44. Kabir Ji and SatNaam

Kabir Ji & Sat Naam


Some interesting extracts from a) an early book about Kabir Ji and b) a blog about current day followers called Kabir Panthis. 


A) Kabir And The Kabir Panth




Kabir Ji was Guruless and also not of the right background (Muslim weaver caste) to be accepted by Guru Ramanand Ji (Hindu background).  So he lay on the steps of the lake where the Guru went to bathe, the Guru stpped on him and exclaimed the Mantra, “Ram Ram.”   And thus Kabir ji received the GurParsaad.


In Gurbani , also Kabir ji says that when he says Ram, He means the One who was never born and not the King Ram.


However, reciting “Ram Ram” was not the GurParsaadi Naam as “Kabir Panthis in conversation speak of their Mantra as ‘Ram Ram’ but it is a mistake to suppose that these words constitute the Mantra of their Panth or of the Ramanandis (Kabir’s Guru).  These mantras may not be disclosed to the uninitiated.”  p11.


It is said that Kabir Ji was married to a women named Loi.  She served the Sants and in turn told her own story that she was found in a basket floating in a river where her Sant was bathing.  She was wrapped in a blanket (Loi, hence her name) and the kind Sant brought her up, but had now passed away.  She said her Sant lived only on a diet of milk.   When she offered Kabir Ji milk to drink, he replied, “My food is the Word of God.”   Realising he was a greater soul, she asked, “Swami, give me such a teaching as to give me peace of mind.”  Kabir was pleased with the obvious sincerity of the girl and instructed her thus, ‘Always repeat SATYA NAM (TRUTH NAME – SATNAAM).”  p13.




B) Kabir Panth

Kabir panthis are required to observe sanctity and purity in their daily lives and behavior. The foundation of their belief and practice is Truth or Sat, an all encompassing formula for Love, Humility, Compassion and Unity. Kabir panthi priests are called Mahants. God is commonly called “Sat Purush”, “sat sahib” or “kabir sahib”. Good behavior and meditation on the purest aspect of God are the methods of finding fulfillment in life. All burdens of body and mind derive from not following this simple Truth.



One’s mind and body must be kept “white” or pure by contemplation and avoiding gross and complicated behaviour. Such practice will allow one to attain salvation while living no matter what ones religion or other personal endeavour may be.   [Devotee is the] … one who has committed to avoiding lust, anger, greed, attachment to perishable things, and ego. Sahaja Yoga involves remembering God by repeating Sat Naam or Sohang Sat Naam, this focuses the wavering energies of the physical and mental aspects of the individual. Kabir Panthis believe in simplicity of life; simple food, clothing and belongings. One should only acquire what is needed for sustenance


C) Sant Kabir Jayanti (Birth) celebrated inTrinidad & Tobago

Sant Kabir Jayanti (Birth) celebrated in T & T on Saturday 26th June.

On the 26h June, 2010 .The birth of Sat Purosh Jagat Guru Sant Kabir, 612 birthday anniversary will be celebrated throughout the world where Kabir devotee resides, Kabir was discovered on a lotus flower by a newly wed couple. Kabir grew up to be a Universal teacher and a savior to mankind, he preached to the masses universal brotherhood, unconditional love, unity and equality and to seek the divinity within.

In the time of Kabir the rulers were oppressors. He learnt his lessons without books became a preacher without a teacher and stood up boldly against evil and those considered to be hypocrites. He supported equality, irrespective of creed, caste, sex or religion. Because of the stance that he took in his life, many became his disciples..

The love and discipline shown by Sant Kabir, the people gathered around him at the loom or the market place to listen to his sweet, soul stirring and sublime songs in his inspiring discourses. Kabir had supreme love for all and he was exceedingly kind and compassionate. His messages are sung today in song very popular especially with our own local classical singers.

He preached for one to gain salvation, one must do devotion to God and God alone and one must banished anger, hatred and pride from one’s mine to others and be kind and dear to all.

