22. “Ik Oankar” is the True Name?

R Singh wrote:


EK = 1 — concept of one GOD verses many gods
Om = Name of GOD
Kar = God’s presence is every where verses particular space as other believes


Sat = existance.


Any thing in this world exist has a name, but there are few names for which no such things exists. So Guru Nanak Says the One God who’s presence is everywhere actually exists, Ek Onkar is not just a mere name.


Naam = refrence to Ek Onkar.


So we need to recite Ek Onkar rather than any other name, quality or description of GOD.


Here was Sant Ji’s reply:


Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad


Veer Ji;
It is impossible to explain the identity of Akal Purakh in words, it is impossible to capture the eternity in words, however, for a beginner to understand a little bit:


Ik represents the uniqueness and nothing parallel that exists, the only one and one Akal Purakh – God, Oan represents the Paar Braham Nirgun Saroop, the seed, the Origin, Kaar means the Rus the Atam Rus, the medium that make us feel the presence of God, the Punch Shabad Anhad Naad Dhunis, Rom Rom Naam Simran, devine light, and the Shabad “SAT”  means that “Ik Oankaar” is the Eternal Truth that exists, is not perishable, is the foundation of the creation, is the origin of the creation, and this “SAT” is the Naam.


For that matter the entire Mool Manter, the entire Gurbani is “SAT”, that is why this is given the one noun of SATNAAM, everything originates from “SAT” and is the Mahima of “SAT”, and this “SAT” is Ik Oankaar.
When we started Bandgi we started reciting with Rasna & mind the Shabad Vaheguroo, then after getting the Gur Parsaad switched to Satnaam Shri Vaheguroo in mind, then we automatically switched to Satnaam in mind then Hirda, then Nabhi, then Kundlini, then upper Spine areas, and then everywhere in the body, then automatically switched to Ik Oankaar Satnaam for some time, then went back to Satnaam, then to only Sat and then nothing, now it is just Rom Rom vibrates with Atam Rus and you have physically seen it. So no matter what you do ultimately you will go to Satnaam and then SAT and then complete silence, no Naam, this we have seen happened to other too. This is our practical experience.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)