5. Solution To Sorrows And Problems



It is human nature to restore to the prayers only when in deep trouble or deep sorrow due to various reasons such as health problems, family and relationship issues, financial difficulties and so on. Normally praying is chosen as the last resort to solve such difficulties of our life, when we get into deep trouble due to such reasons then only we restore to remembrance of Almighty, which shows the height of selfishness on our part, meaning whenever we get in to trouble we ask for God’s help, otherwise ignore Him partially or completely.


 Suffering is the medicine, and pleasure the disease,
because where there is pleasure, there is no desire for God.

SGGS  469


This comes true to all us, the sorrow becomes the source of inspiration to seek help from God, but remember if we remember God in good times then these sorrows will never come.
Guru Nanak Pashah has presented the absolute Eternal Truth in this Shabad:


O Nanak, the whole world is suffering.

SGGS  954


Guru Nanak Patshah made this observation that every where he looks and whosoever he meets is suffering from some kind of pain, nobody is free of all and any kind of sorrow or pain, everybody is struggling to fight this pain. Guru Nanak Patshah Ji has even gone a little more farther when He said that whosoever he looks at he sees a ghost, this world is full of ghosts, all the living people are some kind of ghosts, means all the people he looks at are carrying ghost souls in this Kalyug – in this age of darkness:


In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, O Nanak, the demons have taken birth.
The son is a demon, and the daughter is a demon; the wife is the chief of the demons. ||1||

SGGS  556


All the members of the family are ghosts in this age of darkness, this means that most people in this dark age are spiritually drained souls, their deeds from the previous lives are such that they are no less then a ghost in the real sense.  
One day very recently we had a very interesting vision while sitting in Smadhee, which relates to the explanation of a similar situation as follows: we were sitting in a big congregation with a lot of Sangat, and when we closed our eyes and went in to a Smadhi Assan and at this point we looked around and what we saw was horrible, except a few of them most of the people had distorted figures and faces, they looked like ghosts sitting all around us, there was a very beautiful little girl sitting right in front of us, which looked like a ghost in the Smadhi Assan, when we tried to correct her distorted face, she started to cry, but then she became all right because her ghost soul was transformed. We saw another little girl with a distorted face was sitting around us and we put our hand on her forehead and head and told her to Jap Satnaam, when she started to recite Satnaam, she started to vanish and she physically vanished and then she came back with a nice looking face and reciting Satnaam, looking around like this we realized that how many of the people are good souls and a large number of them were ghost souls.
The very basic situation our souls are in right now is due to our deeds from the previous lives, and our daily life is governed by the destiny based on these deeds from previous lives, all the worldly sorrows and gains, physical sicknesses as well as mental sicknesses, family issues and relationship issues are a result of our deeds from previous lives, and this process is a continuous process and it never ends, it is a game of what we sow so shall we reap, if we sow good now we will reap good in future, and if we sow bad now then we will have to reap bad in the future.
A lot of us are facing such difficulties as: family and relationship problems, health problems, financial difficulties, business problems, and so on, and ask how can we do Naam Simran when we are drenched so much in these problems, obviously they can’t concentrate on Naam Simran due to these problems beyond their control, so what should they do: first of all they need to understand that they are very fortunate to have a Gur Parsaadi Naam, which is the biggest Eternal Gift they have, then they need to have full and complete belief, commitment, faith and trust in the this Naam and the Sant who has given it to them, and then follow the way they have been told to do Naam Simran. Mind it, it will never happen that all your problems will be solved first and then you will be able to do Naam Simran, it doesn’t work that way, when you try to concentrate on Naam Simran at Amrit Vela (Amrit Vela starts at 12:30 midnight and goes upto 6:00am) and be persistent and do it on a daily basis, don’t miss a day, then only the Amrit will start coming inside you and you will start feeling the difference and inside peace and the energy to fight with problems and issues, Sukhmani will then start to become true on you: Prabh Key Simran Karaj Purey: then only your problems will start to disappear one by one and you will start doing better and better in your daily life, the eternal happiness and eternal peace of mind will start to come inside you, the cosmic energy and the divine energy will start to flow inside you, the divinity and spirituality will start to come inside you. The Naam Simran is the highest service to the Almighty: Prabh Kaa Simran Sabh Tey Oooncha, and by doing so everything written in the First Ashtpadi of Sukhmani Sahib will start to happen in your daily life. The key is the commitment, belief, faith and trust in Gur Guru and Gurbani, your gains will be directly proportional to these qualities of yours.
The prescription for reforming our ghostly souls, which are being currently governed by Panj Doots and desires is only and only Gur Parsaadi Naam and then Naam Simran, Seva and Parupkaar, and nothing else, in this age of darkness only Gur Parsaad and Naam Simran can save us and enlighten us from inside. When we commit ourselves to Naam Simran our problems will start to disappear and better and better things will start to happen in our life.
Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)