He further explained in this world there are human suffering and pain. Not only is there physical pain, but emotional and mental pain.

– Kabir explained that the cause of these miseries and sufferings is caused by our senses, which we fail to control, and are manifested by greed, anger, power, pride and attachment. These emotions are controlling and overpowering us and pride sets in. There are eight million four hundred thousand species on this earth. The human birth being the highest. When God put the human race upon this earth, their mission was to replenish and subdue the earth. To take care of the earth, make sure it is nurtured properly in deeds and actions.

Kabir stayed on earth for 120 years he was discovered in the year 1398 and departed from earth in the year 1518. He spent much of his life in the city of Benares. Today in our country there are many Kabir devotees celebrating this auspicious occasion Kabir Jayanti.

The teachings of Sant Kabir
Compiled by The Kabir Vidyalaya Committee

I do not quote from any scriptures, I simply say what I See.

The Human birth is difficult to obtain and you will not get it again and again, just as a ripe fruit fallen does not re-attach to the branch so to is life..

One must listen to criticism without annoyance, because the critic is not your enemy, but helping you to clean the rubbish from your life.

Never be proud of yourself and do not laugh at others. Your boat is still in the ocean and you do not know, what will happen to you..

God dwells in everyone hearts, he is great who realize God in his own heart and demonstrates it in good qualities by respecting and helping others. .

Having read many scriptures many died without gaining Self-realization. The one who read and understands one word – Love-  becomes realized..

One who is defeated by his mind is really a defeated person. The one who conquer his mind is really victorious and is the only one who can realize God and the path of devotion..

Everything comes with patience, although the gardener waters the plants hundreds of time they bloom only when the season/ time comes .

With this body there is suffering for everyone, the wise accept that suffering with knowledge, but the ignorant cries out with it, not knowing how the laws of karma works. (The Fruits of action).  

The Type of food one eats determine the type of mind you will have, similarly the type of drink one consumes will determine the type of (Behavior) words one speaks. .

Showing true devotion to God is how we live in every aspect of our lives daily, God is one and that one manifest itself through all. We are all God creation.

In time of joy and happiness one hardly remembers God, but in sorrow and sadness, then one remembers God. God must be the Breath of all Breath.

By respecting others, you are paving the road for a good character. Life is a gift of God and must not be violated. Universal brotherhood is one duty and kindness to all living creatures.

If you milk two Cows one black and one brown, can you distinguish between the milk? So too is the Human race. God is found in ones heart and no where else.

I laugh when I hear the fishes in the water are thirsty, so to when one goes in search of God (the water is God and the fishes are the ignorant one searching for God) .

Give up ego and falsehood only then the pride of your mind will be broken If you eat by stealing and begging then you are causing a tree of bad karma to flourish.

Love is not grown on a farm nor is it sold in the market. If an individual wants to be loved, he must first give love. .

Do not depend on others to spiritually and physically help you, when your heart has no love for others, it just like a graveyard. .

Weigh your words before you speak, a word has neither hands nor feet yet one word acts as a baton another as a bruise.  

All help the strong, no one helps the weak. A breeze gives life to the fire, but extinguished the candle.. .

What is the use of Greatness? The palm is a tall tree, but none sit under its shade and its fruit is out of reach.  .

He who reproaches me is my friend, he supplies the soap to wash my dirty linen. I do not quote from any scriptures. I simply say what I see.

When I born everyone rejoice, but I did cry. Fill your life with such deeds that when you die. You die with a smile on your lips while other cry. .

To recognize the Divine within one has to understand ones own behavior. To achieve this goal one must integrate goodness in one daily life that leads to the practice of true love in kindness and compassion to all.

Sant Kabir taught the world the life of Bhakti in Faith with personal Love and Devotion to God. Our chief duty is truth through words and deeds. No act of Devotion can equal truth and no crime is as harmful as falsehood.

