13. Who Is A Jivan Mukt ?

With the  infinite blessings of God and Sant Satguru Baba Ji  (who is eternally blessed to be so by God through a blessing from God’s court) this servant of the Guru’s sangat is sharing a glimpse of the Truth about the divine word “Jivan Mukt” (the Living Liberated).  This word is presented in the word from God’s realm of Truth as recorded in Guru Granth Sahib (Gurbani).


Gurbani is an unlimited ocean of God’s knowledge (Braham Gyan) and we can only attempt to have a glimpse of its infinite dimensions.  It can’t be explained in its totality by any one.  It is something, when practiced in our daily life can be felt inside us.  Its effect is very eternal and spiritual, which is hard to explain and can only be experienced in terms of spiritual gains and eternal blessings.


Such souls which are brides and wives (Suhagans and Sada Suhagans) of God the Husband are blessed to experience and feel and see the true meanings of Gurbani in their deep meditation (Smadhi and Sun Smadhi).  They receive such glimpses of Gurbani by virtue of their full and complete belief in the Gur and Guru, where they completely surrendered to the Gur and Guru and thus bring Gurbani in their daily life and become a part of the Gurparsadi Khel due to their deeds from previous life.  They enjoy this divine and eternal game of Truth, the eternal play, and meet the Primal being.


Such souls get eternally blessed with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa and eventually develop all the qualities inside themselves of a Jivan Mukt soul as defined in  the Gurbani. Such divine and eternal qualities of a Jivan Mukt soul are defined in the following verse.  Let us try to understand it and bring it in our daily life in order to achieve the objective of our human life :


One who, in his soul, loves the Will of God,
is said to be Jivan Mukta – liberated while yet alive.
As is joy, so is sorrow to him.
He is in eternal bliss, and is not separated from God.
As is gold, so is dust to him.
As is ambrosial nectar, so is bitter poison to him.
As is honor, so is dishonor.
As is the beggar, so is the king.
Whatever God ordains, that is his way.
O Nanak, that being is known as Jivan Mukta. ||7||

SGGS 274


The soul that does the following will be recognized in the Dargah as a Jivan Mukt:

  • the soul that obeys the Will of God (Hukam of Akal Purakh),
  • whose unconditional love for God has reached such an eternal height that it sees and recognizes only the Hukam of Almighty,
  • who has completely delineated from its own wisdom, and has adopted the complete divine wisdom, the wisdom of the Gur and Guru,
  • which resides under the complete Hukam of Akal Purakh every moment of its existence in this world,
  • which has reached such levels of eternal blessings, the stage of Sach Khand, where there is nothing but just the complete truth is present, the complete silence and Param Jyot Puran Parkash is present,
  • which has become completely truthful,
  • which has merged in the Akal Purakh and achieved the Param Padvi


A Jivan Mukt is such a soul :


  • for whom there is no difference in worldly sorrows and happiness,
  • which can’t be distracted by worldly comforts and discomforts,
  • which is beyond the effects of the Maya,
  • which can’t be distracted by the Maya,
  • which has conquered over Maya,
  • which is served by the Maya and by the Panj Doots,
  • that has no desires, is always in the state of highest spiritual and eternal blessings
  • that is always in a state of full and complete balance
  • that is in full and complete eternal and spiritual internal happiness,
  • that always remain one with Almighty
  • that can’t be separated from the Almighty.


There is no difference between gold and soil for such a highly eternally and spiritually blessed soul.   There is no greed for any kind of things in such a soul.  He has completely won over the five vices – Panj Doots. There is no difference between Amrit and Poison for him for such a soul.  There is no respect and disrespect for Him.   There is no Haumai in such a soul.  Such a soul reaches a level of so much humbleness inside that no word of disrespect, Nindya – Slander can distract him. He remains in Chad Di Kala – in complete state of eternal and spiritual blessings all the time.   No words good or bad can distract him. Such a soul becomes single vision – Ek Drisht, for him everybody is equal.  Tthere is no duality inside such a soul.  For him all creations of the Creator are equally important.  There remains no difference for him between a pauper and a king for Him. Since he is of Single Vision and there is no duality inside such a soul.  By virtue of this quality he becomes a friend of all and enemy of none, he is Nirvair.


Such a soul becomes the owner of such divine wisdom and spiritual powers, and is eternally blessed by Dhan Dhan Parbraham Parmesar and authorized by Him to disseminate the Gurparsaadi Blessings to the others.  Since he has completed his journey to the Sach Khand – to the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh with the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa, and learned the way to do it, so he becomes guiding light for others.  Such a soul delivers the truth to the others and becomes a Guru for others to show this path of Jivan Mukti and help them achieve the Jivan Mukti. Such a soul is a Puran Sant Satguru, a Puran Brahmgiani, and custodian of Gurparsadi Gurkirpa, Prabh Jyot, Gurparsadi Naam – Satnaam.


In the end let us take a few minutes to evaluate ourselves in light of the above explained Braham Gyan of Gurbani, and figure out where do we stand in respect of meeting our objective of achieving the Almighty, which according to Gurbani is the prime objective of our life.  That is what for we have been sent in this world by the Akal Purakh, and that is what we can achieve only in the human life.  Let us find out about ourselves and ask whether we understand Gurbani or not?  Are we doing what Gurbani is telling us to do?  How far we are putting Gurbani into practise in our daily lives?  If you can find answers to these questions, we assure you that you will definitely find a way out of the cycle of life and death and become a Jivan Mukt.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)