5B Ardas To Repeat


Surrender yourselves 100% to God and Guru and develop a full and complete faith and trust in them then the Bandgi becomes very easy, then the Guru will take care of you,  just take everything that happens is the Hukam, it is the will of God that prevails, the best way is to pray and do longer sessions of Naam Simran, and repeat the following Ardaas (in Punjabi or in English) every few minutes:




Hum Maha Paapi Maha Pakhandi Maha Kaami
Maha  Krodhi Maha Lobhi Mohi Maha Ahankaari Hain,


Hum Neechan Key Neech Hain,
Hum Gunehgaar Loon Harami Hain,


Aasi Apney Saarey Gunah Te Paap Kabool Kardey Haan,
Tu Dayal Bakshand Bakshan Haraa Hain


Tu Kirpa Karkey Sadhey Saarey Gunah Te Paap Bakash Dey,


Aasi Pal Pal Chin Chin Bhulan Haar Haan To Kirpa Kar Key
 Sanoo Sumat Dey Gurmat Dey Naam Dey Seva Dey Bandgi Dey
Apney Rang Vich Aap Rang Ley;


Humrey Keeye Kichu Naa Howey
Karey Karawey Aap He Aap



I am a great sinner and hypocrite.
I am so full of lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.
I am the lowest of the low.
I am a great offender and traitor.


I fully accept all of my misdeeds.
You are the Merciful Forgiver.
Be Kind and forgive all of my faults and sins.


I make mistakes with each and every blink and at each and every moment,
Please show your grace and bless me with good thoughts and Guru’s wisdom.
Bless me with Naam, Service and loving devotion.
You Yourself please colour me with Your Love.


Nothing happens because of me,
You Yourself are the Doer of everything.


Wherever you may be during the day, at work, traveling, talking eating or may be doing whatever except when you are doing Naam Simran and even before starting Naam Simran you should conduct this Ardaas on a regular basis, and even if doing Naam Simran if you are interrupted by any bad thoughts you should repeat this Ardaas; this Ardaas did wonders for us, Now R Ji has also been blessed with this Ardaas and she has done great.  We have told this Ardaas to each and every one but people forget and don’t do it, but whosoever does it becomes Dhan Dhan.



Dassan Das