Sant Kabir spoke to the masses without discrimination for the good of all with strong messages of peace, love, unity, harmony, non- violence and equality.

Is there One or Many Gods, if there is one God, why quarrel. If there are many Gods why did they create the human race on this planet earth and not why in different planets of their own.

People drown themselves in a stream of water, the blind follow the blind as they search for God as they wandered. Each claims honour of his own. Lying devices are taken for truth, Awake now and realize God within.

God is found in ones heart and no where else, people die quarreling with each other in the name of God and none understand the truth. .

Good Character is the greatest of all virtues it is the mine of all precious Gems.

A dumb man tastes sugar cannot tell the taste so to when one gain self realization .  

Kabir khadey bazaar may, sab kay chahey khair,

Na kaho say dosti, na kaho say bhair.    
Kabir declares, I wish the welfare and good for all,

I neither related to anyone nor is I the enemy to anyone.

Sant Kabir is the originator of Hindi poems, dohas, bhajans and is referred to as – The father of Hindi Poetry (dohas, Couplets & Bhajans). He influence great soul – Guru Nanak, Dharamdass, Raidas, Tulsidas, Rabindranath Takore, Mahatma Gandhi and many devotees all over the world. Kabir stood for truth and reality.

Is the World Mad, If I tell the truth they rush to beat me, if I lie they trust me, where is the mine? Where is the intellect? Where is the ego? The three qualities Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.  

Make your own decision, while alive, look after yourself and find your own place. When you die, where is your house heaven or hell? You don’t realize this opportunity. In the end nothing is yours. The wheel of death is difficult to understand.  

Water stays not in high level but descends, he who stoop down can collect and rise up and drink, he who remains standing must go away with thirst unquenched. .

Learn to distinguish an honest man and a thief from their manner of speech, all the words that are within proceed forth out by way of the mouth.

Strain you water before you drink it, test you Guru before you commit yourself to him. The Chela (Godchild) should be willing to give everything to his Guru (Godfather) the Guru should refuse to take anything from his Chela.

Kahat Kabir Suno Bhai Sadhoo.  .O Saintly Brother Listen to Kabir,..God is one and that one manifest itself through all, we are all God (creation) children.

With self control man improves his good qualities and without it he loses them.To satisfy the Pleasure of the tongue man does many things e.g taking lives/ killing.

Contentment is real happiness with it the heart remain satisfied. Maya (Illusion) moves onwards secretly and people do not understand her language. Those who understand are save, otherwise they all lose.

One desiring the fruit of action becomes the victim of bondage (desire is born out of Maya) One who utters the name of God night and day will obtain liberation.

This body is not really ours, but only a vehicle for the soul. At death the soul departs from the body and takes another..Thus the soul is the real self..

The ignorant ones have the body one place and the mine wandering and vice-versa. When the mind and the body works in harmony then the soul is called Divine realization.

Everyone came and performs his actions but wealth follows none. Both Dasrath and Ravan performed their action in this world and went.

I am a puppet made of five elements in which the mysterious powers plays..

A dumb man tastes sugar cannot tell the taste so too when one gain divine realization.

The thirst for worldly pleasures are limitless no one is satisfy even after attainment, it’s Unquenchable. The secret of achieving the pleasure with peace and happiness one have to recognize the Divine within.

While this body exists in this world, one must do worthy action to gain salvation. For when one dies this human body will be of no use. The animals are very fortunate for when they die their skins are used for comfort in clothing and in music the dholak, but this Human body when die the skin or meat are of no use to anyone.

To recognize the divine within one has to understand one’s own behavior. To achieve this goal one must integrate goodness in one daily life that leads to the practice of true love in kindness and compassion to all.

Every day someone dies in this world, but does one really prepares or knows how to die in such a way, that he dies never again.

I am looking at you. You at him. Kabir ask how to solve the puzzle, You, Him, and I.

A drop of water melt in the ocean, everyone can see, but an ocean absorbed in a drop of water. A rare one can follow.

