48. The Name God Chose for Himself

Paar Braham Parmeshwar is “SAIBHUNG”, which means He is the Creator of Himself, He is a Self Creator – Jisne Apni Sajna Aap Kiti Hai, Self lighted – Apne Sahare Aap Parkashmaan Hai -Doesn’t require any support. Akal Purakh – Paar Braham Parmeshwar first created Himself and then gave a Naam to Himself:


aapeenhai aap saajiou aapeenhai rachiou naao ||
He Himself created Himself; He Himself assumed His Name.


SGGS – 463 Guru Nanak Dev Ji

When did He create Himself, is a question which is not answerable, however, according to the Gurbani Paar Braham Parmeshwar is beyond time and space, He is infinite, has no boundaries, no limits – he is Agam, Anant, Apaar and Beant.


It is not possible for any human being to make an estimate, or for that matter even attempt to make an estimate of His capacity – His Agamtaa, Ananttaa, Apaartaa and Beanttaa.


karathae kee mith karathaa jaanai kai jaanai gur sooraa
Only the Creator Himself knows His own extent; He alone knows the Brave Guru.


SGGS – 930 Guru Nanak Dev Ji

In the Mangla Charan of Jap Ji Sahib, the time of Self Creation is defined as Aad Jugaad – Aad Sach Jugaad Sach. Therefore, the time of Self Creation can only be said as Aad Jugaad, which also means Para Purbla. So Paar Braham Parmeshwar – Almighty created Himself first and then gave a Naam to Himself – and what was this Naam? 


If we search the divine knowledge – Braham Gyaan of Akal Purakh – Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, then we learn that this Aad Jugaadi and Para Purabla Naam is SATNAAM:


kirtam naam kathay tayray jihbaa. sat naam tayraa paraa poorbalaa.
With my tongue I chant the Names given to You. ‘Sat Naam’ is Your perfect, primal Name.


SGGS – 1082


According to Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, SATNAAM is the Mool Manter of GURMAT.  SATNAAM is the pious Naam of Akal Purakh – Paar Braham Parmeshwar. In the Gyaan Saroop of Akal Purakh – Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Mool Manter, Beej Manter or Maha Manter has been defined as SATNAAM only.  Guru Ram Dass Ji has urged the Sangat (in Dhanasri Raag) to recite – do Simran – of Aad Jugadi – Para Purbla Naam of Akal Purakh – SATNAAM only:



eishhaa poorak sarab sukhadhaathaa har jaa kai vas hai kaamadhhaenaa ||
The Lord is the Fulfiller of desires, the Giver of total peace; the Kaamadhaynaa, the wish-fulfilling cow, is in His power.


SGGS – 669 Guru Raam Daas Ji


so aisaa har dhhiaaeeai maerae jeearrae thaa sarab sukh paavehi maerae manaa ||1||
So meditate on such a Lord, O my soul. Then, you shall obtain total peace, O my mind. ||1


SGGS 669 – Guru Raam Daas Ji

jap man sath naam sadhaa sath naam ||
Chant, O my mind, the True Name, Sat Naam, the True Name.


SGGS – 670 Guru Raam Daas Ji

halath palath mukh oojal hoee hai nith dhhiaaeeai har purakh nira(n)janaa || rehaao ||
In this world, and in the world beyond, your face shall be radiant, by meditating continually on the immaculate Lord God. ||Pause||


SGGS – 670 Guru Raam Daas Ji

Guru Ram Dass Ji is urging the mind to concentrate on the Naam SATNAAM, and by doing so – reciting SATNAAM – SATNAAM SIMRAN, the soul will be able to reach the Ultimate – complete happiness – complete silence, both here in the current life and after the life ends.


In another Shalok Guru Ram Dass Ji has explained that SATNAAM is NIRBHAO – Fearless – (Jis Nu Koi Bhau Nahi Hai, Jo Nidar Hai, Jis Nu Kise Da Koi Dar Nahin Hai – Rest everything is fearful, the entire universe is in fear – Baki Sabh Shrishti Bhau Vich Hai, He is the only one who is free from all the ties – Jo Sare Bandhana Tu Mukt HaI), NIRANKAAR – no shape and according to the Mool Manter these two qualities belong to Shri Akal Purakh – Paar Braham Parmeshwar only:


nirabho nira(n)kaar sach naam ||
The Lord is fearless and formless; His Name is True.


