3. Gurbani – Eternal Prescription For Mental Sicknesses

Gurbani is the prescription to cure and clean our inside, it is the medicine to cure our soul and mind from the mental sicknesses: Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar, Asa, Trishna, Mansha, and to save our soul from falling back in to the same trap of Junie – birth and death over and over again, which is the biggest sorrow.


For curing a normal bodily sickness we go to see the Doctor, follow his advice and take the medicine prescribed.  Unless we take the prescription and follow the advice of the Doctor we will not get cured of the sickness.  Nor just by looking at the prescription or looking at the Doctor will we get cured.  In the same way, if we don’t take the prescription for curing our soul and mind of these mental sicknesses we have been trapped in for a very long time, probably these sicknesses are ages old, how can we expect to get cured just by bowing in front of this Divine Prescription (Shri Guru Granth Sahib) and not taking it to our inside, not putting it in to our daily life, not practicing it?


Gurbani is


  • the wisdom of Paar Braham and not Paar Braham Himself,
  • His Gyan Saroop,
  • the Divine Wisdom,
  • recited by Akal Purakh
  • establishes all the laws of Divinity,
  • defines the road to Sach Khand,
  • the way and means of becoming a Sant Hirda,
  • the way and means of becoming a Braham Gyani,
  • showing us how to do Bandgi and be one with Almighty,
  • showing us how to obtain Jivan Mukti.


The reason for most of the masses, rather all of the masses not achieving any spirituality in spite of practicing religion (so called and following the worldly wisdom and self wisdom) for a large number of years, and some of them practicing religion for the life time don’t get anywhere in their spiritual pursuits is due to the lack of the use of this Divine Prescription in the real sense.


A true example is of our biological father who has been doing Nitnem all his life and also Sukhmani everyday, he is now over 90 years old and still continues to do his Nitnem every day.  He told us that his mind is not stable, in his exact words: “mera munn nahin tikda”.  Another example is our older sister, she visited us last year.  She has been a “Amritdhari” (so called – with Khandey Ki Pahul) for over 15 years and does Sukhmani and Nitnem everyday.  She goes to the Gurdwara every day and when she arrived in our house last year (she came from India) one of the very first comments she made was: “munn nahin tikda – my mind doesn’t come under control, is unstable”.


These folks are drenched so deeply in to the worldly wisdom and following the status quo that they will reject everything else right away, their perceptions are so strong in following the outside rituals that they will reject everything else right away without even listening to it.


A Couple of years ago we visited India and we went to our sister’s house.  Her neighbour’s son Channi came to see us.  When we were sitting and talking about the Divinity and Divine Wisdom we went in to the Smadhee Assan, and at that point Channi said that he was seeing the Parkash – Divine Light – coming from our hand (some people are very sensitive to the Divine Light due to their past good deeds and Bandgi and can see the Divine Light with open eyes.  The spiritual eye of such people as well as other Divine Doors open up instantaneously).   Later on when we put our hand on his forehead he started to dance in Smadhee.  The same thing happened to our Sister’s daughter-in-law, she went in to Smadhee too, but still our sister and brother-in-law didn’t believe us and to date they have not changed their perception.


When we told her that Naam has gone in to each and every cell “Rom Rom” and also told her about some of our deep Divine Experiences as well including Paar Braham Darshan, she still never believed it. Guru Nanak Patshah’s parents were like that too, they never belived that their son is a Satguru, a Braham Gyani, a Sant, and has come to deliver the message of Akal Purakh to the world and give salvation to the people all over, same way His parents-in-laws never believed in Him, only Bibi Nanaki Ji – Guru Nanak Patshah’s sister knew and believed in Him.


The key here is to practice Gurbani and make our Karni a truthful Karni, just reading, reciting and listening to Gurbani and not doing it will hardly bring any spiritual advancement, only doing Gurbani will make us Gurbani, and that is what Gurbani tells us to be – to become Gurbani. If we have been reading Gurbani for a large number of years and have not practiced it in our daily life, if we have not become gurbani, if we have not win over our own mind, if we have not controlled over Panj Doot, if we have not win over our desires and over Maya, then we have not achieved anything.


If the Naam has not gone in to our Surat, Hirda, and Rom Rom then we have not achieved anything, if we have not cleaned us up from inside and become one with Almighty then we have not done anything, if we don’t have Gur Parsaad and have not become Jivan Mukt then we have not achieved anything, if we don’t have reached the Atam Rus Amrit and Anhad Naad then we have not done anything and there is something drastically wrong with us.


The hard line attitude and behavior as well as the following of the outside rituals will not take us anywhere, only following the Divine Prescriptions of Gurbani with full and complete commitment, belief, faith and trust will help us lift spiritually.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)