5. Jap Ji – The Journey To SachKhand

With great love everyone repeat :


"Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Sada Sada Sat Naam Ji"


With the unlimited blessings  (beant kirpa) of the Satguru Sache Patshah Patshahi Patshah and Agam Agochar Shri Akal Purakh Ji and under His Puran Hukam, this sevak of yours is sharing the very wanted and required Puran Gyan – divine knowledge for Puran Bhagti in a very understandable and easy to learn manner for the benefit of the Sangat 


This divine knowledge as blessed by Patshahi Patshah will be extremely helpful in motivating you  to move on the Sant Marg with full force and enthusiasm.  We have received very encouraging messages from some of the INTERNET Sangat concerning the previous messages posted by your chakkar(servant). Thank you all very much for taking time to read these messages and even more so to ask beautiful questions, and even more so increasing your thirst for Naam Simran and learning Gurbani as you move on this journey to Sachkhand.




Akal Purakh is "Sarav Viapak" meaning "All Pervading".  He is present every where, in every bit of this universe.  This All-Pervading Embodiment (Saroop) of Himself within the Creation is known as "Sargun" :


Nirgun  Aap Sargun Bhi Ohi

Nirgun Sargun Nirankaar Sun Smadhi Aap


He is also present in the form he had before Creation began, before Time.  And still exists in that form which is beyond the Creation.   That Form of God is known as "Nirgun".


– Roop Na Rang Naa Rekh Kichu Tre Gun Te Prabh Bhin (No Form No Colour No Mark)


-Param Jyot Puran Parkash


– Complete Silence in the Sunn Mandal –  and Sach Khand,


He has also presented Himself as His "Gyan"  "Divine Knowledge".  Embodied as Gyan He is known as Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 


Before the creation of the universe – Kot Brahmand (countless worlds), Akal Purakh Himself sat in a state known as "Sunn Mandal" – realm of deepest meditation.  He was in deepest meditation "Sunn Smadhi" in complete silence for 36 Ages (meaning an unknown and incredible amount of time in human terms). 


The Jap Ji lays down the road map for the soul (Jiv Atma) to merge from the "Sargun" To "Nirgun".  The Nirgun Form is


·         the Origin

·         the Supreme Light (Param Jyot)

·         the Complete Silence of the "Sunn Mandal"

·         the realm of Truth  "Sach Khand".


The entire journey follows the following 5 states of spirituality (Atmik Awastha) as defined in Verse (Pauri) 35 to 38 of Jap Ji:


1. Dharam Khand


2. Gyan Khand


3. Saram Khand


4. Karam Khand


5. Sach Khand


For most people this journey can be commenced but can’t be completed with out the blessings of Akal Purakh Himself – and Gurkirpa of a Puran Sant Satguru


Bin Satgur Bhagat Na Hoi


 Bin Satgur Kine Naa Payea

Bin Satgur Mukt Naa Hoi. 



In order to accomplish your journey to Sach Khand you need to have Gurparsadi Naam.


A Puran Sant Satguru is the only one who is capable of giving you the Gurparsadi Naam.


Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan De

 Naam Amolak Rattan Hai Pure Satgur Paas. 


It is well defined in the Mool Mantra that the True Naam – "Sat Naam" is Gurparsadi.




Only One

There is no one else like Him.

He is unique





Akal Purakh




Complete Silence is the Nectar


Jo Ek Ras Hai
Atam Ras Hai
Braham Da Nirgun Saroop
Param Jyot Hi Atam Ras Hai
Puran Shanti Hi Atam Ras Hai


Sat Naam

Ek Oankar’s Name(NAAM) is "TRUTH" (SAT).

Ek Oankar is the one that exists in reality – the all pervading TRUTH.

SAT NAAM is the origin, the seed of Creation.

SAT NAAM is not perishable.

Beyond description, no boundaries, no limits, is infinite.


