12. A brief background on the Bhatts

Question :  At the end of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji there are verses in praise of each of the first five Gurus.  There are a lot of praises and mention of earlier Guru’s and relating the Gurus to Sri Krishna Ji.  How did the Bhatts know all these things about the ealier Guru’s and of earlier prophets?


Answer : The Bhatts came to see the Fifth Guru Arjun Patshah to enroll their religious poetry in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Bhatts were undera strong illusion that their writings are the supreme most amongst other Gurus and Bhagats’ Bani. The Guru noticed the clear Ego here, and as such declined to include their writings.


The Bhatts perhaps could not immagine the Akalpurakh’s Pargatyo Jyote in the Gurus, and such seriously undermine their spiritual state. The Guru Kirpa pervailed , and the Bhatts see th eLord Himself in the Gurus in several forms – such as ‘Bhagat Krishan Ji’, and so on


They developed the utmost faith in the Gurus this way. Their Bani reflects basically whatever they observed in the Gurus. They even saw the previous Gurus from their time in samadhi, and this is how the Bani came about.


They saw the Lord in Partakh Roop in Gurus.



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