiritual power and for that matter Sarabh Kala Bharpoor: means the owner of all kinds of unlimited powers, capable of doing anything beyond the imagination of a human mind, beyond the five senses of a human being, and the foundation of this unlimited power is the Shabad “SAT”, The Eternal Truth and nothing else. 


The “SAT” element is therefore is the “Guru” element, because the Guru is the one who takes away the darkness and enlightens us from inside about the divinity and divine wisdom, the Guru is the one we follow in our daily deeds, and there is nothing bigger and better than “SAT” and once we start to practice this divine Shabad then slowly and slowly we start to become truthful and eventually we become completely truthful


At that stage we merge in this part of the Braham and become one with Him, at this stage we see the Truth, we Speak the Truth, we do the Truth, we deliver the Truth and above all by doing so we serve the Truth, and this is the highest service of the Almighty, this is the highest service to the “SAT” which is the Atam Rus Amrit- the highest Amrit, which is the Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash.


The practice of “SAT” makes a soul merge in the “SAT” and the one who becomes one with “SAT” becomes a Braham Roop, and by doing so it means that such a soul becomes a source of Braham Gyan, it becomes a source of “SAT” a source of Amrit for others, and is therefore called a Braham Gyani.
Even in the Shabad “SATGUR” the Guru part is the “SAT” and the one who merges and becomes one with “SAT”, becomes a Guru. The soul who becomes capable of seeing the Eternal Truth, speaking the Eternal Truth, hear the Eternal Truth, deliver the Eternal Truth, serve the Eternal Truth and above all become the Eternal Truth Himself by merging in Braham, and such a soul becomes a Guru, because such a soul can enlighten us from inside and can give us Amrit, can remove our doubts and distractions, can lead us on the Bandgi Marg to Sach Khand and can eventually lead us to Jivan Mukti.
Let us consider the Divine Wisdom – Gurbani for a brief discussion as well, the Shabad is the Gurbani as well, it is the divine wisdom, it’s every word is nothing but description of “SAT” and by this virtue the Gurbani itself becomes a “SAT”, and Gurbani itself says that we should become Gurbani, which also means that we should become “SAT” , which means that we should become one with the Braham and nothing else.


The practicing of Gurbani will be practicing the “SAT”, it will mean practicing the Eternal Truth, which is the Gurmat, and by practicing Eternal Truth on a continuous basis we will ourselves become a “SAT”, and that is what Gurbani tells us to become. In the Gurbani also the element of “SAT”, the element of Eternal Truth which makes the Gurbani a Guru, it is the “SAT” in Gurbani which makes it Nirankaar, which makes Gurbani a Saroop of Nirankaar.
The Shabad is the Hukam, it is the Primal and Eternal Truth, it is therefore “SAT”, which is the highest Hukam of Akal Purakh Himself, to become “SAT” is the highest Hukam of the Akal Purakh, it is the highest Mahima of Akal Purakh, it is the highest service of the Akal Purakh.
The key therefore is in following the “SAT” and then follow it with complete and full belief, commitment and trust in such a way by completely dedicating and surrendering self to the “SAT” the Primal being the Eternal Truth, the Amrit, the Braham and become a “SAT” by self. And therefore the Guru is the “SAT”, means the Guru is the Braham Himself, even in a Braham Gyani, in a Sant, In a Bhagat it is the “SAT” part that is beyond the three qualities of Maya and is the Guru part, the divine part, the part of divinity, the part of divine wisdom, which is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash.
Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)