4. From Pakhand (Hypocrisy) To Sach Khand

In continuation of our efforts with Gurkirpa to disseminate Puran Gyan – complete divine knowledge for Puran Bhagtee in very simple and easy to understand words, to our most respected Sangat, we are very humbly trying to help our Sangat in understanding the meaning of Pakhand (hypocrisy) and Pakhandi(hypocrite)  in the following text.


This will provide us all with a yard stick to measure our inside with respect to how unclean and untrue are we to ourselves and to the Guru, Sangat and Akal Purakh. Let us take some time to read the following text and have a good look at inside ourselves and then make a judgment as to how much we need to work to realize our spiritual dreams.


What do we understand by the word Pakhand? This is our state of mind which compels us to remain unstable in our thoughts, daily actions and reactions.   It means we have more than one personality.  Meaning we are not always Truthful.   We act and speak differently depending on who we are trying to please or what we are trying to achieve.  We may be partially truthful on some occasions and totally untruthful on other occassions.  The reason we think differently at different times is because our actions and reactions are being governed by the 5 thieves plus desire, jealousy and slander (Panj Doots – Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar and Asa, Trishna, Mansha, Nindya, Chugli and Bakhili). 


These biggest enemies of ours are residing inside our body.  They will always try to distort our mind and take it away from accepting, acting and speaking the Truth. This kind of a mental state compels us to be a certain way on the outside but to be something else inside.  Such a state of mind is called the Pakhand (Hypocrisy).  As long as we have not cleaned up ourselves from inside completely and have become completely truthful, we are regarded as a hypocrite (Pakhandi) in God’s court (the Dargah of Paar Braham Parmeshwar).


There is no difference between a Pakhandi (Hypocrite), a Manmukh(self centred) and a Khota Aadmi (false person).  Either we are completely truthful from inside and outside, or we are not.  This means either we are a Pakhandi or a Sach Khandi (Resident of The Realm Of Truth).  This means if we are not in Sach Khand then we are in a Pakhand. This means the person who is in Sach Khand is not in Pakhand, or if we have not reached the Sach Khand Awastha then we are in a Pakhand.


So only a Puran Sant, Sadh, Satguru and a Braham Gyani is not a Pakhandi everybody else is a Pakhandi


Jo Jo Deesey So So Rogi Rog Rehit Mera Satgur Jogi



Man Saacha Mukh Saacha Soi,
Aur Naa Pekhe Ekas Bin Koi,

Nanak Eh Lachan Braham Gyani Hoi.



The Pakhand can vanish only when one has entered the Sach Khand, and as long as that doesn’t happen, we are not completely truthful and are not enable to serve the truth completely, that means we are still a Pakhandi, a Manmukh or a Khota Aadmi –


Khare Parakh Khajane Paye Khote Bharam Bhulaye.


As long as we are in doubts – Bharam, in Dubidha – double mindedness, and we are being eaten by the untrue thoughts, actions, reactions and as long as we are serving the Panj Doots, Nindya, Chugli, Bakhili, Asa, Trishna and Mansha, we are counted as a Pakhandi, a Manmukh and a Khota in the Dargah of Akal Purakh. 


The bottom line is that if we are not a Sach Khandi then we are a Pakhandi.


Even if we are residing in any of the four Khands before Sach Khand (Dharam Khand, Gyan Khand, Saram Khand and Karam Khand), we will still be counted in Pakhand, however, the element of Pakhand continues to diminish as the soul moves upwards on the spiritual ladder and the element of truth keeps on increasing.


Even the 330 Million demi-gods (Devi Devtas) are considered in Pakhand if they are not in Sach Khand. 


Only a soul which has completely cleaned, itself, has become a Puran Sachyara and have taken himself to Sach Khand is not a Pakhandi. Such a soul will become single vision –


Ek Munn Ek Chit


and Ek Drisht


and will merge in the truth completely, will become a Khalsa and one with the Almighty.


The confession of our misdeeds is the key to eliminate the effect of Panj Doots in our life, we should be practicing an open confession on a continuous basis, until the time we are relieved the effect of these biggest enemies, which are deep mental sicknesses – Deeragh Mansik Rogs (Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar and Asa, Trishna, Mansha, Nindya, Chugli and Bakhili) of our soul and mind.


The person who adopts to the open confession will be able to cleanup his inside much faster and relief himself of the effect of Panj Doots. The open confession should be followed with the Naam Simran. The open confession means accept your misdeeds (untrue actions and reactions, untrue and sin thoughts) openly in full congregation.


Open confession is a very difficult thing to do in the beginning so start with a confession within yourself and then slowly you will get the courage to come out openly and confess openly. This is a very essential characteristic of a person who becomes completely truthful and serves the truth. We will not be able to serve the truth if we don’t accept our own misdeeds openly. 


After gauging our inside, let us all give a promise to the Guru, Paar Braham Parmeshwar and the Sangat that from today onwards we will start working towards living a truthful life, if we are already trying to live truthfully then increase our efforts to become a completely truthful person, who sees, speaks, and listens the truth, and when we become a completely truthful person then we start serving the truth – Satnaam. 


There is no service bigger than serving the truth, there is no service more pious than serving the truth, there is no service better than serving the truth that will give you the highest level of enjoyment.


A Puran Sachyara is a Jivan Mukt, a Sant, a Braham Gyani, a Param Padvi, and we all should have the target to become one like them. While still living on this earth the Jivan Mukti is in Sach Khand only, and let us work towards becoming a Sach Khandi and leave the life of a Pakhandi.


All this happens with Gurkirpaa only because it is a Gurparsaadi game, but let us all try sincerely, honestly and diligently and pray to the Akal Purakh for His Kirpa and if we do so we will definitely be blessed with His unlimited Kirpa.


Dassan Das