36. Yogi Bhajan Ji and Sat Naam


Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sada Sada (Always & Forever) Sat Naam

1. (The following is from a lecture that was one of Yogi Bhajan Ji’s first classes in the USA in 1969, and over the years he often said it was his best lecture.   Yogi Bhajan Ji put Sat Naam first.  If you meet the 3HO Sikhs they will greet you with Sat Naam.  When they do Yoga, they recite Sat Naam.)

Maintain a positive attitude with promoting habits for 40 days, and you can change your destiny. This psychological concept of Human behavior is a pattern which can guide you to that goal which is described in our scriptures as Paradise. In the self one has to sow the seed of Divine vibrations and with the power of these vibrations one has to dwell in the Ultimate which is a Truth, a reality and an ever living primal force. This primal force has been named God by Christians, Paramatman by Hindus, and Allah by Muslims. Some name has been given it by all, but the Universal Consciousness of this Universal Spirit has one name, that is Truth, so we call it Sat and we remember it as Sat NamSat, in the language of Gods, Sanskrit, means Truth; Nam means Name. So without dispute we can say that Universal Consciousness, that Universal Spirit, that creative force in us, has a universal name and that is Sat Nam. All those who want to liberate themselves and seek to dwell in the Ultimate must cleanse their physical selves and direct their mental beings towards the Sat Nam, the being of beings. One who dwells on the vibrations of this Holy Nam-Sat Nam-in the prime hours of the day before dawn when the channels for vibrations are very clean and clear, will realize the concept of a Liberated Being through the grace of this Bij Mantra which awakens the goddess of awareness in a being. He then lives as a liberated man on the planet Earth.

(To Read the complete lecture go to http://db.kriteachings.org/clients/ikyta/articles.nsf/9dee2aa6164e1d9b87256671004e06c7/50c8c1496c03ff418725710600747320?OpenDocument   )

2. From An Article about Healing by Yogi Ji

… The mind has to be given the medicine of thought. The higher thought is the medicine of the mind that allows it to help itself cure itself. Otherwise the mind is a shattered piece of glass. That is why we do, “japa.” Japa is the thought, “Sat Nam, Truth is Thy Name.” Japa is calling on energy that is beyond us. The moment we know and experience that there is something beyond us, we are connecting with God through the power of our thought wave. And, my dear friend, on this earth there is nothing except God. The intellect will generate thought waves anyway. Why not beam these thought waves on God?

… Those who understand ‘Sat’ are able to relate to ‘Sat.’ When you love somebody, what do you do? Don’t you call his name, or her name, all the time? When you love somebody, you like to call the name of that person. If you love the truth, then you will call ‘Sat Nam.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ everybody knows you are a ‘Sat Namer.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ it means you are Truth.

(To Read the complete lecture go to http://db.kriteachings.org/clients/ikyta/articles.nsf/9dee2aa6164e1d9b87256671004e06c7/9332524e85d9f673872571650055bc7a?OpenDocument )


3. Yogi Bhajan Ji’s teachings on why a Guru of Truth (SAT-GURU) is needed and how they help you on the spiritual path:



4.  About Guru Arjun Dev Ji


Guru Arjun is an example of perfection of bhana (Living in God’s Will) and was partakh har, which means ‘a living God.’ People talk of the son of God, the daughter of God, the messenger of God. I am talking of the living God. Guru Arjun sat on the hot plate and said, “Satnaam, Satnaam, Satnaam,” because there was Shakti (Spiritual Power) to understand the bhana. … Guru Ram Das gave the spirit to Guru Arjun. There dwells God in one being. Don’t we read that for five days Guru Arjun stood the torture? Night and day. He could have given in any time. He didn’t. Why? Because God doesn’t give in. God is Infinity.

Let us today sit in the presence of the Siri Guru Granth and chant Haree Mantra:


Satnaam, hareenaam, hareenaam, haree;
hareenaam, satnaam, satnaam, haree.

At the time of the Vedas thousands of years ago, this was the main mantra which gave man the glory and oneness with God. So let us all do it. Everyone should participate through the prana so that the prana may be shared in the vibratory effect. Are we willing to participate? God gives the prana and we want to donate some prana toward the Giver. Chant with the breath.


5. Mool Mantra is the explanation of Sat Naam


It is true that the Mul Mantra has been spoken by Guru Nanak, and Guru was speaking it to the disciple. It is very simple. It is true that the Mul Mantra has been spoken by Guru Nanak, and Guru was speaking it to the disciple. It is very simple. Guru said, “Ek Ong Kar” – you are One. Ek Ong – the One Creator. Kar – the Creation, which includes us. Therefore your destiny in this time and space is to rise above the time and space. Kartaa Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair – there are three bodies in you: the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body. The spiritual body knows no fear, Nirbhao, Nirvair. Your mental body is what creates revenge or goes beyond revenge. Man is created in the image of God, Akaal Moorat – you are the very picture of God on both a micro and macro level. As God made us, so we are. Guru Gobind Singh gave us the rahit (the basic code of conduct) but Guru Nanak told us the most basic rahit, of all, Akaal Moorat, be as God made you.

