11. Seva



Baba Ji’s Kirpa is always there, it is up to you how much you can grab, unlimited Kirpa is available to all His Sangat, it is up to us how much we can bring it inside us, and this is a game of trust, commitment and belief, Sachee preet, sachee shardha and sacha vishvaas, the more the less, the more you trust the less it is, it is never enough, so keep it up, Baba Ji has taken you out of the scum of Maya, and you need to concentrate more on Naam Seva, Naam Simran, just do Naam Simran for long hours, which will take you to Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi, that is the true tirath, that is how you will become completely clean and silent from inside, it is really good that finally you have started to feel the cosmic energy inside you, and you are doing it, this is all a game of trust, so keep it up, and keep up the Naam Simran for long hours, and you will keep on coming closer and closer to the Almighty.




Forget the past, don’t worry about future and concentrate on your present actions and deeds, they should be true – Sat Karams, the past will be forgiven, the future sill automatically become brighter and brighter.




If the Naam doesn’t go on Ajapa Jaap and is heard in your every part of the body, then it is not of much use, just reciting it with tongue and along the breathing is not enough, the ultimate is the entire body should be full of Amrit and evert vela should become Amritvela.





The destiny is the key, it is the Hukam, the destiny is predetermined, it is prewritten, it has to come true, only a Puran Satgur can change it: Meri Bandhi Bhagat Chudaye, Bandhey Bhagat Naa Chutey Mohey, the Bhagat can change the destiny, but whatever the Bhagat says can’t be changed by any means, this how much He loves His Bhagats.




Utmost humbleness is the way to kill haumai and achieve Jivan Mukti, surrendering yourself in every respect can bring you wonderful results, it is a mandatory divine law, not following this divine wisdom is the reason for millions not reaching anywhere despite long time Athsath Tirath activities.




This riddle can only be solved by Gur Parsaadee Naam, there is no other way to solve this riddle, the diamonds of Braham Gyan of Shri Guru Granth Sahib will come inside us only with Naam Simran, this is the language of Sach Khand and can only be learned by a person who is well on His way to Sach Khand, otherwise the masses are lost in the outside things only, it is like a fourth grader trying to solve a rocket science problem, this is the reason why the entire population is in or below Dharam Khand, where Bani is the Khel of Sach Khand.




The outside rituals are Athsath Tirath only: Atsath Tirath Nahatyean Utras Naahi Mail,  it is not the inside Tirath, which is the real Tirath, Param Jyot is the real Tirath, and that is not realized by Atsath Tirath, it is realized in Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee meditation and deep meditation, sticking with outside Rehat and rituals and symbols is the reason due to which the masses are suffering and no achievements even after decades of doing such acts.




Absolute and pure truth is His Gur Parsaadee Naam, which was defined by Himself, when He created Himself and then He created His Naam: Aap Hi Ne Aap Sajyeo Aap Hi Ney Rachyeo Nao, this is the Nirgun Saroop, the complete truth, the complete silence, the Param Jyot, which is defined in the Mool Manter: Ik Oankaar Satnaam, and this is the Gur Parsaad, this Naam will blossom only if it is a Gur Parsaad, given by a Puran Satgur, otherwise the progress will be extremely slow, mind it when a Puran Satgur gives you Naam Amrit he takes all your responsibility for the spiritual uplifting, basically he becomes responsible for breaking all your ties with Maya, take you out of all the mental sicknesses, Panj Doots and desires and relieves us of all the doubts and Bharams and so on, He is your lawyer in the Dargah and fights for your Jivan Mukti in the Dargah, He takes all your pains and sicknesses on Himself and gives you Amrit, His job is the most difficult one, therefore we all should be aware of the critical role of a Satgur in our spiritual life. This will help you to understand your responsibilities towards the Puran Satgur, the trust, commitment, belief, unconditional love, sacrifice, seva, parupkaar, and earning His words by putting in your daily life, and eventually become like Him and then help others the same way.




The entire world is absorbed in the complexity, it is being run by the complexity, the Maya, it is a very complex problem to solve, the soul comes from simplicity – the Almighty Himself and very easily gets absorbed in the complexity – the Maya, it gets absorbed in untrue illusions, delusions, fantasies, doubts, rituals, customs, and so on, the only way to resolve this problem is to find a way back to the simplicity, the Almighty Himself, the truth, the Amrit, and only meditation and deep meditation on the God’s Name can bring us back to the truth, the simplicity, the Amrit and make us Amrit.