Ek Oankar Sacha Naam Hai
Jo Hond Vala Hai
Jo Sat Hai
Jo Aad Jugadi Sat Hai
Beej Mantra Hai
Maha Mantra Hai
Jo Man Nu Tar Denda Hai
 Jo Man Nu Vas Kar Denda Hai
Jo Man Nu Shant Kar Denda Hai
Jo Man Nu Panj Doot Tu Mukt Kar Denda Hai
Jo Man Nu Hirdey Nu Paviter Kar Denda Hai
Jo Aap Param Jyot Puran Parkash Hai
Jo Sabh Da Janam Data Te Palan Hara Hai
Jo Agam Agochar Hai
Agam Hai Anant hai Apaar Hai Beant Hai
Jo Insaan Nu Apne Aap vich Abhed Kar Ke Apna Hi Roop Bana Denda Hai
Jo Atam Ras Hai
Jis Di Mehma Kathi Nahin Jaa Sakdi Hai


Karta Purakh


Who does everything

He is the one who runs the entire universe

Who brings up every one.


Jo Sabh Kuch Karta Hai
Jis De Hukum Ander Sabh Kuch Vaparda Hai,
Jo Sari Srishti Nu Chalanda Hai
 Jo Sare Jiv Atmavan Di Seva Sambhalta Karda Hai





Everything else in Creation is fearful.

The entire Universe is in fear.

He is the only one who is free from all fear.


Jis Nu Koi Bhau Nahi Hai,
Jo Nidar Hai,
Jis Nu Kise Da Koi Dar Nahin Hai
Baki Sabh Shrishti Bhau Vich Hai
Jo Sare Bandhana Tu Mukt Hai




Without any enmity,

No animosity with any one in the entire universe

Single vision

Always speaks the truth and sweet words

Always think good of others and does good to others,

Who is full of complete humbleness

Who is very simple.


Koi Vair Nahin Karda Kise Naal Bhi,
Jo Sabh Da Mitter Hai, Kise Da Vairy Nahin Hai
Sabh Nu Ek Drishti Naal Dekhda Hai

Amrit Vachan

Mith Bolra Hai
Jo Sabh Nu Pyar Karda Hai
Jo Maha Parupkari Hai
Sarbat Da Bhala Karda Hai
Jo Sada Puran Nimrata Vich Vaparda Hai
Jo At Saral Hai


Akal Murat


Who doesn’t die

Beyond time and space

Can’t be measured, limitless, no boundaries



Jo Kal De Chakkar Tu Pare Hai
Akal Hai,
Kal Tu Rehat Hai
Jisda Koi Ant Nahin Hai,
Jo Beant Hai,
Agam Hai,
Apaar Hai,
Anant Hai
Jis Di Vishalta Di Kalpna Nahin Kiti Jaa Sakdi
Jisda Pura Bhed Kise Na Payea Hai




Beyond the cycle of life and death

Was always present,  and present before the beginning of the universe, is always present


Jo 84 Lakh Juni De Chakkar Vich Nahin Penda Hai,

Janam Maran De Bandhna Tu Pare Hai,

Jo Janam Maran De Rog Tu Mukt Hai,

Jo Aad Jugad Tu Sadivi Hai,

Na Kade Jamda Hai Na Kade Marda Hai,

Sat Chit Anand Hai


Self lighted

Doesn’t require any support, self created

He is the one who is taking care of every one of us, the entire universe


Apne Sahare Aap Parkashmaan Hai

Jisne Apni Sajna Aap Kiti Hai

Jo Sabhna Di Sambhal Karda Hai


Gur means Akal Purakh and the Guru

Parsad means blessings (Kirpa).

Gurprasad means that God is only achievable only with the grace of the Almighty



In summary, Sat Naam (God named "Truth") is the only one with all the qualities of the Mool Mantr and  other unmeasurable and undefinable qualities and which is achievable only with the blessings and grace of Almighty. 


The Mool Mantra is beyond description.  The entire Gurbani contained in Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the detailed description of the Mool Mantra only.  The Mool Mantra is also called the Beej Mantra and


 Beej Mantra Sarab Ko Gyan. 


