5A. Ardas Before Going To Sleep

Some of us usually have hard time giving Dasvandh of time to the Gur and Guru in the early morning hours. Only with the unlimited Gur Kirpa of


·         God (Agam Agochar Aprampar Anant Beyant Paar Braham Parmesar) and


·         the Guru


can we make ourselves through this successfully. 


We can’t force this on ourselves due to a deep influence of Maya in our daily life.  We can only get this Gur Parsaad through a slow and steady concerted effort with


·         utmost love,


·         humbleness,


·         faith,


·         trust,


·         belief


·         commitment and 


·         full and complete surrender to the Gur and Guru.


Remember the following qualities are required to do Naam Simran in the early morning hours as well as during any time in the day or night


·         the instinct,


·         the desire,


·         the enthusiasm,


·         the joyfullness,


·         the happiness,


·         the sense of sacrificing,


·         the sense of eternal love.


But these qualties only come inside you with Gur Parsaad.   It only happens with Gur Kirpa.   So what do we need to do to become connected to the Gur Kirpa on a continuous basis? Through prayer with


·         utmost humbleness,


·         true love,


·         faith and


·         trust to the Gur and Guru.


There is no special time for the prayer, it can be done at anytime anywhere.  In fact when ever your inner self tells you to do such a prayer just take a minute and do it inside you.   Repeated prayers will bring excellent results.  The prayer offered from the Hirda is heard right away. Remember it is not in your hands or in your control to do anything, it is all the Hukam that makes things happen, so Ardas is the way to go.


While going to sleep at night try to go to sleep early.   Ask for Gur Kirpa in the morning by doing ardas like this.


Do Ardas in your Hirda (Spiritual Heart) with folded hands and with a loving feeling of


·         Kot Kot Namaskaar  (Countless countless humble greetings)


·         Kot Kot Dandaut Bandana (Countless countless humble bowing flat like a stck) and


·         Kot Kot Shukrana  (Countless countless Thanks).




·         ParBrahm Parmeshar Ji and SatGuru Ji,


·         the ten Guru Sahibans,


·         to Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji,


·         to all the Sants, Bhagats and Braham gyanis of all the ages;


·         to all the Gursangat and


·         to the Kot Brahamand key Charans (All the feet in All the realms of Creation).



Have a time in your mind and say


·         please help this kookar wakeup at XXX (whatever time your inner self is telling you to wake up), 


·         please be kind to take some Seva from this kookar,


·         only You can take this Seva from this kookar,


·         only Your Kirpa can take this Seva from this kookar,


·         we beg for Your Gur Kirpa,


·         please take this maha paapi in your Sharan,


·         please forgive this kood kapti maha moorakh for all the sins,


·         this kookar accepts all the sins,


·         we are just a Kalyugi Jive and commit sins with every breath we take,


·         every breath you gave us was for your Simran and Seva and we have been wasting these breaths for an unlimited period of time,


·         we commit countless sins but you are very kind and forgiving,


·         your kindness and forgiveness are unlimited like you,


·         you have been very kind on me to get me on this path of the eternal truth,


·         you are Beant, you are Agam, you are Agochar, you are Aprampar, so is your Kirpa and blessings,


·         nothing is impossible for you, you can make things happen in the twinkling of an eye, everything is under your Hukam, please give Garibi Ves in my Hirda,


·         make me a humble servant of Kot Brahmand, make me the dust of Kot Brahamand,


·         make me Att Neechan Ka Neech – lowest of the lowest, slave of the slaves, make me a nimana (humble servant),


·         please relieve me out of the influence of Maya,


·         please give me contentment and diminish all my desires,


·         please make me Nirbhao – fearless and Nirvair – without any animosity,


·         please make me single vision,


·         please make me a servant of the entire creation of yours,


·         please make me worty of speaking, seeing, hearing, delivering and serving the eternal truth,


·         please keep my head always at the Charans of the Gur and Guru,


·         please keep me always at the Charans of Kot Brahamand,


·         Please give me Naam, Bandgi and Seva.



Until you are switched to Naam Simran automatically always perform these prayers before starting naam simran whether it is in the evening, bed time or at the Amritvela.  By doing these prayers you will be rewarded tremendously.


At bed time perform this Ardas and then switch to Naam Simran and you will go to a good sound sleep as well as you will wake up at the right time. Keep in mind the best thing to do is to wake up at the first opening of the eye in the early morning hours. 


The Amrit Vela starts after 12:00 am, when you wake up take a shower, preferably with a hair wash as well, then go to Ardas and Naam Simran.


 The Amritvela Seva is the best Seva.  The rewards are:


·         1:00 am to 2:00 am Naam Simran brings as much reward as much you will not get by giving to charity 40 KG of diamonds;


·         the next hour will be as much reward as much by donating 40 KG of Gold,


·         then next hour is silver


·         and then copper and so on.


When in Smadhee one hour Naam Simran brings more reward than a full Akhand Path of Gurbani.


The first two hours of Naam Simran are counted on earth and the third, fourth, fifth hours are counted in Dargah.  The rewards of sitting in Smadhee & Sunn Smadhee for long hours can’t be calculated or evaluated, they are beyond description, and this is the real Bandgi which takes you to the Sach Khand.



Dassan Das