Kal (time) has bound us in three ways the past, present and the future with its trap, Maya. (Illusion).. Good Character is the greatest of all Virtues, it is the – Mine-  of all precious – Gems- ..

In this body a play of the five elements, a drama of the spirit dancing with Joy and Sorrow. He alone is great who has all the five senses at his command (control). He who has no control of his senses cannot approach the Lord..

If I turn the whole earth into paper, all the trees into pens and the seven seas into ink, even then the greatness of the Lord cannot be fully described.

Never be proud of yourself and do not laugh at others.. Your boat is still in the ocean and you do not know, what will happen to you.  

When – Ego-  disappears. God – Appears-  One have to surrender – Ego-  to enjoy the nectar of God.  

When the mind becomes free from all worldly desires and merges in God, then the devotee realizes God within and lives with God. Where-ever the devotee goes God goes with the devotee.

A Lustful, angry and greedy person cannot do devotion. Devotion needs concentration. A person without pride, clan, and caste can do devotion.   

Life is a gift from God and must not be violated. Universal brotherhood is one duty and the Kindness to all living creatures.

Our body is the temple of God. One witnesses the last rites of friends and relatives at the burial grounds/Cremation sites. A body as oneself is disposed off, some assists in the rituals with their own hands. But does one think their body will be the same faith one-day.

The Dhoobhiya (washer-man) washes the clothes in the river and is dieing of thirst, because of his ignorance not knowing he is surrounded by water, he remains thirsty, so too when one goes in search for God, why go in search for God, just as the water surrounds the Dhoobhiya, so too is God within you.

Only he can be considered great who feels from the pain of others- ..

Everyone talk kindness, but no-one can know the secret of kindness without having
attained true knowledge of truth . This is so by recognizing others being as their own selves.

When a truthful person meets a truthful person the love between them increases, but when a untruthful person meet a truthful person the truthful person love comes to an end.

By respecting others one does not actually respect them, but respecting oneself – truthfully.

A humble person cares for everyone, but no one care for him- Humility and virtues elevates his status from a human being to God..

Only he can be considered great who is great by nature and posses the virtue of humbleness humility, egolessness and the feeling of respect for others..

Kindness is the foundation of religion, causing pain to others is the foundation of Sin.
Where there is kindness there is God.

The only sacrifice one should offer to God is self sacrifice of oneself or the five senses

Where ever one goes his deeds accompany him, what is lotted cannot be blotted.

By assuming this body one and all have to bear the fruits of the deeds in the seven islands nine division three worlds in reality the entire Universe.

Only he is great who maintain noble nature, the characteristics of noble nature are- politeness humility and to love and welcome everyone-

Mercy is the root of religion and the root of sin is by oppressing others, where there is forgiveness there is righteousness where there is compassion there is self benediction.

Where there is compassion there is righteousness, where there is greed there is sin, where there is anger, there is death, and where there is forgiveness there is satiety in the self-

O’ mind keep patience slowly and gradually everything becomes possible- A gardener waters his plants hundreds of times with his bucket, but reaps the fruits only when the season comes.

The Lord is in me, the Lord is in you, as life is in every seed. O devotee put false pride away and seek for the Lord within.

The whole world is poor; No one is wealthy; Only he is wealthy, who has the wealth of God’s name in their heart.  

Sing the glories and praises of God and give up the desires of worldly enjoyments, other wise, Maya will crush you with fifty million millstones on your head.

Today, there are physical emotional and mental pains causing human suffering and death. Kabir explained- these miseries are caused by our senses which we fail to control and they are all manifested into greed, anger, power, pride, lust hatred and attachment. Allowing these to control in over powering us causing misfortune, dispute and division

A Quotation a day by Sant Kabir will go a long way.

Print and share. also when quoting mention this is the teaching of Sant Kabir
Courtesy – The Kabir Vidyalaya Trinidad & Tobago. West Indies
The Kabir Associations. Spreading the teachings & philosophies of Kabir