There is a continuous flow of Gurbani through all ages and time which means that the description of the properties and qualities of the Akal Purakh, Sants and Bhagats are a continuous function.  It never stops, it is infinite because it is the description of infinite, there is no end to the description of the infinite.  The only thing you all need to understand is that the Sat Naam is Gurparsadi.  If you accept and understand that then have complete belief in it too:


Jiske Ridhey Vishvaas Prabh Ayea Tut Gyan Tis Man Pargatayea


Then if you are able to get the Gurparsadi Naam your journey to Sachkhand can be very easy one.  This can’t be achieved without the Sangat of a Puran Sant Satguru, Braham Gyani, Param Padvi, Jivan Mukt, who is authorized by Akal Purakh to give Gurparsadi Naam to Sangat. 


The ones who are blessed with the Gurparsadi Naam are very lucky, and those of you are not yet blessed with Gurparsadi Naam should pray for getting the Gurparsadi Naam. And if you are lucky enough and if your prayer comes from the true heart and also if your deeds – Karni is good, and have Purble Karma Ke Sanjog, then you might meet a Puran Sant Satguru who might bless you with Gurparsadi Naam, hold your hand and give you Jivan Mukti – salvation


Bhag Hua Gur Sant Milayea Prabh Avinasi Ghar Me Payea


Esa Sant Milawo Mo Ko Kant Jina Ke Paas


Sant Sang Anter Prabh Ditha Naam Prabhu Ka Laga Mitha


Sarab Nidhan Nanak Har Rang Nanak Paie Sadh Ke Sang


Sadh Jana Ki Mango Dhoor Nanak Ki Har Locha Poor


Sant Japawe Naam


Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan De


 Naam Amolak Rattan Hai Pure Satgur Paas


Satgur Maha Purakh Paras Hai


 Sat Purakh Jin Janyea Satgur Tis Ka Nao


 Satgur Sat Purakh


 Satgur Nirankaar


Braham Gyani Aap Parmeshwar


Braham Gyani Aap Nirankara


Braham Gyani Mukt Jugt Jee Ka Data


Braham Gyani Puran Purakh Vidhata


Ram Sant Dohe Ek Hai


 Nanak Sadh Prabh bhed Naa Bhai


 Sadh Ki Upma Tre Gun Te Door


Sadh Ki Shobha Ka Nahi Ant


Sadh Ki Shobha Sada Beant

Braham Gyani Gurparmeshwar Ek Hi Jaan. 


So only Braham Gyani, Puran Sant, Puran Sadhu Pargatyeo Jyot is capable of giving Gurparsadi Naam to Sangat. Gurbani is full of these Shaloks and Braham Gyan which prove this verdict about Gurparsadi Naam and where will you get it.


Let us try to learn what are the Five Stages of Spirituality  – Atmik Awastha:


Dharam Khand:  


This is the first level of spirituality as described in Jap Ji.  Most Sangat who has realized that their birth as a human being is meant to achieve salvation while alive (Jivan Mukti)  


Bhai Prapat Manukh Dehuria Gobind Milan Ki Ehi Teri Baria. 


With the advent of this preliminary enlightenment about the religion and its purpose one starts to take interest in the Gurbani, some people become amritdhari, start to practice the religion by reading Panj Banis – Jap Ji, Rehras, Jaap Sahib, Chopayee Sahib, Shabad Hazare, Swaye, Anand Sahib – they start up practice the Rehat of 5 Kakaars. 


A large population of the Sangat dwells in this Khand – probably 99% of the Sangat is in the Dharam Khand only, and they remain there for ages – several lives together. In order to move further you need to understand the Gurbani and get Gyan from the Gurbani, but a majority of the Sangat just believes that just reading Gurbani is enough – doing Panj Bani Path is more than enough. 


Infact those of you who are engaged in reading the Gurbani very heavily will realize that your spiritual achievements are hardly any, and if you think that you are achieving something by doing so that will be your ego which will be a barrier in making further progress. There is a difference between reading Gurbani and listening to Gurbani, which have been well explained in one of the earlier posted articles by this servant.


Really listening to Gurbani means you should understandit andto bring it in to your daily life. And if you are able to do so then you will start to understand it more and more and bring it into your daily life more and more, moving on like this a stage will come when you will be completely enlightened about the real purpose of Gurbani and the path to follow for Jivan Mukti. 