This is how we can absorb ourselves in the truth, meditation and deep meditation is the only way we can absorb ourselves in the complete truth and become a completely pure and truthful soul. God’s name is the most powerful weapon which drives all the scum out of our mind and cleans up completely, Satnaam is the Amrit, and meditation on the Satnaam brings Amrit inside us, which replaces all the mental sicknesses, Panj Doots, desires and wins over the mind and Maya, Satnaam is the Amrit which makes us Amrit, which makes our soul Amrit, it takes us to the heights of spirituality and divinity, it takes us and makes a part of the Atam Rus, it liberates us from Maya and absorbs us in the Amrit – Almighty Himself, Param Padvi.




Truth is the one which removes all your mental sicknesses, truth is the one which liberates our soul from Panj Doots, desires and Maya. Truth is Braham Himself, everything else is Maya, and Maya is also the creation of the Truth, it is created by the Braham – Ik Oankaar Satnaam is the only truth, and only the complete truth can replace all the dirt inside us with the truth, Amrit is the truth, trust is the truth, true love is the truth, sachee shardha and sacha vishvaas is the Amrit, and only these traits will bring truth inside you, these are the mandatory rules of Dargah, and if it is followed as directed by the divine wisdom then there is no doubt that you will remedy your inside and replace all the scum inside you with the truth. So we should work on getting absorbed in the truth, prepare ourselves and mold ourselves in the mold of truth in such a way that we are able to see the truth, speak the truth, listen to the truth and above all serve the truth.





Baba Ji’s Gyan is Dhan Dhan, you can see how he gives us in plain and simple words all the diamonds and jewels of the divine wisdom, this can only be done by a soul who is completely truthful in himself and completely absorbed in the truth, and has all the divine wisdom absorbed in himself, His kamai is Dhan Dhan, anybody who listens to His words and follows them will become Dhan Dhan. We are all very fortunate to be blessed with His Sangat. Our sees (head) will always remain at His charans.



He is omni present, is present everywhere, SABH GOBIND HAI SABH GOBIND HAI GOBIND BIN NAHIN KOI; He is never lonely, He lives in His Bhagats and lives every where, He is beyond comprehension of the human mind and thinking, can only be felt and experienced with divine eye, and this is the reality.  


It is not a question of thoughts alone, it is the deeds that matter, it is the Karni that matters, it is our behavior that matters, the thoughts are the starters or triggers for our actions and deeds, but the main thing is our Karni that makes us good or bad, only Sat Karams are good, all others Karams are not true so that makes them hurt somebody else and also hurt ourselves.


You will find out when you get there, it is very hard to explain, it can only be experienced in deep meditation, some have seen it, the spirits or souls or suksham dehi of the Jivan Mukt people or the Puran Sants and Puran braham Gyanis reside in the Dargah.




The Gurbani tells us to surrender completely to the Guru; Tan Munn Dhan Sabh Saup Guru Ko; Tan Santan Ka Dhan Santan Ka Munn Santan Kaa Keeaa; this means that everything we have should be surrendered to the Guru, but the Guru is very kind who tells us to give only 10% of our time and earnings and He makes up for the balance 90%, we pay only 10% and He pays for the remaining 90%. This is a mandatory divine law which should be followed in order to honor Guru’s words as well as this is the only way to be free from the shackles of the Maya.



You have been going through the life and death cycle for a long long time period, it is hard to say when was your soul created, sometimes Baba Ji tells us how many human lives we have been through, we have been through 236 human lives, H Ji has been through 187 human lives and so on, but this is nothing to be worried about, we should not be concerned with what we have been through in the past , the key is to sieze the present and be truthful in the present, and forget about the past and don’t think about the future, if your present is good then the future will turn out to be good for sure.


There is no such Hukam Nam of Dassam Patshah Ji, this was sung by some Sikhs later on namely Bhai Desa Singh and Bhai Chaupa Singh, and became popular, however the meaning is very clear and simple, the SAT in the Gurbani is the Guru: it is the divine wisdom, it is the wisdom which when practiced will enlighten us from inside, and when followed will take us closer to the Akal Purakh and eventually merge in Him. This has been explained very clearly in the referenced article. Please read it again to understand the meaning of Shabad Guru, the Shabad in the Granth is the Guru; the Shabad is the Truth, and the Truth in the Shabad is the Guru portion.  






