16. Slandering Sants and Satgurus By Some Sikh Groups


From the house of Guru Nanak Sikhism was born. From the same house through his son Baba Sri Chand, Udasi sect was born. Was Guru Nanak able to stop the birth of Udasi sect from his own house? Did Guru Nanak or other nine Gurus ever slander Baba Sri Chand Ji?  Guru Ram Das Ji offered his beard to wipe the dust off of his feet such was his humbleness. Guru Hargobind Ji gave his son Baba Gurditta Ji to Baba Sri Chand Ji for being of service or seva to Brahmgiani Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj. Did any of the ten Satguru’s slander the Udasi sect?


However, Guru Gobind Singh ji had no problem in burning the corrupted Masands but neither he nor any of the Sikh Guru’s ever slandered Brahmgianis.


With Guru Kirpa of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Muslims of Machhiwara were forgiven because two true muslims from that village (Nabi Khan and Ghani Khan) saved Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s life.


These are living examples from the lives of Sikh Satgurus, Sat Ram Daases (Servants of Eternal Truth). If you are their Sikh then how come you are slandering Sants, Brahmgianis and Satgurus?


Is this not going against the Bani (word) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)?


Is that not “Bipran Ki Reet” – the way of the hypocritical religious priests that Guru Gobind Singh ji warned the Sikhs to avoid going the route of?


Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa.
Tab lag tej dee-o meh saaraa.
Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Meh naa karo in kee parteet.

While the Khalsa
remains distinct (like a lotus above the mud)
I will give that one divine radiance. 
But if that one adopts
the ways of the
hypocritical priests (i.e. becomes the mud),
they will no longer be cherished .




Where does Gurbani preach slandering of Sants is acceptable?  Nowhere, infact by slandering a saint you will never find peace.


They inflict their hatred upon the Saints,
 and they love the wicked sinners.
They find no peace in either this world or the next;
they are born only to die, again and again.
Their hunger is never satisfied, and they are ruined by duality.
The faces of these slanderers are blackened in the Court of the True Lord.
O Nanak, without the Naam,
they find no shelter on either this shore, or the one beyond. ||2||



Has any of the Satguru’s of other sects e.g. Naamdharis, Radhasoamis slandered Sikh Satgurus?  No. Everything happens under one and only one Hukam (God’s will). Under this Hukam from the family of Nanak came into being Sikh and Udasi Panths. The same Hukam applies today.


O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey
 the Hukam of His Command,
and walk in the Way of His Will. ||1||



Every thing is in Hukam. It is only your Manmat (Your ego ridden, limited intellect) telling you otherwise. Let me emphasize more to you. The Gur (God), Satguru (Sat Ramdaas) and GurShabad (Satnaam) are Gurparsadi khed (Game) of Sat Sri Akal Purakh, Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshar.


The 10 SatGurus and the 15 Bhagats in SGGS were not Akal Purakh Himself.  They were his Gunwantis (wives), Ellahie Noor Chehras (the human faces of God’s Light), Pragtyo Jyots (Manifested Light in Human Body),  Sat Ramdaases (Servants of Eternal Truth).


This Gurprasadi khed (Game of God’s Grace) is not limited to Sikh Panth only. Every brahmgiani from the Panth or otherwise is the manifestation of  SGGS (Pragat Guran ki Deh). Each Brahmgiani is a Sat RamDas of Akal Purakh, is the heir to his throne. This is the true wisdom – Gyan.


Mainstream Sikhs have not learned who is the Guru in SGGS, in 300 years.  If true gyan had been understood and shared and not manipulated by Mahants (corrupt religious priests), Akali leadership (Sikh politicians) and Manmukhs (self-centred people), there would have been no sects like Naamdharis, Nirankaris or Radhasoamis.


Religious segregation and cults are created by rampant ego  by people who think of themselves as higher and purer than others.  Some of  the various Sikh Groups who are effectively worshipping Guru Gobind Singh are the true cults. Do they not consider themselves better than the other Sikhs? Their version of Sikhism is no more than worshipping Guru Gobind Singh while he himself said:


Jo hamko Parmesar uchar hain, teh sabh Narak kund meh par hain.
Whoever calls me God will go to hell.


He did not say Khalsa is his creation or unique to Sikh panth, rather he said:


Khalsa Akalpurakh ki fauj, Pragtyo Khalsa Parmatam ki mauj
Khalsa is the army of God created  under His Command.


This kind of Khalsa is a Brahmgiani, a Pragtyo Jyots within or outside Sikhism. Religion does not matter to God the creator of the Khalsa.   And the true Khalsa is beyond religion.


With this type of understanding Sikhs would have never slandered a pure Sant, a puran Brahmgiani.


Akal Purakh is Unattached (Nirlep); never in the cycle of birh and death.  You will never see him in flesh and blood. You will never see God walking around as human being.


The closest you get to God on Earth is the Satgurus and Pragtyo Jyots (God’s Light has manifested inside them).  They are like God but not God himself, they are God’s servants.


 There is no difference between the Lord
 and the humble servant of the Lord;
O Nanak, know this as true. ||29||


SGGS 1428


The SGGS is not Akal Purakh.  Rather, it is Divine Wisdom of God -Brahmgyan of Akalpurakh


 People believe that this is just a song,
but it is contemplation on God

SGGS 335


SGGS is the songs of praise of Brahmgiani Sants.


SGGS cannot be God, because SGGS itself says that God in his purest form is beyond description and God is even beyond the Gurprasadi Naam (Satnaam, which is the vehicle for the soul to travel from the Physical Earth to Spiritual Sachkhand).


 These letters shall perish;
 they cannot describe the Imperishable Lord. ||1||

SGGS 340


God is above and beyond the three parts of Maya – Tre-Gun Maya.  This means He is beyond physical matter. But SGGS exists in matter, doesn’t it?


Additionally, Dharam Rai (God’s magistrate – the Divine Judge of all beings) and Sachi Dargah (God’s Supreme court) are above and beyond three parts of Maya i.e. they do not exist in this physical realm either.


So, the Akal Takhat on this Earth has neither “Dharam Rai” nor “Dargah”. So, clearly, is incapable of doing justice based on Divine Truth.  Unless and until it is presided by a Brahmgiani Satguru.  Akal Takhat served the Divine Truth during the times of Sikh Satgurus. But not right now as none of the people running Akal Takhat are Brahmgianis.


So, Sikhs, become learned, educated and experienced as in:


 He alone knows its taste,
who tastes the Priceless Name of the Lord.

SGGS 808


Become Puran Brahmgianis, Pragtyo Jyots yourself. Till then do not let you and the Sikh Panth be lazy and ignorant of the divine wisdom (Brahmgyan) in SGGS.


Sat Ram Daas (Servant of Eternal Truth) is not God but His servant. Yet Sat Ram Daas is unattached (Nirlep).


 The God-conscious being is always unattached.


SGGS 272


And God is unattached too (Parbrahm, Sat Sri Akal, Sat Purakh is sada nirlep).


And “Satnaam”, the Gurprasadi naam is always and forever unattached too (sada nirlep).



Lowest of the Lowest


(Baba Ji )