26. Regarding Professor Darshan Singh Being Excommunicated from the Sikh Panth

Apr 2010 – Baba Ji:

Professor Darshan Singh was a former leader of Akal Takhat.  How does he feel now after being excommunicated by the present leaders?  Serving the Shabad Guru – Guru Granth Sahib, for 30 yrs with dedication, then that Guru throws him out?  So falsehood is running the religion.  Why?  Because they say Shabad Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru of Akal Takhat.  But the Shabad Guru actually doesn’t say to throw anyone out.  Its house is  of compassion and Shabad Guru has no vengeance.  This proves religion is run by political crooks and not by Shabad Guru Granth Sahib.  Akal Takhat leaders are crooks. If the leader is a crook, then what will the followers receive?  Falsehood.

A Brahmgiani (sant) should be sitting at Akal Takhat. We previously wrote a letter to the leaders at Akal Takhat asking them who is running Akal Takhat?  A Brahmgiani or the false ones? At that time they selected Ranjit Singh to run it.  (He was murderer of a Sant and was still serving his prison sentence and they made him the leader).

Ask the Shabad Guru where is God?  And it will tell you that God is in the hirdha (heart chakra).  So if you believe the Shabad Guru then what kind of God is running the Akal Takhat that he throws out his most devoted follower – Professor Darshan Singh?  If all is God, then why would persecute himself?  So it is not God running Akal Takhat.  Divided by the three aspects of Maya (Rajo, Sato, Tamo) and operating under the 5 vices (anger, greed, attachment, pride, lust) the leaders control the masses via these religious places.  You know it is not God running Akal Takhat, because God teaches unity, compassion, Truth, love, but these leaders are teaching caste, division and control.  So this shows falsehood is running Akal Takhat, not compassionate God.

Only where there is compassion is there God, regardless of the temple being covered in gold, even if its pure gold.  So Akal Takhat should be run by a Sant hirdha.  How does Professor Darshan Singh feel after 30 yrs of serving Shabad Guru Granth Sahib?   He spent 30 years travelling the world, preaching and praising his Shabd Guru and Guru Panth.  He even became the leader of Akal Takhat, but couldn’t control his vices and this is what he has got as a his reward – being kicked out? 

Sant Baba Virsa Singh (who was a Brahmgiani) once asked Professor Darshan Singh to stop doing kirtan for money.  He said to him that he had made more than enough money, so do it for free – desireless seva now.  But Professor Darshan Singh replied, “my guru is with me” (meaning he didn’t regard Baba Virsa Singh’s words as his Gurus words, hence ignored them.)  But, what did he get for ignoring those divine words of Baba Virsa Singh?  God showed him the true colours of the Guru Panth that he thought was with him.  That Guru Panth has thrown him out.  God has shown him what we sow is what we reap.  Serving falsehood only returns falsehood.

[Editors note:  If you still wrongly believe that the Akal Takhat of today is the highest spiritual authority for the Sikhs and the Sikh leaders giving verdicts from Akal Takhat represent God-Guru, then this is what Professor Darshan Singh himself has written about those Sikh leaders:

"“The ego of the Sikh clergy can be gauged from the fact that without reading the document that I placed before the Guru (Granth Sahib), they declared me Tankhaiya (guilty). I do not accept the verdict, as it has not come from the Akal Takht but from some people who think that they are above Guru Granth Sahib,” he added.

He made a veiled attack on Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, referring to him as the “master” of the priests. “It is clear that the ‘master’ of the Sikh clergy had already asked them to pronounce me guilty. Had they read my reply, they would have had to do a lot of explanation. So, they did not read it and took their decision.”


The bottom-line is that even though Sikhs all around the world are encouraged to believe that verdicts coming from Akal Takhat as being the word of God-Guru, it is plain to see that the Akal Takhat is being run by religious leaders under the control of the political leader Badal.  It is NOT being run by God, as God sits in the heart of a Brahmgyani and does not bow to any political leader.  So please listen to what Shabad Guru Granth Sahib Ji teaches and do not let it get overruled in your mind by the false verdicts from Akal Takhat. ]