Jap Ji describes the Dharam Khand upto Pauri 34 – whatever is described upto Pauri 34 happens in the Dharam Khand -the person who understands the meaning of Jap Ji upto Pauri 34 or who is trying to understand the meaning of what is written upto Pauri 34 is in Dharam Khand : –


·         understanding the Mool Mantra,


·         what is the importance of becoming truthful and how to become truthful –


Kiv Sachyaran Hoiey Kiv Kure Tute Paal,


·         understanding the meaning of Hukam –


Hukme Ander Sabh ko Bahar Hukam Naa Koi.

Nanak Hukme Je Bhuje Taan Haume Kahe Naa koi

 Jo Tudh Bhaye Sai Bhali kaar


·         believing and acting


Sunea Manyea Man Kita Bhao, Anter Gat Tirath Mal Nao


·         understanding of all the vital qualities of Akal purakh


Sabh Gun Tere Me Nahin Koi, Bin Gun Kite Bhagat Naa Hoi


·         and a wealth of divine knowledge. 


It is suggested to the Sangat that you should read a good translation to understand the meanings of Jap Ji. It is Puran Braham Gyan and its understanding will do wonders to you. The normal every day reading of Jap Ji is not as fruitful if you do not understand it in the real sense.



Gyan Khand: 


This is when your inside is fairly enlightened with the knowledge you need to further your spiritual goals.  At this stage all kind of good information starts to flow into you, you start to understand Gurbani in a better and more complete perspective.  This is when you realize that you have to do Simran, do good to others, kill your Panj Doot.  You start to realize in the real sense what should you be doing to advance yourself on the spiritual path.


The problem is that there is no way you can learn everything to be done in order to reach the next levels of spirituality, because that is the way it has been laid out by the Gurbani when it says


Guru Bina Gian Naa Hoi
 Guru Bina Ghor Andhaar


This is where the need for an enlightened soul comes into picture.  The need of a Satguru comes into picture.  The need of doing Sangat of a Puran Sant comes in to being.  The blessings (Kirpa) of a Puran Brahm Gyani comes in to play, because he is the one who has complete and full enlightenment and the divine authority to give you a Gurparsaadi Naam and guide you through the entire process.


If you have been through spiritual journeys from the previous lives then the Lord will make you come across a Puran Sant (The True Saint) or Brahm Gyani and you will be blessed with his Naam – “SATNAAM”.


Kahu jugat kitei na paiye dharam
Nanak tis milei jis likhia dhur karam

  (sukhmani sahib)


There are alot of people with alot of knowledge of Gurbani.  Some of them have Ph. D’s and various academic qualifications.  They can confidently stand on a forum and give lectures for hours on end.  But one who gets too much of  academic knowledge  (Shastri Gyan) but has not put it into practice to earn the spirituality can’t do any good to others.


Only an enlightened soul of a Puran Sant will have the required spiritual effect on the Sangat.  Because he has been authorized by the Almighty to conduct this kind of a business. The other thing is that if you get a Ph.D in religion and become a very knowledgeable person that brings in a great deal of ego into you, and that will kill you spiritually.


For that matter all the worldly degrees and diplomas and positions bring nothing to your soul but a lot of ego.  The more educated we are the more egoistic we become. The highest level of ego prevails in the highest ranks of society.

Pauri 35 describes the end of Dharam Khand and beginning of Gyan Khand.  By understanding Jap Ji upto Pauri 34 a person enters in to the Gyan Khand.  Here he gets into next stage of enlightenment :

·         he starts to become selfless
·         selfishness starts to disappear
·         he starts to understand the effect of Panj Doot and Maya,
·         the difference between Sangat and his own family,
·         his thinking horizons broadens up,
·         he becomes more considerate of others,
·         he starts to understand things happening around him in a spritual perspective,
·         he starts to understand his religious responsibiities more clearly,
·         a great deal of divine knowledge starts to flow in to him – Gyan Di Andhi Aa jandi Hai,
·         and he starts to enjoy religion more and more
·         he starts to understand the creation of Akal Purakh – the entire universe,
·         and he is a part of this universal family and not just a part of his own family.