The accomplishment of desires lead to a momentary happiness and with time this happiness fades away and more desires are born, this chain of new desires keeps on building for ever, when these desires are not accomplished then comes a gross disappointment, the level of disappointment depends upon the level of the desires or the strength of the desires, a series of such disappointments lead to the accumulation of sorrows and unhappiness and the prolonged effect of these sorrows lead us in to the depression, mental sickness and also physical sickness. When we know that whatever we sow the same we reap, if we sow good we will reap good and if we sow bad then we will have to reap bad, and whatever happens in our daily life is the result of what we have sowed in the previous lives and also in the past time of this life. Whatever we are destined to get we will get no matter what happens, and whatever we are not destined to get we will never be able to get, no matter what we do at the present time to realize any kind of desires. These desires come under the influence of and operated under one of the three qualities of Maya – Rajo Gun. The Puran Bandgi doesn’t demand anything from the Almighty, means no worldly comforts and worldly possessions are demanded in Puran Bandgi, we don’t do Bandgi to fulfill our desires, in Puran Bandgi there is no demand, there is only sacrifice, there is only Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar- doing good to others, your needs will be fulfilled by the Almighty Himself without you asking for anything, always remember to trust in Gurbani, a full and complete trust in Gurbani: Prabh Key Simran Karaj Purey, Prabh Key Simran Trishna Boojhey; the question of worldly demands should not arise and meeting off all the desires also doesn’t arise once we dedicate ourselves to Naam Simran, these things will come of their own. The contentment is the key, just stay calm and quiet, remain in Sat Santokh, and all your desires will die by them selves.



These are all worldly difficulties and distractions that will come in your way to the Bandgi and you have to accept it as a will of the God, just try to do the best you can do and keep full faith and trust on the Gur, Guru and Gurbani and you will rise above such happenings eventually, when your Bandgi reaches at that level, only Naam Simran can make you stable, only Naam Simran can take you out of such situations, only Naam Simran can help you win over these things, only Naam Simran can win your mind and all the effects of Maya.



Helping others is really very good, it makes your Hirda bigger, feeling the pain of others and trying to remove it is the Parupkaar, and it is a quality of the Bhagat, it is the mandatory divine quality of a Sant, and you can always try to do these things, but asking for financial gains will be a demand or desire which is not to be asked, just concentrate on Naam Simran and everything will come by itself.  Just keep on doing your job right and keep on doing more and more than your job demands and you will definitely make a progress in your life.

Lot of pyaar from Baba Ji and all of us, dhan dhan raho, chad di kala vich raho sada sada japo satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam sada sada satnaam.

Dass Kookar Loonharami Kiram Jant Dassan Dass slave of all sevak of all, chakkar of all, love all bow to all dandaut to all.

Dassan Das



1. What can a person do if evil words (e.g. against other people) come again and again in the mind.. how do we handle it? if we keep doing ardas afterwards does that make things worse i.e. giving it attention and energy or is it better to do an ardas in a batch i.e. later on in the evening.. I find it hard to let go of thoughts without doing an ardas afterwards when the mind has said nasty evil words/desires/thoughts. What can I do? Hence is it OK to let go off all the negative words that happen in the day.. and do one Ardas at the end to ask for forgiveness for all those negative words in total today?
Response: The Ardas should be done there and then whenever you feel that you have committed a sin in your thoughts, the Ardas is a continuous process, it should happen as frequently as soon as you have a inner feeling that you are getting in to the negativity, as soon as you do the Ardas your inside will become humble and cleaner, and eventually there will be no space for the negative thoughts to let in to your inside, at this time the frequency of the Ardas will automatically drop down, the more and more stability comes in to your inside the frequency of the Ardas will start to diminish. This is why we have been insisting you all to concentrate on Naam Simran for longer sessions, which will help you stablize your mind, when in the early morning hours you sit down and do Naam Simran for 3-4 hours or more then there is no way during the day the negative thoughts will come in your mind, if you don’t sit in longer sessions of Naam Simran then it will take much longer in time to bring your mind to higher levels of stability. You should also practice the things explained in the Spiritual Cleaning Article and the Articles written on Panj Doots and Stabilizing the Mind, the Operation of Mind (Harjit Ji please keep repeating these articles, in fact we should start recirculating the articles on a constant basis), everything have already been explained in these articles but the problem comes when people don’t read them and don’t practice them.


2) Today I’ve been swearing at Maya in the mind, I know it’s not the right thing to do.. but I couldn’t help, it was karodhi in the mind.. what can we say to the mind / maya to give us a break when things get difficult in the mind, when it’s hard to do simran and attain the right state.


