22. Why Are Saints Persecuted?

Questions from Roma Ji , answers from Sant Ji.


Question :  I have recited ‘Ik Oankar Sat Naam’ (God is One.  His Name is  ‘Truth’) many times but lately I am actually feeling it inside. And it is a great feeling .   It is difficult to break from what you are taught all your life like “Our religion is the best” etc etc.  That is a mind set. but that was not Truth and it is not.  We are curious about other faith’s saints and gods and have a deep respect for other people’s faith.

God does not belong to one religion.  God is infinite.  He is great.  I watched the movie "Passion Of The Christ" this weekened. Great movie!  I kept thinking about Jesus all night.  About what he went through. Then I started thinking about Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s feelings when he was sitting on ‘Tatti tavi’ – hot plate (he was tortured for 5 days and nights).  I thought about Guru Gobind Singh ji’s sons who went through physical torture.  I thought also about Bhai Mati Dass ji and the other two Sikhs who were tortured before Guru Tegh Babadur ji’s eyes.  What were they going through?  What was running in their mind at that time? I am just curious.

Answer :  All such incidents as you have mentioned are a proof of the immense power of naam, of the immense  power of the ‘sat’ – the eternal truth. 


The saints who became ‘satnaam’ themselves, became so powerful that they didn’t feel any pain while going through all this torture.  These people were not ordinary people, they were the living God on this earth.  And they came in to show the world the :


·         unlimited power of the naam,


·         unlimited sat santokh (contentment with Truth) they were in,


·         unlimited patience they had,


·         unlimited sense of forgiveness and kindness,


However, even they had all the power to destroy the entire creation by just a word of mouth, they didn’t.  Instead they chose to remain in Hukam (live as God wanted) with happiness. These people had all the divine qualities and divine powers but still stayed in hukam.


In the history of mankind, we don’t think that there is any other example of sacrificing everything as set by Dhan dhan Guru Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  This was the new height of the daan (selfless giving) set by the King of Kings Guru Gobind Singh ji. There is no “daan” (gift to God) higher than the “sarbans daan” (gift of givine everything) made by Dhan dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji.  This is the height of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is unconditional love.  The love is God himself, the height of devotion, the height of faith and trust, the height of commitment and belief in the hukam and the hukami (God the one who gives the Hukam).

Question : Why dont people recognise the great souls when they are alive?

Answer: Because of


their ego and pride,


the influence of maya,


the darkness of the kalyug,


the viruses of the 5 thieves, hopes , wishes desires, slander, jealousy , gossip, thirst for power, intoxication of youth, filthy words, lies and corruption. 


The entire world is suffering from these dangerous viruses, so how can people understand the saints?  These saints  were “puran braham gyanis nirankaar roop sant satgurus”  (complete and perfect knowers of God, form of the Formless God the Saint SatGuru) and only they knew what they really were :


‘braham gyani ki gath braham gyani janey’
only the BrahmGyani knows the extents of the BrahmGyani.


So how can the masses understand the saint’s love for God and His command (hukam)?  Only a Brahm Giani can know and appreciate these super souls.

Question : Why do they have to go through torture?

Answer : Very simple: Hukam of Akal Purakh (God’s command).  God gives this command :


·         to show the super power of naam to the masses,


·         to protect the religion,


·         to take the sins of the masses onto the saint,


·         to give salvation to a large number of people,


·         to set an outstanding and unparalleled standard of sacrifice for the rest of the world,


·         to show His saints devotion and love for Him,


·         to protect, deliver and serve the Truth.


Question : Why when they laid down their lives for preaching that “God is one”, why are religions still fighting, and saints still being persecuted?

Answer:  Because the masses are suffering from the viruses of hatred, discrimination, ego, pride, the influence of maya, the darkness of the Age we are living in (Kalyug).  The entire world is suffering from these dangerous viruses, so how can the people understand them? 


‘jo jo disey so so rogi.  Rog rehat mera satguru jogi.’


Whomsover I see is (mentally) diseased.  Only my Satguru is disease free.


                        (Guru Arjun Dev Ji)


And how can a crippled mind realize the Eternal Truth?  There are as few as one in tens of millions who have the Gur Prasaad (Grace of God) to understand these great soul’s :-


unlimited store of divine qualities,
contributions to uplift the spiritual and general standards of the masses.


and you are one of the fortunate one’s to have this gur parsaad of divine wisdom.

Question : Why are books glorifying them written when they are not alive anymore?  Why don’t people appreciate them when they are alive?

Answer: The answer is same as to the previous question. Maya is the darkness that keeps all the divine doors closed and keeps us revolving in its loop.  Of the rare fortunate ones whose divine doors are opened and who have reached the Brahmgian (knowledge of God) stage, only a very few write about their experiences whilst alive.   Most only let the full Truth be revealed after their departure, because if the full Truth is revealed while they are alive they know it can cause something like what happened to Jesus Christ for telling the complete truth.

Question : Why do they have to go through the test to prove their love which was always there?

Answer : To set an example for others.

Question : Why does Truth have to wait so long?

Answer : Because the Truth (God) gives every chance it can to the untruthful ones to listen to it, adopt it and become Truth.  It gives every chance to us to reform ourselves and become truthful.

Question : Why? Why? Why?

We hope your questions are answered to some extent.  The real answer comes from within yourself.  The real answer comes with the internally appeared divine wisdom (Brahm Gian).  And the divine wisdom comes with trust and faith, commitment and belief, complete surrender to the Gur (God, the Highest Guru) and Guru (Enlightend soul).  And those who do it become Dhan Dhan (great, great greatly blessed) and go in to the “Chad di kala” (realms of spiritual bliss) forever.

Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)