Pauri 35 –

Dharam Khand Ka Eho Dharam – means whatever is described until this point happens in Dharam Khand, and then starts Gyan Khand.

Gyan Khand Ka Akho Karam
Kete Pawan Pani Besanter, Kete Kaan Mahes
Kete Barhme Ghadat Ghadye, Roop Rang Ke Ves
Ketyan Karam Bhmi Mer Kete Kete Dhu Updesh
Kete Ind Chand Sur Kete Kete Devi Ves
Ketyan Khani Ketyan Bani Kete Pat Narend
Kete Surti Sevak Kete NanakAnt Naa Ant
Gyan Khand Me Gyan Parchand, Tithe Naad Binod Kod Anand

Saram Khand:

Saram signifies the hard work – the efforts to improve your spiritual condition (Mehnat karni).  After gaining all the understanding and knowledge from gyan khand he doesn’t stop.  He starts to realize that he has to work harder and harder to achieve his objective of reaching Sach Khand in order to obtain Jivan Mukti. Then he finds himself in a place where

·         he understands that he has to delete the effects of the bad deeds and bad habits,
·         he has to change himself and become a Truthful person
·         he has to bring in all good qualities in himself
·         he has to become a better person,
·         he has to work to get relieved from Panj Doot and Maya.

With this state of mind he knows that he has to start putting in time to improve himself, he starts to put more and more time in to these efforts. His efforts get more concerted towards applying the Gurbani in to his daily life, he dedicates himself to seva simran and parupkaar (selfless service) type actions. The results of this effort are phenomenal and are described in  Pauri 36 :

Saram Khand Ki Bani Roop
Tithe Ghadat Ghadye Bahut Anoop
Taa Kia Gallan Kathian Naa Jahi
Je Ko Kahe Piche Pachtaye
Tithe Ghadye Surat Mat Man Budh
Tithe Ghadye Sura Sidha Ki Sudh

As he puts in more and more efforts, he starts to reap the awards.  Remember if you take one step with complete commitment towards Him – with Puran Shardha and Vishvaas towards Him, He will take ten million steps towards you –

Satguru Kot Penda Aage Hoye Let Hai.

The following changes occur :

·         your mind starts to come under control
·         your mind starts to becomes pure and relieved of the effect of Panj Doot,
·         all the bad habits start to leave you
·         your body starts to become more and more pure – like gold,
·         your wall of falsehood (Kood Ki Kandh) falls down,
·         you start to become a truthful person,
·         you start to live for truth, see truth, differentiate between truth and non truth,
·         you start to serve the truth, act truth, become fearless and so on.
·         our understanding of everything goes to a very high level as high as of Devtas and Sidhs,
·         your Surat-Mat-Man-Budh becomes pure and more enlightened
·         your heart and mind become just incredibly beautiful and clean.


Your enjoyment level of spirituality is elevated to a very high level. This is what "Chad Di Kala" is.  It starts when you are constantly moving up on the spiritual ladder.

Nanak Naam Chad Di Kala

means Naam is the "Chad Di Kala".

When you reach this stage then Akal Purakh recognizes your efforts and gives you a passport to the next stage of spirituality which is Karam Khand.

Karam Khand :

"Karam" means grace (Kirpa / Mehar / Meharamat). He bestows upon you His Grace.  He opens up a devotional  (bhagti) account for you in His Court (Dargah). He feels very happy on your efforts and blesses you with Smadhi.  This is when you go into complete control of mind  with ansorbtion into the Word ( "Ek Shabad Liv Laggi"). 

From now on whenever and where ever you listen to Gurbani, Kirtan, katha, and Simran, He makes you feel His presence in your body physically. This is when you become a bride (Suhagan) of Akal Purakh.
It is of paramount importance for the sangat to understand what a Smadhi is. Every one has a unique Smadhi – some people get blessed with silent Smadhi – some people start to dance with the movement of the body in various directions, movement of limbs and hands in different directions – these are the Assans (positions) in Smadhi.

