14. Naam Is Not Only For Saints

Ik Onkar Satnaam Sat GurParsaad.


Sat Sat Satnaam                    Sat Sat Satnaam                  Sat Sat Satnaam

This head bows at the holy feet of the Guru; the Gur; all the Saints/Rishis/Peers/Bhagats and of congregation.

Naam is not only for Saints, it is for the benefit of all the mankind. Guru Nanak Ji emphasized that the recital of Naam is the most important for a human being. Infact the SGGS starts with the message of recital of the Creators name “SATNAAM” with the grace/blessing of Gur.

If one is going on a pilgrimage Guru Ji said Naam is the Holy Bath. If one wants to worship the Lord, Naam is the worship. Without Naam everything is False.SGGS says, At the end  only Gur, Naam & Sadhu/Saint(who has Naam) remains.

Gur is hungry for your love and His meditation/memory/devotion. He gave you the body, the breath and all the necessities of life and you want to do business with Him by offering a fraction of what was given. You are trying to be smart won’t work. One has to surrender completely, like He surrendered by living inside you(kothe ander kothri sache da which baas i.e. inside the home is a house where He resides) and you do not even notice it. He gave your fate in your hands by creating Law Of Karma i.e. whatever you seed thou shall you reap.

They all say SGGS is our Guru, but they do not practice or do what they are required to be really religious. There is no mention of what a religious person should wear or look like. There is no talk about any rituals one should carry out to please the Creator. SGGS tells you how you should live your life by practising Truth, Love, Humility, Service, Kindness & so on.

Those things are only possible if one can see Him in everything, for which you have to go through Naam recital. However, you can have congregatation of truth/holy person only if it is your destiny. Unfortunately we have gone back to rirualism rather than working for the benefit of others.

We must take the message of Guru Nanak Ji to the world/masses. They probably will do better what we failed to do.

Dust of your holy feet,

Rajinder Chahal