24. Bhagat – God’s lover

God is the Creator and is also the giver to all. It is the inner God in ourselves (soul), who we have to liberate through self-realization. A Brahmgyani is totally liberated and is absorbed in the Lord and a state of him in God and God in him occurs. The very nature of a brahmgyani is that of a God. He feels Him everywhere.

We have to remember and worship Him until we are merged (abhed) in Him as is done by His saints or brahmgyanis until they were absorbed in Him.

This is where the Bhagat’s worshipping ends as the Bhagat and the Lord are one. The Lord is beyond cycle of death and birth. It is also true that the Lord appears in many forms to give His vision to the saints.

As a child Bhagat Namdev Ji saw Him in a stone statue drinking the milk he had offered to Him.  Bhagat Namdev ji also saw Him as a moghul wearing a Turban as quoted in the SGGS ji –

KUbu qyrI pgrI mITy qyry bol ]dÍwirkw ngrI kwhy ky mgol ]"khoob tayree pagree meethay tayray bol"
"davaarikaa nagree kaahay kay magol."|
Why are there Moghals in the holy city of Dwaarikaa?
How handsome is your turban! And how sweet is your speech

The Lord often appears through the bodies of Bhagats as He did in the case of Bhagat Sain ji and kept his honour by serving on his behalf to the king. Bhagat Sain at that time was in the company of saints including Bhagat Kabir ji. He learnt all this next day when he went to see the king. The following quotes of shabad from SGGS ji clarify:

"Aae Sant Prahunei, hoa keertan rain sabai"

A Humble Servant

I was reading this article we have to respect all the Gurus and Bhagats.  In God’s court there is no difference between Gurus and the Bhagats.  In God’s court we don’t have any external uniform.  Only those will reach there who’s deeds are great.  We have to become jivan mukt (liberated) before our soul leaves our body.    We have to become the lowest of the lowest on this Earth to become the highest of the highest in God’s court.  We have to serve all.  Because there is only God in all and it is all in One God.

Ek Jot sey sabh jug upjiyo kaun bhaley kaun mandey.

Just continue and become jivan mukt then you also be a true sant in the heart.  If we are not becoming God’s servant then we are wasting our life.  Do Truth and Do Service to everyone.  Then we are doing Sikhi. 

We have to get knowledge from gyan guru and reach upto wisdom and become Akal Purakh’s dog then we are Khalsa otherwise we are Nikhals

Loonharami Neecha da Neech,14 lok parlok de Vista Da Jant

Pritam Anand