He makes you sit the way He wants you to sit and move and not the way you want to sit and do it. His silent presence in your body makes you to do various actions and body movements. We will discuss in detail about the Smadhi at some other time in a separate article. The negative and positive cosmic energies symbolised by SUN and MOON, and their two energy pathways up the spine called IRA and PINGLA  (Ilahi Shakti of Chand and Suraj – Ira and Pingla).  These start to flow in your body, all your aches and pains disappear. 

Naam Amrit starts to flow in your body and you physically feel the presence of these cosmic energies in your body. This condition of Smadhi is not described in any of the Sikh books so Sikh are unfamiliar with them.  But when the MahaPurakhs start to go through this (dancing, moving around, having various positins of arms and legs) they tend to go into the basements for their bhagti to avoid silly comments from the public.  They also tend to avoid doing bhagati in public gatherings as most Sikh people dont understand and get easily distracted.

If you see Guru Nanak’s picture with a raised hand showing his palm – that is a position taken from being in Smadhi.  It is one of the highest levels in Smadhi – because it is with open eyes.  There is a complete and full flow of Supreme Light "Puran Parkash" cosmic energy and unlimted blessings emanating from His hand.  Also Sant Ishar Singh Ji has a very famous picture of him in many houses in the same pose.
So if you see somebody dancing in a Gurudwara or  any other place whilst doing simran, don’t take it lightly – dont laugh at them.  That person is at least in Karam Khand (he can be in Sach Khand too) and is just one step away from complete realization.

Slowly and slowly depending upon your efforts, your mind always stays with Naam – simran goes into "Ajapa Jaap" meaning  it goes on automatically.  Naam goes into your heart centre (Hirdey), and travels everywhere you take your sense too.

You are always very happy and in enjoyment of the spiritual bliss (Atam Ras).  You become fearless and God-like – the closest a human being can be to God.  This condition is beyond description.

Karam Khand Ki Bani Jor
Tithe Hor Naa Koi Hor
Tithe Jodh Maha Balsoor
Tin Me Raam Reha Bharpoor
Tithe Sito Sit Mahima Mahe
Taake Roop Naa Kathne Jahe
Naa Oh Mare Naa Thage Jaye
Jin Ke Raam Vasse Man Mahe
Tithe Bhagat Vasse Ke Lohe
Kare Anand Sacha Man Soe

Then you start to go in long Smadhi for hours and hours and some times into days and weeks.  Then you enter very deep meditation – Sunn Smadhi. This is when your bhagti is counted in Sach Khand and Dargah. 

He becomes very happy on your performance and gives you a bonus – a performance bonus!  He sends the Gurus and Devta’s to bless you.  You will see and sometimes talk to the Gurus and Bhagats and they will incredibly recognize you and bless you in your deep meditation.

Your Suksham Dehi (Spiritual Body) becomes absolutely pure and gold like  "Kanchan Hoi Dehi".  Your mental sicknesses are cured "mansik rogs" go away, nothing can distract you. Now you are tied to the Akal Purakh.  Your spiritual eye (Gyan nettar) will open and you will start to see (Alokik Nazzare) unique scenes and so on. Then your tenth gate at the top of the spiritual vody (Dassam Dwaar) opens and you are permanently connected to Akal Purakh.

Every person’s bhagti is different.  They have different experiences and see different things.  They get blessed with different spiritual powers.  They get different Hukams and to move in different directions.  It is very hard to explain in words all these things  "Beant Dian Beant Hi Baatan".  You can only experience it and know it.  There is no other way to know it  "Jin Chakhyea Tis Janyea". When you reach this level of bhagti then your body fills with Amrit and stays full of Amrit all the time and when your bhagti has been further recognized by the Akal Purakh then He rewards you and places you in Sach khand.

