12. Make Your Life Truthful – Some Tips

Here are some tips in brief for making our daily life truthful. Please try to practice these and you will see wonderful things start to happen in your life. You will start to feel internal Eternal Peace and Eternal Happiness inside you, your problems will start to diminish and you will start marching towards the path to Eternity.
1.        Understand that the objective and purpose of your human life is to be one with Almighty, to merge in the Timeless eternal lover of all (“ Akal Purakh”) and nothing less than that, don’t compromise.
2.        Be enthusiastic, determined and sure to meet the Timeless being (“Akal Purakh”).
3.        Full and complete trust, belief and faith in Timeless being (“Akal Purakh”), Guru and Almighty-Guru’s word-wisdom (“Gurbani”).
4.        Completely surrender yourself to the Timeless being (“Akal Purakh”) and the Guru.
5.        Listening to the word-wisdom of God (“Gurbani”) on a daily basis and whatever little bit you understand try to put it in to your daily practice.
6.        Do “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” recitation (“Simran”) every day, preferably in early in the morning, as early as you can, starting your day with remembrance of ambrosial nectar God’s eternal name (“Naam Simran”) is the ideal thing to do. The advantages of doing so are tremendous, such as: your life will become full of achievements, prosperity, honesty and integrity and above all you will keep on going closer and closer to the God and Divinity will start to come inside you. You will start to gather all good qualities of head and heart and character inside you.
7.        Watch your words and deeds during the daily routine of your life, concentrate on maintaining a truthful and clean day. Remember to be truthful at all times, speaking and delivering the truth will elevate your soul closer to the God, and lying will take you in the opposite direction. A completely truthful life will help you a great deal in meeting the  Timeless Being (“Akal Purakh”).
8.        Always try to help the needy and the poor. Sacrifice and service to others are the divine qualities, the more you practice them in your daily life the more you will gain in all spheres of life. Charity is a divine quality and you must practice charity in your daily life.
9.        Whenever and wherever you get in to trouble start doing the recitation of God’s ambrosial nectar name (“Naam Simran”) inside you and you will be taken out of the trouble by God very quickly.
10.     Always ask and pray for forgiveness to the Almighty for your misdeeds. The prayers that come from the inside are heard by the Almighty right away and the results of such prayers are unbelievable, it will bring eternal peace and happiness inside you right away.
11.     Don’t hurt anybody’s heart. Try to relieve the pain of others, feel the pain of others and that will make your heart a very kind heart, remember God is very kind, and you have to become as kind as God, kindness is a very important divine quality and divine power.
12.     Never slander anybody, remember when we slander others we don’t hurt them but we hurt ourselves, by slandering someone else we wash his sins and loose our divinity. Remember slandering is a serious mental sickness.
13.     Always stay calm and quiet, never loose your temper, keep patience and forgive those who cause trouble for you and be a source of making you angry. Remember you gain divinity by doing so and the source that makes you angry looses his divinity. Forgiveness is a divine quality and will elevate your spirituality tremendously. Remember anger is a serious mental sickness.
14.     Always stay humble and don’t let the ego come near you and take you over, utmost humbleness is a divine quality and will bring you very close to the Almighty. Remember ego is a serious mental sickness. Utmost humility is the key to the divine court of Timeless Being (“Dargah of Akal Purakh”).
15.     Don’t let greed of any kind take you over. This is another serious mental sickness, which forces you to move on a path of destructing your soul and mind. Be contented with whatever you have and whatever you can make with truthful ways and means. Don’t let your desires take over and turn you to fall in trap of the greed.
16.     Always respect others as your sisters, mothers and daughters (except your own spouse) and as brothers, sons and fathers. This will keep you away from the serious mental sickness of lust – (“Kaam”). Always treat everyone as a part of the holy congregation (“Sangat”) and you will not fall in trap of this mental sickness of lust.
17.     Always remember that God is the only Doer and everything that happens is under His will. Always praise God for whatever happens around you and whatever is done through you. Remember the life inside you is a very precious one, probably a priceless entity, and is due to the God’s divine light (“Jyot”) inside you, so the God is residing inside you and self realization is the realization of the God. You are a part of the God and when you become a completely truthful person, and realize that the only truth is the God and nothing else, everything else is perishable then you will meet the God.
18.     Respect and treat all your family and friends as a congregation (“Sangat”). Serve them like you are serving the congregation (“Sangat”).  Give everyone the same level of love and respect. Remember your love for God is not complete if you don’t love equally well all His creations. When your love becomes unconditional, it becomes for every one and so it becomes unlimited, at that point you will realize the God. Only those who love every creation of God and praise every creation of God reach Him.
19.     Never hate anybody, never abuse anybody. Hatred will take you away from God. It is a serious mental sickness.
20.     Always try to find your own faults and don’t point fingers on others. Point the finger to yourself, this will lead to confession and reform of your inside, whereas pointing others will hurt you. We have to reform our own bad qualities, and we can help others only if we have brought that change in ourselves.
Slave of slaves
(“Dassan Dass”)
Comment from  ‘Joy of Lover’ ( “Pritam Anand ji”)
Palm pressed flat lying prostration in feet (“Dandout”) to all of you holy truth saint congregation (“sant sangat jio”)
I agree with great lovable utmost humble Slave of slave of slaves (“Dassan  Dass ji”)
"Dosh na deejay avar jana jo mein kiya so mein payiaa"
We have to find fault within us not in other people.
If we are not fighting with 5 thieves of life force (“dhoots”) within us and we are pointing fingers at others, then that is not saint (“sant”) path.
When we hate someone or say something to someone, that hate will imbalance our mind and sow hate in our mind.  That will make so many copies on our brain cells.  Just to wash those words from our brain cells we have to do remembrance  loving recitation of Almighty’s name (“simran”) day and night.
These are really great points from Lover of all Great great utmost humble Slave of slaves (“Dassan Dass jee”)
You are great great
Great great is your selfless service
(“App jee dhan dhan ho
dhan dhan sewa app jee di”)
 Joy of lover (“Pritam Anand”)