3. Sangat

“Sat Sangat” and “Sadh Sangat” are the two divine words (shabads) which are very commonly used amongs Sikhs all over the world. These divine words have a very significant and deep eternal meaning.   There is a dire need to understand the deep divine wisdom hidden in these words for :


  • our spiritual progress,
  • undertaking the Puran Bandgi (the spiritual journey),
  • meeting Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar,
  • becoming His Suhagan and Sada Suhagan,
  • achieving the very aim and objective of our this human life which is Jivan Mukti,
  • getting out of the cycle of life and death and be one with the Almighty,
  • winning over your mind,
  • winning over the five thieves and desires,
  • winning over the Maya,
  • merging in the Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash.


These words are a mandatory part of the spiritual journey (Puran Bandgi) and it is very hard to complete without understanding and following the divine wisdom hidden in them.


Let us try to take a little deeper dive in to the ocean of knsowledge (Gyan Sarovar) and look at these words in light of the divinity and their divine meaning.  The phrase “Sat Sangat” comprises of three words

  1. “SAT”,
  2. “SANG” and
  3. “GAT”.


 “SAT” means Paar Braham Parmesar (God).  It means the entity which is the only “ETERNAL TRUTH”. This word has been taken from the Mool Manter “IK OANKAAR SAT NAAM”.   “SAT” therefore signifies the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh, this is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash part of the Paar Braham Parmesar, this is the Atum Rus part of the Almighty.  It also signifies that part of the Sargun which has become “SAT SAROOP” – which has become completely truthful from inside out, which can only see, speak, hear, deliver and serve the Eternal Truth.


“SAT” also represents that part of a human soul which has been Eternally Blessed and with the Gur Parsaad has cleaned himself up completely from inside.  The soul which has won over the five thieves, desires and Maya completely.  That part of the soul which has gone beyond time and space and beyond the three qualities of Maya: Rajo, Tamo and Sato, and such a soul is known as a Sant, Sadh, Braham Gyani, Khalsa, Satgur in Gurbani.


The next word is “SANG”, which means in the company of such souls which have become ”SAT”. Sitting with such souls and listening to them and then do whatever they tell you to do, to have full and complete faith and trust in such souls and then follow their words of divine wisdom.  Sitting under the divine umbrella (Chattar) of such souls and adopt all their divine qualities and divine character, do their Seva, do Naam Simran in their company. Such souls are authorized by the Akal Purakh to give Gur Parsaad to those who have full and complete belief on them, Akal Purakh and Gurbani.


Such souls are capable of :-


  • instituting your soul up in the Karam Khand and carving “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” in your Hirda,
  • opening all your spiritual doors (Bajjar Kapaat) including Dassam Duaar to divine wisdom and divinity, giving Amrit to you, the real Amrit, the Naam Amrit, the Atam Rus Amrit, the Param Jyot Puran Parkash in your Hirda,
  • making you like them by cleaning you completely from inside of all the mental sicknesses,
  • clearing all your doubts,
  • getting your Bandgi in to Sach Khand,
  • making you merge with Akal Purakh and becoming Jivan Mukt.


Amrit flows on a continuous basis under the umbrella (Chattar) of such souls and flows to those who sit and do their Bandgi with full commitment, belief, faith and trust. Reaching this level of Jivan Mukti and becoming a Sant Hirda is the meaning of the third word “GAT”.  It means salvation, it means relieving of our soul of the shackles of Maya, wining over mind and Maya completely, merge in Almighty forever.


The second phrase “SADH SANGAT” also means the same thing as explained above.  This also comprises of three divine words: “SADH”, “SANG” and “GAT”.  Here the divine meaning of “SADH” is very simple: the human soul who has straightened itself out completely and aligned itself in line with all the divine qualities of Paar Braham Parmesar.  Straightening means taking out all the non-divine qualities and fill oneself up with all the divine qualities.  The person who has :-


  • is completely purified from inside out,
  • who has become totally stable “Atal Awastha”
  • lets nothing distract him,
  • gone beyond the three qualities of Maya,
  • become unlimited like God himself,
  • become Ik Drisht – single vision,
  • become Nirvair – no animosity with anybody,
  • loved equally all the creations of the Creator,
  • been relieved of the cycle of birth and death,
  • become completely enlightened from inside with Param Jyot.


At that level there remains no difference between a “SADH” and Akal Purakh.  That is the kind of respect and recognition in Gods’ court (the Dargah) that is achieved by such a soul.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)