Sach Khand:

Then the bhagti continues in Sach Khand.  Under this stage you will be going through a number of spiritual exams.  For every bhagat these are different situations that they have to physically pass through in Karam Khand and Sach Khand.  These exams may be related to maya, moh and so on. Various bhagats have gone through various difficult situations, like Baba Farid had to donate his eyeball for a piece of fire to a prostitute.  Bhagat Prehlad had to go through the atrocities of his own father.  And like our Gurus had to go through such circumstances such as  sitting on the hot plate of Guru Arjun Dv ji (Panjvi Patshahi Da Tatti Tavi Te Bethna).  And Tenth Master had to sacrifice his whole family and so on.
Akal Purakh will make sure that

·         your love for him is pure and complete and truthful,
·         you understand His Hukam and obey His Hukam,
·         you are now completely dedicated to the service of the Sangat and the Guru,
·         you are completely ready to work and move on the path of parupkar and maha parupkaar,
·         for you the entire universe is just one family,
·         you love all his creations as much as much as you love Him,
·         you are one vision – Ek Drisht,
·         you have are focused on the ONE with a single mind – Ek Man Ek Chit
·         with His Kirpa you are saturated with all the qualities of a Puran Sant. Every hair and cell ("Rom Rom") becomes Sat Naam. You see Puran Parkash Param Jyot Darshan.  Your body becomes a body of Puran Parkash – you talk to the Akal Purakh and so on. However, everyone have different experiences so it can’t be generalized.

Sach Khand Vasse Nirankaar
Kar Kar Vekhe Nadar Nihaal
Tithe Khand Mandal Varbhand
Je Ko Kathe Te Ant Naa Ant
Tithe Loe Loe Akaar
Jiv Jiv Hukam Tive Tiv Kaar
Vekhe Vigse kar Veechaar
Nanak Kathna Krda Saar
Jat Pahara Dhiraj Suniaar
Ahran Mat Ved Hathyaar
Bhau Khala agan Taptau
Bhanda Bhau Amrit Tit Dhaal
Ghadye Shabad Sachi Taxaal
Jin Ko Nader Karam Tin Kaar
Nanak Nadri Nadar Nihaal

A stage reaches when your bhagti is recognized as complete by the Akal Purakh. This is when He blesses you with His Agami Anant Apaar and Beant Kirpa and this is when the Charans of The Akal Purakh get saturated in your heart.  You become a Puran Sant, a Sada Suhagan. He takes your name from you and gives you His Naam. Then you become one with Him, you become a Param Padvi – Puran Braham Gyani and a Puran Khalsa a Puran Sant, a Jivan Mukt.

It is very difficult and almost impossible to explain it in detail.  What and how it happens for each bhagat is different and Akal Purakh adopts different ways to bless you with these Padvis. At this stage Akal Purakh blesses you with all kind of spiritual powers. Now you job is to move on the path of parupkaar and maha parupkaar –

Janam Maran Dohun Me Nahin Jan Parupkar Aye

The above narrative is all based upon the actual experiences with this sevak of the Satguru Sache Patshah Ji, Patshahi Patshah Ji had with His Agami Anant Apaar and Beant Kirpa. You may not be able to find these words in any book or any published material. This is being disclosed to the Sangat for them to get motivated, look into yourself and make a self judgement about where do you stand and where do you have to go.

You need to make an understanding of yourself in order to find Him in yourself, because He is very near.  He is sitting inside you but you can’t reach Him unless you understand yourself in completeness and then become a complete Sachyara –

Apna Aap Pechanyea Ta So Janyea.

With this much information and knowledge you should be able to make a good judgement about yourself concerning your spiritual condition – Atmik Awastha.

It is this sevak’s earnest request to the Sangat that they should share this with all their family members and friends, relatives and other Sangat, and also share your own experiences with the rest of the Sangat, believe us, it will be an incredible seva and it will enhance your spiritual condition and learning of the Gurbani.

Please forgive this chakkar of the Sangat and the Guru for any misrepresentations made in this article. It is not at all the intent and purpose of this sevak to offend anybody, but help the Sangat on this path of Jivan Mukti. It is hard to write the Gurbani in roman English so please once again forgive this sevak for any mistakes, however, these will be corrected and reposted if anybody finds any, we will appreciate a feed back. 

Dassan Das