We all talk about the Will of God; we all talk about the beauty of God. But we don’t believe in God, because we make-up. We believe in our own beauty. What hypocrites we are. It has reached the annoying point. We feel that if we trim our beard and color our hair we will look young and pretty. But we don’t understand, that is not Akaal Moorat.

Ajoonee – you are not born and you are not dead. You are you. This coming and going is time and space and the human being is above time and space.

Sai Bhang – by thy own grace. You have come to face the reality, to experience the reality. You are Sai Bhang. Why so? Why are you “by thy own grace?” Because: Gur Prasad. Gurbaanee is very complete.

And then, the most beautiful part, the part of all parts. There is a decree, a Hukam: Jap (meditate). If it is a Guru, then Guru must give a Gurmantra. Guru must give the direction, this is the faculty of the Guru. Instruction must be complete. Whereas the Guru explained the faculty of the human being in the image of God, Guru gives the faculty of the human being in the purity of the Khalsa. Then he gives the orders, too: Jap (meditate).


Aad sach, Jugaad sach, Haibee sach, Nanak hose bhee sach

You should meditate on, “Truth is, Truth was before time, Truth is now, and Nanak, Truth shall ever be.” And there’s nothing to be confused about except rituals, non-experience.

Why do we chant, “Sat Naam?” My Guru says, “Sat Naam.” This whole manifestation is the blessing of only one word: Sat Naam.



Further exaplantion of Mool Mantra for merging into your True Identity – Sat Naam
You want to be great, but you do not know that greatness is that One exclusiveness. You all want to compete. What is hard in competition? Compete. Eliminate everybody. In the end, you’ll become One. Then you do not know how to handle it. You miss the handle of that Oneness. Oneness has a state of consciousness. What is that state of consciousness? Guru describes it: Sat Nam, Kartaa Purkh. True becomes your identity, and Kartaa purkh—you become a being who does all. Nirbhao Nirvair—you become fearless and revengeless. Revenge is only when somebody else is in competition. When you have gone above competition, and eliminat4ed everybody, you have reached the state of exclusiveness, then there’s no vengeance. Akaal moorat—then you become the very picture of God, the very image of God. Ajoonee, SaibhungAjoonee—then you don’t come and go, you become by yourself. Saibhung—by your own creativity, totality. Saibhung means your own creative totality. Saibhung means you can become a total being. How can this be achieved? Gurprasaad—with the Guru’s blessing. That’s exclusive. Touch of the teacher, they call it. There’s nothing more precious on this planet than the touch of the teacher. Guru waahinaa, narak naa jaae—One who doesn’t have a teacher cannot even go to hell. Je so chandaa ogaveh sooraj chareh hazaar. Ete chaana hodiaa(n) gur bin gor andhaar—there may be hundreds and thousands of moons and millions of suns, with all that light, without the Guru, there is darkness—Guru Angad Dev Ji. Because in that exclusive Oneness, the loneliness, the One within you is awakened and within you is that infinite teacher that’s called “the soul.”

That’s what the word “soul-mate” means.

Sometimes you think that remembering God means chanting to God. No, remembering God is just remembering that God does everything. God doesn’t want you to chant to Him all the time. Why yell and scream at Him? He knows. Just remember, just relax. The One who does all for you and stands with you in thick and thin is your best Friend. He is the Unknown of every known. Every known in the law of polarity and reality has the Unknown but sometimes we forget. Such karma or actions which are done in dedication or remembrance of God, acknowledges that all the prana, all the life, comes from God, therefore it all goes to God. It all leads to that. I hope you will remember.



6.  Full faith in Sat naam provides everything

In India today there is the house of a saint. In that house, nobody cooks. Nobody. There is no stove, no fireplace. And people come and visit. By one o’clock, according to the sun clock, somebody from somewhere will bring enough food to feed everybody. They themselves don’t cook. Never have they cooked. That is their tradition. I made a special trip to visit them. There were about six hundred people there. Within the hour somebody brought a fully loaded bullock cart with everything – believe me or not – and everybody was fed. Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, and that was it. It happens in that place four times a day: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the evening, and once at night. I asked the saint about it. He replied, “Well, God has given us stomachs. Let God fill them. It is His stomach, not ours. If he will send food, we will eat. If he won’t send it, Sat Nam”






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