Response: Maya is attacking you if you are getting Krodh and swearing on Maya like that, that is not going to help, only Naam can eradicate the effect of Maya, only Gur Parsaad can win over the Maya, so getting in to Krod is a swear attack of Maya, again the answer is longer sessions of Naam Simran and Samaadhee Abhyaas.


3) If we do say to God we accept all our sins in this and importantly previous lives.. why does this not clear all the karma of thoughts out of our mind from previous lives.. or does this? Why does the mind then not become blank.. does God not forgive us for this ardas? 


Response: You have not done enough Naam Simran, you have to reach that stage when your Naam Simran will be going on non stop in the Rom Rom, then only you will be able to win over the Maya, you get frustrated very soon, this frustration have to be replaced by the commitment and belief, trust and faith, devotion and love inside your Hirda, then only a Puran Jyot Parkash will stay there for ever. You have not done enough cleaning practice for your inside, and as long as you keep on getting negative thoughts that means that you are not there yet, so you need to concnetrate on longer sessions of Naam Simran then you will do a lot better. Your words reflect as if you are doing a favour to the God by doing Ardas, you are questioning the Almighty for the negativity that is a part of your own Karni, you have to pray and not argue, you have to believe and trust and not doubt, you have to practice Naam and Bani and not just read it and keep it away, you have to devote and love just 100% of you and not live in the illusions, you have to surrender and give everything you have to Him and not argue with Him then only you will be able to make it, there are definitely some holes in the trust and faith you have in Him, there are for sure some holes in your devotion and love for Him then only there are such questions coming in to your mind, when your trust and belief, faith and love, devotion for Him will cross the fine line then only you will get the Tatt Gyan and at that stage all your questions will be answered by your inner self.


4) How can we become a more loving soul, how do we increase love..                            


Response: By becoming Nirvair, from today onwards please start reciting in your Naam Simran “Nirvair Sat Naam Nirvair Sat Naam . . . . . . . .  untill the Shabad Nirvair disappears and only Sat Naam Remains, and you should continue this practice in your every day Simran. This will help you a lot.


5) I’m finding it hard to concentrate whether it’s work or elsewhere.. I’m a fool and a bafoon. 


Response: Your concentration will increase only with longer sessions of Naam Simran and Samadhee Abhyaas, mind it more closer you go to the Almighty more stronger the web of Maya becomes and more severly it attacks, only Gur Parsaad can save you, only Naam Dhan can save you, your innocence, your faith and trust, your devotion and love your complete surrender can save you from Maya.


6) I’ve had negative thoughts towards women countless times, I really want to see women equal to men and see God in all.. please bless us so we may treat everyone equally with Love and Nimrata.. what can we do to see women equally with men..


Response: Naam Simran, Naam is the eternal treasure that will bring in all divine qualities in, by becoming Naam you can become Ik Drisht, Nirbhao and Nirvair, there is no other way, this is what you need to do, Naam Simran on a continuous basis, go in to deep meditation every morning for long hours and you will become what you should be.


7) I’m a stupid paapi, please forgive me for my ignorance.


Response: We all are like you if you are saying so, but don’t say so with Krodh on your self, you should say so with kindness and pitty on your ownself, then it will help, if you become angry on your ownself then again Maya is attacking you severly.


8) Please Sat Naam ji.. bless us so we may have Ek Drishti and Ek Man Ek Chit and see Akal Purakh everywhere as One and become his charan dhoor.. make us into a Nimana Sevak, bless us so we may become a sevak of Truth and sevadar of Truth… I cannot do nothing hum maha paapi hae, hum maha gandh hae, hum ko kich nahin hae ga, hum maha ankarrhi hae. Bless us with pooran Nimrata, pooran Pyar for Akal Purakh, Naam, Seva and his creation..


Response: You do what we are telling you to do and you will get what you should be getting, complete surrender – Tunn Munn Dhan, commitment & belief, faith and trust, devotion and love, practice Gurbani, Do Naam Simran and you will be able to win over Maya completely.


9) Kirpa karo Sache Patshah Ji..


Response: Sachey Patshah Ji have given you the Gur Parsaad, but please keep on asking for the Gur Kirpa Gur Parsaad on a continuous basis, but even more important is to be serving the Gur Parsaad of Naam and keep on collecting Naam Dhan on a continuous basis, then all your delusions, illusions, distractions will disappear one day. Our prayers are always with you, we always pray that you get all the eternal treasures, but you need to do your part of the game as well to be there where you should be.