SGGS 465 – Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Bhai Gurdass Ji has also thanked Guru Nanak Dev Patshah for His contribution of SATNAAM in his vaars (First Vaar First Pauri), SATNAAM can help us come out of the cycle of life and death and we can achieve salvation – Jivan Mukti.


namasakaar guradhaev ko sathanaam jis ma(n)thr sunaayaa||
I bow before the Guru (Guru Nanak Dev) who recited the satinam mantra(for the world).


SGGS 1 – Bhai Gurdaas Ji


Pancham Patshah Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji has very clearly explained in 16th Ashtpadi of Sukhmani that Paar Braham Parmeshwar has no shape, sign or color.  He is beyond these three attributes of Maya. This means anything that has a shape, sign and color is the Maya.  His Naam is SATNAAM, and only that person will be given His Naam – SATNAAM, who is blessed by Himself with His Kirpa, and only on whom He will be pleased.
roop n raekh n ra(n)g kishh thrihu gun thae prabh bhi(n)n ||
He has no form, no shape, no color; God is beyond the three qualities.


SGGS 283 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

thisehi bujhaaeae naanakaa jis hovai suprasa(n)n ||1||
They alone understand Him, O Nanak, with whom He is pleased. ||1||


SGGS 283 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

SATNAAM is the priceless diamond, it is such a unique jewel whose price can’t be determined, because there is no price for the Naam, it is infinite. This priceless diamond is planted and instituted by Akal Purakh Himself in the heart of a Param Padvi Braham Gyani (Sada Suhagan) through the Dargahi Sajnaa.


Such an enlightened soul is then filled with all the divine and spiritual powers and then decorated by the Akal Purakh as a Puran Satguru in His Dargah. At such an elevated level of spirituality Nirgun and Sargun becomes one, where both the ends (Nirgun and Sargun) are tied together, and there remains no difference between the Bhagat and Paar Braham.


Such Parm Padvi great souls are omni present like God Himself. Only such a Puran Satguru is authorized by Paar Braham to give Naam Daan to the Sangat – Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan De. When such a person (with Gurkirpa) puts His hand on the forehead and blesses anyone with Naam – SATNAAM, then all the doors (Bazzar Kapaat) of such a lucky individual are opened, and Naam gets planted in the mind and hirda.


Such human beings are considered very lucky – Braham Gyani Ka Daras Wadbhagee Paayie, Braham Gyani Ko Bal Bal Jaayie – and they very easily complete their spiritual pillgrimage under the Chattar and blessings of such a soul.


naam amolak rathan hai poorae sathigur paas ||
The Naam is a Priceless Jewel; it is with the Perfect True Guru.


SGGS 40 – Guru Raam Daas Ji

satgur sayvai lagi-aa kadh ratan dayvai pargaas.
When one is enjoined to serve the True Guru, He brings out this Jewel and bestows this enlightenment.




sathigur saevai lagiaa kadt rathan dhaevai paragaas ||
When one is enjoined to serve the True Guru, He brings out this Jewel and bestows this enlightenment.


SGGS 40 – Guru Raam Daas Ji

This Anmolak Rattan – priceless diamond – SATNAAM was planted in Guru Nanak Patshah’s Hirda by Akal Purakh through Dargahi Saajnaa (ceremony), then Guru Nanak Patshah planted this priceless diamond in Guru Angad Patshah Hirda, and then Guru Angad Patshah planted SATNAAM in Guru Ram Dass Patshah’s Hirda and so on this priceless diamond went all the way to Dassam Patshah, making each one of them a Puran Satguru – a Puran Braham Gyani – decorating all of them with Param Padvi. Mathra Bhutt felt this priceless diamond – SATNAAM in Guru Ram Dass Ji’s Hirda and wrote:


Sat Naam, the Great and Supreme True Name of God, the Personification of Creativity, dwells in the Consciousness of Guru Raam Daas. ||1||


SGGS – 404


Paar Braham’s Para Purbla Naam – SATNAAM is the treasure of all, complete happiness and peace. SATNAAM is Gurparsadi, and is given only by a Puran Satguru, Puran Sant and a Puran Braham Gyani Maha Purakh.


The Gurparsadi Naam obtained from such an enlightened soul only can bring peace, calmness, contentment, commitment and belief in the mind of a person and opens all the doors – Bazzar Kapaat, puts him on to the way to salvation, otherwise no matter whatever we do to gain spirituality, nothing happens.


This is the reason why most people remain frustrated and stay in Dharam Khand and below it for ages together.



A Humble Servant