2. The Path



You don’t really need to read any book  to achieve the Jivan Mukti.  All you need is a Gurparsadi Naam under the protection (Chattar) of a  complete saint (Puran Sant – Puran Braham Gyani – A Param Padvi ) – who can give you Naam Daan and with His blessings your journey to Sach Khand will become very easy.






There is no logic on this marg (path) – the only logic is shardha (trust)  and vishvaas  (faith) – complete commitment to the guru – complete surrunder to the guru –and that is what gurbani says – most people don’t even understand the difference between gurmanter and naam – 99.99 percent of the sangat is dwelling just in Dharam Khand or below it.  They are forgetting the Mool Manter and are being dragged in to confusion by the normal preachers of the time – the preachers themselves don’t have any spiritual progress (kamai or bhagti) so they don’t know how and what is the right interpretation of Gurbani .




TRUST AND FAITH  (Shardha and vishvaas)




Shradha and vishvaas, that is what bhagti is all about, these two things will take you to the highest level, your simran and other things will help you only if you have these two things in yourself. Jiske ridey vishvaas prabh ayea tat gyaan tis man pargatayea. And there is no depth or any dimensional boundaries for these two things, so more deeper shardha and vishvaas you have more rewarding it will be, so never let your vishvaas and shardha get shaken, you will find many distractions in your way, which will try to shake your vishvaas and shardha, but at such a time just stay focused on the guru’s bachans and you will overcome it, many a times guru will also do something to distract you from your vishvaas and shardha, to find out how much and how deep is your love for god and him, and these are very critical moments you have to survive these moments, the best tip we can give you is listen to whatever guru says and say – “sat bachan” (True words). This will never let any distraction into you. You don’t have complete gyan, and the guru has the puran gyan, because he has achieved the ultimate and sitting at a param padvi atal awastha – so nothing can rock him down, the puran gyan for puran bhagti is guru’s property only, and he is the one who can give you the gyan, that is why gurbani says – guru bina gyan na hoi, guru bina ghore andhaar, guru bina kine naa payea, bin satgur bhagat na hoi, bin satgur naam naa paye, es bhagti nu sur nar muni jan lochde jo bin satgur payee naa jaye – all these folks, devi devte are in karam khand only (we will talk about this at another time). Anyway the bottom line is shardha and vishvaas and follow guru ke bachan, because they are amrit bachans.








BRAHAM GYANI AHAM BUDH TYAGAT – for a saint (bhagat) there is no wisdom of his own, he surrenders his mind – budhi – wisdom to the Guru and takes His Budhi – wisdom.








There is a test every second for you when you are moving on Sant Marg, even after achieving the ultimate you still have tests, He will continuously watch you and make sure if your love for Him has increased or diminished because there is no limit to the Love for Him, it has to be unlimited  (beant)  like Him. 






(To over come the tests remember this :  )




1. Akal Purakh and the Guru at Number One no matter what happens – honor His words.
                Prabh ka simran sabh te oocha


2. Sangat at Number Two – Seva of the Sangat – langar – shoes – cleaning and whatever you can do.


3. Your own family comes later.




Don’t give up since there will be a lot of distractions from all sides to derail you , keep committed and keep on moving.












There are other tests you may have to go through – like Moh of the family.  This doesn’t mean you ignore them, give them everything they deserve and they are entitled to you because this is your responsibility, so start treating them as your sangat too, then your moh will be converted to love and you will never have difficulty in getting out of moh.  You will be able to get over these Panj Doots (5 Thieves)once you get the Gurparsaadi Naam and you go in Smadhi, so don’t worry about it.










Panj Doots don’t go away over night, it is the constant practice for a long time that will bring the Panj Doots to your service under your control, it is the Naam Ki Seva Atut Kamai of Naam Simran that will bring these five enemies under your control, indulging in undue discussion will definitely drain your Amrit out unless you have reached a state of completeness, Param Padvi, Jivan Mukti, Braham Gyanta. It is the Smadhi Abhyaas and using the spiritual cleaning process in Smadhi will bring peace inside and will drive the Doots out, it is the Gur Kirpa that will bring these Doots under your control, and nothing else, however, in common day life, forgiveness is the weapon to remain peaceful and nirlep from Krodh, forgive the person who is hurting your ego, in Bandgi there is no Maan and Apmaan, no respect and disrespect, that is why Nindya or Ustat are same for a Sant Purush. Once you reach the stage of Param Padvi, then these Doots serve you; and so a Braham Gyani rules over these Doots and not the Doots rule over him, and so was Dassam patshah Ji.     Your anger ridden uncle made a mistake by saying Guru Gobind Singh Ji had anger to be able to fight.   He made a mistake by comparing himself to the Dassam Patshah Ji, Guru Sahib Ji were engaged in the diminishing of the crime from the society, that was His destiny, that is why He is known as Dusht Daman, infect every Sant does it, and every one’s service is different, the Sant takes the poison out of you and gives you Amrit, infect the Sant drinks your poison and gives you Amrit, and by doing so He removes the criminal or even dangerous elements like Panj Doots, desires etc from your inside, he cleans you up from these deadly viruses, for that matter why would the Almighty create the earthquakes and other disasters on the earth, one good example in sikh history is the attack and demolishing of the Akal Takhat, to correct the society, so the understanding of these facts and Gyan is very important in order to remain unaffected by such situations.








Again Dassam Patshah has been a unmatched  spiritual power, so comparison with Him will be a mistake, for that matter comparing yourself with anyone or any Bhagat is kind of a Dargahi Crime, so abstain from doing so.






DASVANDH (tenth)


You need to give daswandh of  earnings  and of time to the Guru to become unattached (nirlep)  from maya, this is mandatory according to the divine laws, there is no other way that you will be able to get out of maya without giving dasvandh to the Guru.










You have to completely surrender yourself to the Guru – TAN MAN DHAN SABH SAOP GURU KO.
You need to give everything to the Guru then only He will give you Naam Amrit – the highest Amrit.






You have to become Sagal Ki Reena; everybody’s Charan Dhoor; you have to become a Dassan Dass – slave of the slaves, lowest of the lowest, neechan ke att neech, bishta key kirey key bhi dass, and calling yourself a king and so on is totally opposite, so how can you expect to remain calm, this is how He teaches you, better take a lesson, and be humblest of the humblest in the actual day life.




If you are true to the Guru than the Guru will take you out of every such situation, that is what we learned and followed, a full and complete commitment and belief in the Guru. There is no other way for sure to save you out of such mess.




Internal discipline (anderli rehat) is the real thing.  Try to clean yourself up internally, and do simran and Sangat.








Braham Gyan (God’s Knowledge) is same, divine laws don’t change they are same in every religion, there is only one religion and that is Akal Purakh Himself.