18. Praising God With Different Names

Question : Why is the praise “Parbrahm Parmesar” so imporant?  Is this phrase used once one enters karam khand? I remember Dassan Das Ji writing we need tosay this a few times before meditating, and also a gurmukh told me the same thing the other day.  He said that when Guru Nanak Dev ji was in the river, parbram parmesar spoke to him and said there is no difference between us.


Answer : The word “Parbrahm-Parmeshar” refers to the Almighty. His bhagats remember him with several names with love. As you progress through your spiritual journey, he makes you remember Him in many different ways and with many different names. This will not be something you plan on. It occurs by itself with His blessing. Based on personal experiences, He made daas remember Him by several names at different times-


“Tu he Tu”  –  You, Only You, 
“Aape-Aap”  –  Him Himself
“Tu Tu …”  – You You
“Ma Ma…”  – Divine Mother
“Tu mera Pita Tu mera Mata”  – You are my Father, You are my Mother


We should do exactly what He makes you do. Never ever resist this – it is His Hukam and you will know it and you will be in atmik-anand (spiritual-bliss) when this happens. Sometimes He will make you laugh real loudly or occasionally you will in Vairag. When this happens, follow His command and do as He wishes you to do. This state of Anand can not be described in words. In such instances you are communicating very closely (child-father) with Him. He may also make you get up at night time and ask you to do seva or simran. He may ask you to go and feed poor people. One gets to understand His Hukam as one goes through Karam Khand and onwards.   It is of utmost important to understand and then follow the  Hukam completely. Never ever look back….


hukam ma(n)niai hovai paravaan thaa khasamai kaa mehal paaeisee ||
Obeying the Order of His Will, he becomes acceptable, and then,

he obtains the Mansion of the Lord’s Presence.  471


Bhul Chuk Maaf Karna ji


Lowest of the low